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Be a Beauty Respondent : International Friendship Day (IFD) Swap

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My fluffy cotton candies buddies!


Girls!! there's a previous post that I've wrote about the beauty products swap is not it?
So it seems that this time I'll share about my IFD swap then. Oh if you haven't read the post here where you can read them! (Click Here)

This time, I'm on the "mystery swap", and I was set up to send the bunny box to this woman from Israel, and to be honest I don't really prefer to send to anyone from Israel because Malaysia have already banned the posting service to Israel, so it was hard for me to send it if I was partnered with anyone from there. Whatever, it can't be helped then because I was already partnered with a woman from there, and I've informed the admin about this, and they have helped me to get the bunny box sent to the woman.

Aside from that, the one that sent me the bunny box was this girl named Ashley Gao! from Canada if I wasn't mistaken..and she was so nice for buying me the things that I wanted so long!

I'm actually have a quite less collection of high end products to be honest, thus I'm longing to collect some more to enlarge the size of my high end products collection. Thus, in my questionnaire I've wrote that I would like to have some more of high ends. My wish is granted at the time I opened the parcel from Ashley Gao, thanks girl!!

Oh! and we're having a $50 USD swap, so all the items sent to you partner should be in the budgeted cost.

I wish that she had the superb bunny box too from her swap partner!

Let's quickly zooming my new babies then!

She's just so nice! actually I'm just hoping to enlarge my tiny collection of high end
cosmetics, but I did't really make it compulsory to make her get me all the pricey stuffs, but again, she's just so nice & I'm a happy girl!

All the things she got for me.

And also, a very appreciated treats she sent to me as well!
Skittles is so my favorite!!

This is "Mary Lou-Manizer" from The Balm, or also called as a "Luminizer", a face highlighter,
The shimmers is just so pigmented!

I rarely wear a concealer as I have a very minimal things on my face to conceal, one layer of foundation is already make the minimal flaws I have on my face vanished.

Blending it on the back of my hand, and it was quite light but concentrated to hide any imperfection successfully, I actually was amazed by this concealer!
Ok, this gonna be a great concealer on a break out time. I'M READY! 

The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion that I wanted such a long time ago!!
I wanna buy it by myself at Sephora Malaysia if I have some time to go for shopping,
but lately I find that myself is so busy and never thought this would come in the parcel she sent to me, she's such a mind-reader, this Ashley Gao gal!

This eyeshadow primer is quite famous among beauty bloggers before, it was claimed to hold the eyeshadow longer compared to just a sinlge application of the eyeshadow itself.

To be honest I'm quite broken-hearted to see this Too Faced Candy Box's eyeshadow broken into a million pieces since it was a Too Faced Limited Edition, it came in a real hot mess before I have cleaned them up because it was given by my swap partner so I feel so sad to just throw it away, I've made up my mind to keep it instead of throwing them away. Anyway, the one appeared on the photo was the cleaned up one, the palette was cleaned up by myself, I just wiped off all the broken eyeshadow's powder with a wet sanitized tissue.
But of course you can still see the residues still left in between the lipglosses & the packaging, that was because my fingers cannot reach them out to clean them up thoroughly.
this is in a caramel shades and called as "Caramel Truffles", they have 2 different palettes of this series, another one is in pink shades and was called as "Pink Bon Bon".

Mine should look like this:

"Caramel Truffles"

The "Pink Bon Bon" one should look like this:

The only difference I can spot is the colors of the lipglosses, which is the caramel shades have a nude caramel shades, while pink shades one have a pinky & purplish shades.

It has broken into a million pieces, but the color of this eyeshadow is still amazing! (LOL! the combination of 4 colors all together!) The eyeshadows was told to be very soft, that's why it has broken..
I will keep them in my drawer, I still can use them, just that it has lost its gorgeous shape.

This one have already became my new obsession!
Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Quad in "Just Desert" that consist the colors of  "desert sand", "desert wind" & "desert storm"...the description behind the box only gave 3 names instead the fact that they have 4 colors, probably a mistake that the manufacturer did on the!
Well correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm IN LOVE with this!!! The smell of this body scrub is beyond the pleasure!!
I smell a real mixture of sweet apricot & honey, I'm almost faint in my bathroom..too enjoying the scents while scrubbing my body!
HOWEVER the only cons it have is it was too greasy on my skin after I rinsed the scrub off.
I don't really prefer any greasiness feeling on my skin after showering, it was kind of unpleasant..but it is the scrub thingy so cannot be helped. Most scrub will leave the greasiness feeling on skin after rinsing them off because it was claimed to give a moisture to skin..never mind then, I just will use it on my legs because my legs is sometimes dry..I don't mind the greasy feeling on legs, Just not on my body.

The ingredients of Bath & Body Works Honey Body Scrub.
To be honest this is my first Bath & Body Works product I've ever tried!

All the samples she gave me, I can't wait to try them very soon!!

Looking at all of the stuff she sent to me, I think this is all are above than $50, unless she got a discount, that's why..thanks so much girl!!!
Very muchly appreciate it!!

Join in their group on FB now for a real enjoyable swapping experience!
For the "How to" guide, check out my previous post about the group here!

Name: Be a Beauty Respondent

Thanks for reading girls! Hope it cheers you girls up!

See you again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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