Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My New Blog Face + Kawaii Accessories Haul!


Captivated? hee..

What do you think about my new blog face? ^____^
I've been so deadly in love with it! it's just so kawaii and just precisely for what I wanted!
Yayy, thanks to www.shedaucu.com for a cute design! 

I had appointed the other blog designer before and it's taking way too long, cause he has a technical problem that eventually made him to cancel the design that I've booked.

Never mind, today I nailed it anyway, greatest thanks to ShedaUchu
Her service is really good, she have a good interaction to her customer, in short, she's very easy to communicate with and working along with her is easy & time-effective. Whenever I want this or that I'll tell her for what exactly I wanted and she understood very well and then work immediately with it. I think this design only took her for 4 days, and after that all was just perfectly done, and I looooooove it! 
You girls can go to her blog to ask her to do any blog designs for only RM50, yes RM50! ^____^
(*She only help me with the design, not included with domain, I've registered the domain on my own.)

About the elements that appear on this blog, all of these reflecting to who I'am and what I love the most.
The Japanese word "きれいかおとコンパスがある" on my blog head literally means "There's a compass and a pretty face" and it's pronounced as "Kirei kao to compasu ga aru", another thing on my blog header is this word "可愛い" which is a combination of Japanese kanji & hiragana which means "Cute" and pronounced as "Kawaii". If you ask me why I put "There's a compass and a pretty face" on my blog header, it's because I love makeup, makeup is a true magical wand that even better than Harry Potter's because it's like a tools that beautify every women faces. I'm crazily in love with Sakura (Cherry blossom) too, because of its pretty soft pink color and the flower is indescribably beautiful and spell-binding! (I wish to touch and see Sakura before my eyes before I die!) that's why I named my blog as www.pinkunosakura.com (means "The Pink Sakura") and have a full of sakuras on the header! In addition, I'm majoring into tourism industry, and compass is a symbol of it, hence I put the word "compasu" which mean "compass" in Japanese (The reason why it was in Japanese because I'm a Japanese.......tettt got ya..HAHAHAHA LOL! no la I'm just a Malaysian girl who deeply falling in love with Japan). I love Japanese pop cultures the most like Harajuku, Gyaru, Neo Girl, Otaku & etc. Skulls in my blog representing my Harajuku thought, and normally Gyaru images is full with lacey and pinky kind of things, thus made me chose my blog to be sprinkled with pink color. The reason why I love these Japanese pop cultures is, they are outrageous and completely breaking the rules of fashion over the world!

And why "when a lost girl seeking for beauty with a compass in her hand"?? 
Because even tho I'm a tourism student, I'm having a short memory problem that always baffling me in finding my way even if I was just passing by through the street that I usually walk through. For that reason, this is a combination of a lost girl + who love makeup + and a tourism student's blog.

I got the inspiration to have this design from my fave blogger idol, a famous blogger from Indo known as Stella Lee, (Thanks to her because she became my inspiration!) I love her writing skill, her blog and anything about her, she's so damn cute too! Head on to her blog at www.stellalee.net to know her & to read her blog! ^____^

Anyway guys! Raya is approaching..so I'm gonna make haul of my recent shopping from Pinky Bears! I'm motivated to make this haul because who knows if there's still a girls outside there who still finding the beautiful & charming accessories to be worn during the special Hari Raya day..so here you go, who knows it might contribute to some ideas!

This is such a first huge shopping for accessories that I made I guess...hehe

Let's see what exactly I have bought and how it's looks like!

Butterfly always seems so special to me, with the lace & little chain thingy very describing the merger of goth, fantasy & vintage/retro all together..immensely mystery & elegant in the same time.

 This one just slightly looks almost the same as the former one, just that this one exhibit the "Dark Princess" nature with the "V" cut on above, and the ring is a little different from the former wristlet.

If the previous lacey wristlet looks like a Dark Princess's, this lacey chained choker have no different then, I'd like to say it was such a pair of lacey wristlet & lacey chained choker that belong to a Dark Princess (smitten with too much fantasy game, excuse me please Hahahaha!) 

