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[Review] M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin Smoother

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Do you think that wearing a makeup is FAKE? If you ask me, my say is NO.
However, cakey makeup IS

Not a very long time ago, I've found out about this greatest "HG" makeup from a beauty video by Melodee, she's a Japanese and a FCI (FujiTV NY) Director & Reporter, Ballet Dancer and YouTube Artist. I love all her videos! ^____^
Check her out when you have a time!

She do recommended this stuff in one of her video that I ever watched (but not remember which one because she always upload a new videos up), hence I decided to go for it.
Wanna see how MAC Prep + Prime Skin Smoother work in creating a canvas-like skin? (yepp! I'm talking about a cakey makeup, ewww~ no more bad makeup days!-you better say bye now)

I've been using this nearly a year now, and this is the only stuff that can make the foundation and makeup go smooth on your face, that I swear by! I'm so glad that I have discovered about this, so that I'm gonna make a share about it today!

Let me bring you through a fleeting fantasy a moment, try to imagine you're with him under the beam of moonlight (romantically), then he was just about to reach out to you to give you a good night kiss..unfortunately when he realizes your uneven & cakey makeup it was like .. teettttt! TURNED OFF..and I know no one would want it.

The texture was just like a petroleum jelly, but comparatively lightweight on skin compared to petroleum jelly. Frankly, it does looks like a face powder in the first sight, but hey! NO IT'S NOT when you touch it. It is working by smoothing the skin surface as a base like a lubricants that assist the makeup to glides smoothly over the skin, so that the application of makeup will go seamlessly flawless, when I say flawless, I do mean the perfect makeup that certainly everyone dreams for.

I can say that if you apply it on your hands it'll not showing on the camera, because it's just a very colorless base visage, it's slightly greasy (but in the good way) because it's functioning in smoothing the skin surface, thus it can't be declared as oily. In the nut shell, it's just very pleasant to be used.

The rear view

This is close-up of it.


Before Makeup (As a base)

Creating a smooth base: Apply an adequate amount on clean skin, before applying a makeup using a clean triangle shape makeup sponge (that you can easily get from any drug store or cosmetic shop), after that you can start applying the liquid foundation using a foundation brush, and then set the powder on.

After Makeup (Retouch)

Fix uneven makeup caused by sweating: Take a clean triangle shape makeup sponge and apply the MAC skin smoother by using the sponge over the messy & uneven makeup to remove the cakey-ness and to create a smooth base again. Then go ahead and just apply your face powder on using a stippling brush.

So far, I have yet to find a very impressive product like this before, I mean, even on your bad days you can still come up with an evenly pretty makeup, with no spread that stuck in between your pores and acne indentations that visible as a blemishes on face. Well, can expect more from MAC!


  • Came from a renowned brand
  • Sleek & compact packaging to be brought around in your handbag
  • Easy to use & works well in creating a perfect base for makeup application

  • The smell, it does smells slightly like a stale milk

Name: M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin Smoother
Price: RM 150 @ $47.30
Where to buy: M.A.C Store (
Net Weight : 10g/0.35 US oz

See you guys on my next post! 

-Jia Jia-

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