Monday, 29 September 2014

Heart to Heart: Parents' Sacrifices

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Hi guys,

Probably one of the different post aside all those posts randomly about beauty, I'm suddenly came to think about it a while ago, the fact that I'm living away from parents because I'm studying, and my dad called me, asked me how am I doing, am I have an enough money and etc.

Listening to my dad's voice somehow draw me to a little bit lot. The things that saddened me is his tired voice, an exhausting voice of a dad who work really hard for a money to raise his kids and to give a living to his wife.

I'm sorry for suddenly being a little bit emotional, I'm a human being too, realizing that my dad is old enough to keep working like that, and living alone away from the family is really saddened me. A little bit story about my family, our life was never too luxury, nor too poor, we are living in a good term for the years back then until my dad decided to quit from his job to take over his family business, but after a year has passed, the business have went bankrupt and he lost his job, thus our life started to be a little bit miserable, not enough money and etc, that time my brother really need a lot of money for his study preparation before he is about to fly to oversea. Seeing his face, the father face who almost cry everyday thinking how to get money for his family is something I really can't pull off from the mind. After a 2 years living like that, that our house and property was almost about to be sold and seized, thanks to the god he got a job from a friend who own a company..our life started to see the light from the tiny hole of the doom.

Our life got better, and still, up to this point he's still working hard to make sure that his family get what they should get, with his old bones which still seems too strong to keep working for the family's living..every time he called me, I cannot help myself from bursting into the tears, listening to that old & weak voice but still sounded very strong to still make a living, he never ask back for what he gave to me, my brothers and sisters, either my mum. Up to this point he is still working. He's 53 already, I can't imagine it if I did't get a chance to pay back all the sacrifices he gave to us, because he's old already.

I pray for their healthiness, and their happiness, both my mum and dad, my parents who sacrificed a lot to us, may they will live a longer life, at least they still can have a chance to see me graduate successfully, and work to pay them back although I know it can't never be paid back, all that sacrifices that the parents did for us. Mom and Dad, I will work hard to make a living too one day, our life is now is better, but I don't know how long it will last, I'm really scared to face the fact that our parents will get old, and leave us first. That thing really saddened me up. But one thing that I'm very sure about is, God loves them, no matter what they do because they are the person who work by breaking all their bones to raise us up.

And it was just now, my dad called me, with that weak and old voice which sounds kinda sick to me,
asking me if I have an enough money for my study here, who asked me how do I do,
instead of the fact that he is the person who worked really hard that almost breaking all his bones,
that I should concerned of and worried about,

And I'm bursting into the tears again.

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