 If you don't really prefer the goth and mystery but vintage looks, you can possess this, to be infused in your girly & lovely collection. The coupled of white pearls and baby pink ribbon tied around the gold colored chain is just very captivating!

 Hands up for a punky Harajuku kind of style! I love this spiky metal wrist circlet, like what I have already mentioned, I'm a Harajuku fan! ^____^
Instead of appearing as a metal, it's still so light in weight and you will never feel like wearing it as a metal!

 Another vintage toy, I love the vintage style because when I was still a little girl I'm always play an online warrior game called Jin Online! all the materials, tools & equipments that all the warriors use and wear in the game looks so vintage, thus giving me the player a vibe of a warriors legacy! Forever loving this kind of style, the red ruby-like gemstone in the center seems so beautiful! ^____^

 Another Harajuku-like mix of colors bracelet that I love to use the most! If you think this is a little bit creepy, hahaha it's looks like a candy to me instead, a cute colorful skull candy indeed! 

Since I'm an obsessed fan of Anime series called "One Piece", anchor things like this ear cuff does relieved the craziness of my excessive fan loving act! (oh the chain looks so stylish too!) Hahaha...anyway "One Piece" is an Anime that tells a story about the pirate era!

Ever watched an evil queen in the movies? I'm so electrified by their rings! They're not wearing a ring that can fit to the finger, it's a nail ring, and only can be worn to the nail level! How cool is that???
I love this gold colored nail ring and the love shape hole in the center looks brilliant!

I have spent RM120 for all of these accessories above, thus Pinky Bears is being generous by giving me these 3 extra free gifts. Thanks Pinky Bears, Ureshii! ^____^
(Ureshii = I'm happy/happy in Japanese)

I'm so pumped up to have all of these into my accessories collection!
It's because I'm rarely find a website that offer such a kawaii accessories like this besides Pinky Bears! ^____^
(Please excuse my ugly fingers girls, I know my fingers looks like a crap because I have a big middle bone HAHAHA!)

What you waiting for girls? Go get them now!

Price range: Below RM20 each @ RM120 in total
Where to buy: http://pinkybears.com

See you guys on my next post, and Happy Eid to all who celebrate it! 

-Jia Jia-


  1. babe i really love that 1st and 2nd wristlet, so nice! But the problem is, my wrists are so small and thin, same goes to my fingers. that's why i never love accessories as most of them wont fit me at all. bangles and rings, too big. necklace, i rimas. earrings, takde lubang. that's me XD

    1. Thanks babe, glad that u love it! ^____^
      hehe actually I'm having a same problem with u, my wrist kinda kecik too and it's really difficult for me to find any wristlet & bracelet or bangles. tapi kali ni semuanye fit mine..actually I jarang gila shop for accessories part..tapi bila jumpa Pinky Bears ni..it's so like my style! You should try to skodeng their website later! ^____^

  2. Love your haul & new blog design! So kawaii just like you! :)

    1. Aww you're so sweet! Thank you so much for dropping by babe, glad you love it! ^____^

  3. so kawaii blog!!!!!!! love your new design... agree with Nadia it's so u!

    1. Aww Tammy, thank you so much! I'm glad that finally I have my own complete blog! finally... ^____^

  4. OMG congratulations! This is soooo freaking nice!! I Love it! So pinkish~~ Will definitely gain more visitors (like me) XD

    Nicole Yie

    1. Such a sweet words!! Thank you so much babe! ^____^

  5. Love the new blog design - sweet yet edgy. I'm so inspired by you! You have such an amazing sense of fashion, girl! I'm so glad I had a chance to meet you in length at the BOL photo shoot because I don't think I've met anyone with such a pulse on fashion. Being so young yet so in touch with her own style!
    I'm much older than you and still can't figure it out! You are going to go such along way.

    1. Oh ShopGirl, you're too sweet! I'm actually wasn't that good in fashion tbh, I just have some eccentricity in me thus giving me the nerve to mix everything just like how I love Harajuku, I love something weird to be exact...btw I'm so glad to meet someone like u too..u're pretty too just like u! When you crazily love something, you'll figure out your true hidden self! That's what I did. I wish we can see each other again on the next future time! ^_^


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