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[Review] Ma Chérie Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner By Shiseido


Hi my bubble bees!

1 more days to countdown for Eid!

Since Eid is approaching, I'm pretty sure that everyone wants to appear beautiful and attractive on the celebration day!
Therefore, today I would like to share something intriguing for you hair care!

Before I started to fully be a hijaber, I can alleged that I'm always dye my hair often like once in a 4-5 months, and finally my hair is already damaged caused by that overly hair coloring, it becomes so dry and very rough (totally change my smooth hair in before that). Sighed of searching some new range products from a good brand to firm and nourish my hair once again and endeavoring for some tips that can repair and fix the damage to my hair, but no light-bulb moment at all,..I've used Dove Intensive Care shampoo at first considering the good result it gave to me for its body wash series, everything looked good during the initial week of using it..and after a month flies hair condition turn into a pumpkin..
and it looks almost to Orang Utan then..Arghhhhh tensed.

Nevermind, I'm jotting this down today.

There was this day, when the fate was determined for me to stumble on these products on someone's blog that I don't really remember (remember..remember who you are~~ Arhhhh Lion King sangat!! LOL!)..and then I'm trully fell in love...for its PACKAGING (like how someone fall in love in the first sight I can say)

From my point of view, I think the packaging is kind of girly and princessy!
Yes they do!

I'm actually a girl that simply attracted to something that looks very adorable, as for instance, this Ma Chérie logo appear in a gold coated spiral around with a royal crown on top that looks very very posh in my girly point of view!

One thing that I'm really happy with it is the smell..which is soooooooo good! It's so fruity and smelled delicious! Whenever I have a problem to find a good products for my skin, hair or body, Japanese brand always get in the way, and certainly be my life saver. My big popping heart for a Japanese brand!

If you've ever read on my previous post before, I think I've been telling you girls all the time that Shiseido is my real favorite Japanese brand, Shiseido do have a lot of subsidiaries under it, for example, Majolica Majorca is Shiseido's, Aqua Label is Shiseido's, Za is Shiseido's, BareMinerals & Nars is also Shiseido's, and there's a lot lot more of its subsidiaries that I don't even remember!

Since Shiseido is my No. 1 favorite Japanese brand, hence choosing to try their Ma Chérie wasn't under my concern at all whether the product will give me a bad outcomes. So yes it was, I'm truly satisfied with it as for real! My rough frizzy dry Orang Utan hair that went haywire like almost a year before did became so smooth and silky! I'm not lying babe! you just gotta try yourself one, seriously!

Just about 2 weeks of using it I can feel that my hair is significantly make a tremendous change, it's feels so touchable, soft, smooth and smells so nice too!
And I do feels very comfortable with my hair every time I touched it, because it feels so well-moisturized!
The moisturizing effect not only working on the hair, but on my scalp as well, in short, everything about it was just so pleasant and deserves my 4/5 stars rating!

As for your kind info, I'm using a Moisture Feel range as above.
There's two range of Ma Chérie in-bath hair care, a Moisture Feel and an Air Feel.

Below is the photo of the ingredients of both Ma Chérie shampoo & conditioner:

Honestly, the thing that make me purchase something at first is the kawaii packaging!....hey I'm a girl ok..nothing can be a more effective traction to a girls instead of appearing adorable right. At least I can say I'm a normal girl who attracted to something seems adorable, and then take a risk to try them afterwards..LOL!

I bought the 200ml one, but you can absolutely find the bigger sized one as well.

  • Comes in a kawaii adorable pink bottle packaging
  • Have a pleasant fruity smell

  • So far I'm failed to find any

And oh! There're also another products of Ma Chérie besides just only shampoo & conditioner, like hair serum and etc. You gotta check yourself to find it out later ok!

Name: Ma Chérie Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
Made in: Japan (Under Shiseido company)
Price: RM27 each
Where to buy: Guardian Malaysia
Net weight: 200ml

Would I re-purchase again? YES

How will I rate this? ❤❤❤❤

For more information please visit  Ma Chérie Malaysia :

Thanks for your read!
See you guys on my next post and..
Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin girls!!

-Jia Jia-


  1. yeayy high 5! i also love Ma Cherie so much and we are using the same set! I hope next time when Guardian buat sale lagi, i can restock more XD

    1. Yeayyy high 5 u back! Sure, me too..I hope Guardian will make a sale too so I boleh angkut banyak to restock! hehe <3

  2. My dream range. Beli RM60 and above at Guardian dapat free umbrella babe.

    1. Seriously free umbrella babe?? then I want lah!! Soon gonna buy buy & buy! Hehehe <3
      Yup! this is my dream & currently my fave range too! Kita satu geng! <3

  3. This range is affordable and by Shiseido?! Must give it a try. I really like Japanese brands. They are so good at everything. I love Japanese makeup brushes even if they make my wallet cry.

    P.S. Hope you had a good Eid!

    1. Go for it!! ^_^
      You're rite, Japanese brands are good at everything, especially in beauty field!
      BTW, thanks for the wish!, I do enjoy my Eid celebration! ^_^


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