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Beauty Box International Swap! : Would You Be The Beauty Respondent?


Hi the little cranberry pie!

Oh I haven't blog for almost a month now! haiz..must apologize for that ..gomenasai!! *bow
(Gomenasai= Sorry/ Excuse me in Japanese) The reason why I haven't blog for almost a month is.............
actually I don't really have a reason for that hahahahahahaha...ok sorry >____<
I'm kidding. Of course I'm pretty busy with my assignments, that's why I haven't blog for almost a month, and on top of that, the internet line at my place here was so damn slow and it cut out my flaming adrenaline that escalates the rising mood to blog...can't say anything about that ok.

No matter, today will do because consciously, am missing my blog like really too...

I'm motivated to blog about this since 2 months ago, but then, again..the slow internet line here is such a real bothersome.

Anyway...I have joined this group on FB called "Be a Beauty Respondent" about a few months back then and it's all about swapping the beauty products that you buy for the swap partner and vice-versa!
I think it's so much fun when you get the surprises from your swap partner in your swapping, let's say, you would like to have some beauty products that may widely available in USA but may not available in your country, then what you have to do is you need to find someone from USA that would like to do the swap with you, then she will send you your beauty products by surprise, and so do you.
What I mean by surprise is, you must tell her what kind of products did you like, and make you puke and stuff (sorry I'm too outspoken here hehehe), either by telling her straightforward or by providing the questionnaire, and MAKE SURE you receive her questionnaire too. So you guys can clearly have an idea on what to give to each other to make them happy without both of you knowing what it is. That's the number 1.

Number 2, this is the "mystery swap", where you are clearly HAVE NO IDEA on WHO will send you your parcel, it's like the biggest SURPRISE!. Normally the "mystery swap" is organized by the admin by creating a "swap event" like a "Christmas swap", "Friendship swap" or else, and anyone from the community can join in. Then the admins will set each of you with your own partner and the best of all, the person that will send you your bunny box and the person that you will send the bunny box is absolutely different, Which mean, you know to who you will send the bunny box but you have no idea on who will send you your bunny box. (Bunny box is actually a name called for the parcel that you will send to your swap partner)

Below is the products that I got from my swap partner on the swap session on a few months ago, it's a personal swap and not the "mystery swap"..anyway just to mention that in the swapping session with her, I have a real problem with family issue which is almost make me go insane enough to end my life just like that, luckily I'm not..and that's what made me sent the bunny box to her a bit late, it's almost like 2 months late..and if she's reading this post, I'm dedicating my deep sincere apologize to her for making her wait it too long.
And I do hope she will get better in her life too and hopefully she will love all the stuffs that I gave to her too!

I don't know what else to say but she's a crazy shopper!!
We've promised to do a $50USD swap, but I think she went too much far and bought all of these, and I'm pretty sure all of these cost her more than $50USD..thanks Sonia!

Let's jump into the each of them!

 The swatches of both KIKO eyeshadows

KATE eyeshadow that I longed for!

 The "SHINE ON" set by bareMinerals, consist of 
bling bling clutch and the face palette!

 I actually really admire the packaging, it's actually kind of a mirror packaging that embraced the palette which is seems so nice & classy!

 The "SHINE ON" set also came with the tips & techniques of eye blending makeup which is very convenient for the beginner!

 The swatches of colors from the palette 

Added to my nail polish collection!
Tbh, I'm a crazy hoarder of nail polishes!

The trio gang of pencils, the one from Benefit is a stick highlighter, the NYX pencil liner is slightly shimmery, while the Bourjois pencil liner is in a deep black color.

 These is the skin care products, all of these are from the famous brands that I always heard but unfortunately never had a chance to try, me really appreciate it!!

 I'm so thrilled by the classy packaging that Urban Decay have!

 Both swatches of Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in "Venom" and Sephora Blush Stick!
The colors is just sooo gorgeous!!

Both from the left is the colors of Yves Rocher Cream eyeshadows, and the right one is glowing gel from Jelly Pong Pong! 

 Girls, the thing that made me jumping on the bed, I'm so electrified by the necklace that Elena wore from The Vampire Diaries! I'm a fan ok! 

I can even put some "Vervain" in this necklace..ahahahah!

Yankee Candle!! this is a perfumed candle, you know, since the smell of this candle is too heaven, 
the smell was absorbed throughout the box thus all the stuffs in my bunny box smelled like a passion fruit!
Liking it! 

 Cute right? a lipgloss in an Ice cream packaging, kawaii!!!

Another kawaii stuff! A fake eyelashes glue in a black color, check out the color below!

(Oopsies! excuse my watch print around my wrist..ehehehe)

 OMG! she definitely knew I love One Piece like crazy!!
Doumo Arigatou!!!

And the rest was the splendid products sample that she gave! 

Sonia Madi was her name and she's from France..
Something I've always heard about French women is, they're unbeatably beautiful in the world and I think she is one of them though I never meet her!..I'm so thankful for the awesome swaps and would like to know this woman!

And for your kind information, this is my first swap ever, and I hope to do it again in future if I have a good time enough to go shopping! - and of course, if I have an enough money!

Must I remind you that the community do have a T&Cs, read it carefully before you decide to join in, so it will prevent you from facing any problem...afterwards PM any of the admin that you like, there are 4 admins for this community, and then after you have accepted into the community you can find the files tab on top of the goup page, there are a questionnaire, birthday, blog, country and etc files for you to fill up if you like. Let's say if you have a blog or youtube acc, then you can state it on the files prepared, so do the other things like birthday and so on. Anyway, as a reminder, the questionnaire file is important for you to have, because this is the reference of what products should you and your swap partner buy for each other based on the questionnaire.

If you have any problem during swapping, ALWAYS seek an advice from the admins by PM-ing them for anything.

What say you girls??
Then come join in the fun!!

Name: Be a Beauty Respondent

Thanks for reading, my life was never happier than spending some time to blogging for some readers who are still sticking around my blog even though my blog is so boring just like myself..hehe.
And oh! I've also done my IFD (International Friendship Day) swap about a month ago, and I will write about that and share about the beauty products that I got in the box very soon ok?

See you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. hahaha nice swap..... but kate u cant get in msia meh??

  2. No lah..but she gave me KATE I just accept it because it was included in the box all together liao haha... thanks anyway for dropping by =)


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