Friday, 25 July 2014

Ugly Personalities Ruin The Pretty Faces


Referring to the head, it's not something that I would really like to talk about, I've tried to just let this slip, but this time it reached up to my limits.

I have this friend (well I think now I can say I have no feeling to be her friend anymore), who being a friend to me like almost 5 years now and recently I've discovered that all this time she always talked dirty behind my back!

We've been a friend since I was in a highschool and I can't accept that in the amidst of her nasty taking over my back (for a years!) I'm always have a good impression on her, I'm always think she is a good friend, just that we're separated to a different course (because we got an offer to study at the same place) and then we rarely see each other and so we talked less, but still, I think she is my friend. Whenever I bumped into her in campus I'm always try to smile at her thinking that "oh she's the old friend of mine" (although I saw that she was like avoiding herself to me, like pretending she wasn't see me even if I just walk passing by her), until this day that god decided to reveal everything she did and say behind me.

Let's just call her NF.
How dirty can someone be, without me knowing and when I'm always think she's a good friend, she stab my back like this? nothing can be more pain than this. I began to notice that she was avoiding me during our semester 2, although she started to talk bad about me to others since before I started to study at the same place with her. Not just one person ever told me about this, a lot of people who know me and befriend with her. At least I should say thanks to them because if you guys did't spill this out, I'd still think she was a good friend, when she's actually an ugly 2 faced cunt!

I can accept it if someone else talking behind me, if I did't really know her or she wasn't such a good and close friend to me, but to imagine that someone who have all my trust did this to me, I'm totally feels dumfounded like I'm wholly fooled by her.

There's a time when I was still in the highschool, my good friend to me just told me (let's call her FR), NF told FR that she always help me (because at that time my family went bankrupt because my my dad's tender in his company got confiscated by her own sister and at that time my dad was already resigned from being a bank manager because he want to focus on his own company and we've been through a real hard time), and she told her that I'm being such a burden to her because she always help me, excuse me "my little friend", my close friend who being my friend since I was in form 2, who always in an up and down  life with me never said that although the fact she always there with me all the time, when you're just a new comer who came and made a fuss in the school just about 2 years of coming(at that time) dare to say something like this. Just what favor just you did to me during the 2 years in highschool?? the nasty talking??? the RM10, oh no..the RM24 that you lend me??? this what made you feel burden?? instead the fact I've covered you for all aspects since in highschool, till I'm being the one who have been called to a discipline room & counselor room because of what you did, and you put the blame on me and my close friend, FR..and oh, because of your pretty face people never believe this is all was your fault and all bad things was pushed to fall on my head and my friend. But still, I forget about those and still think you're my friend.

People are so true about me being an inside and outside blinded & idiot. Though you try to break me with my close friend, I'd still never see that you such an evil friend who just want to get someone to be with you during a happy and a good times only. If this is the true nature of you, and if this is the kind of friend you are, then no thanks. I'm better without you, I don't need such an ugly personality to be my friend, who just want to step on me and to stab my back while I was still thinking you're my friend.

The only reason I saw through you that you be this ugly because you think you're pretty, hot and everybody love and like you, you easily get some friends because you know how to be 2 faced, not like me, who always give a cold gaze to people, and always have a sour face, and an ugly that no one would want to approach. At least I'm thankful to be myself, the only one who really try to know me will understand how is me, instead of being alone inside like you, because you never have a close friend, you always changing friends because you know you can make more friends, until now, just count yourself, how many times do you change your friends? after you made a problem with all your previous friends and you keep changing friends like a girl changing clothes..You try to break my relationship with my close friend and you failed, and after that you try to break the relationship of another of my friends and you did it, and during the semester 1, you talked the bad things about her after you break her friendship with her friend?? how ugly can you be, don't you feel any ashamed?? Buay pai seh! (means don't feel ashamed)

During our semester 1, you talked nasty about me to your roomate,
And now you befriend with two friends from my class that I'm sure both of them also hate me (or maybe a little dislike me)..but I don't give you a fuck if you want to befriend to just anyone even if those particular person hate me, it's your fucking life and non of my business..but to learn that you talked bad things about me once again, to seriously something you've gone to far! just what the fuck did you want with my life? I've never talked even a bit  least of a bad things behind you, just what the fuck that you don't satisfy with me? I don't get it till now!

Thank you for being my "friend" for such a years, today I feel like I don't need a friend like you anymore after this shocking discoveries, continue with your drama, I know you can make more friends in future, then feel free & happy to stab their back like you stab me can freely change your friends like the things that you don't want, you can freely throw them and have a new one, if this is the kind of your friendship is, GO DIE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! people don't play with friendship!

I befriend with people because I want to know them, I want to learn them, if I don't like their certain behaviour, I'll tell them, if they don't want to listen I'll only hate bad side of them and I'll still befriend with them without need me to talking bad about them to others, if you don't like someone, dislike the only bad behaviour they have, not to dislike them on overall and to vend their bad stories to a third parties to be seen as a superior.
Once I see someone as my friend I'll never break the friendship, even if I hate them, they're still my friend, but today I want to declare you as someone who're not listed as my friend!
You've gone way too much than I can accept! Friendship is way more important than my life, I was the idiot who is willing to sacrifice for my friends, I must admit, because over the years the person who did much for me is my friends, not my family, because my family would rather ignore parents never want to understand me..I only have my friends..that's why I said friendship is the most precious thing I can afford to have.

If this is the kind of friendship you want to play with me, just GTFO of my life now!
I don't need a scum friend like you anymore.
Thank you so much for be my friend for such a years, and thank you so much for your nasty talking behind my back, today you opened my eyes about someone near and close to you is the one that probably stabbing your back without you can even imagine.

-Jia Jia-


  1. Hugs, Jia Jia!
    You're too good to be messed around with. Don't you forget that!

    1. The fact that really hurt me is, I always see her as my good friend, for a years and lastly everything is revealed and I was too shocked to learn that she is a true back turning back for her..that's all. Thanks SG..u know what it feels like.


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