Sunday, 28 September 2014

Johor Treat: Steamboat With Buddies

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Hi my chocolate ganache ice cream cakies!

Recently I built a strong hungry desire to eat some good food besides the familiar foods I can have in my campus area!
Pathetic to say, but I rarely go outside Pasir Gudang area because I'm a homeloner kind of girl who did't really mix up well with the other girls from the same college..because I'm yet to find my Anime-ING, Manga-ING, Game-ING & Makeup-ING soulmate who can hang out together with me doing the hobby and what we love together. So I better just sit at home alone doing my hobby alone. You know, girls nature is they love to gossiping about other people and making gang and spreading bad rumors about other people, while I'm on the opposite page, I better gossiping about makeup & new animes instead.

Whatever then, and there's a friend who is kind enough and came to me and suggested me to try out the Steamboat Buffet at this place that I've never go and heard in Masai area! (well I'm living in Pasir Gudang because it's nearer to my college)

I went there in a Trio-form of gang (gosh what kind of language is this)
Frankly, with 2 of my friends hehehehe
And the Steamboat Buffet cost us at RM20 per pax which is I think is affordable enough for a steamboat compared to any other steamboat places!

We came in the restaurant and sat down, and the waiter quickly came over our table and switched the heat on, the steamboat pot was already on the table with the broth prepared in it actually.

There's a long main buffet table on the entrance of the restaurant that serve a lot of delicious raw ingredients, such as meat, chicken, prawn, squid, wantan, and a lot types of crab balls & fish balls than you can imagine! Some of them were also marinated with a black pepper sauce, you can choose almost anything you want on the table with just RM20!..and gosh I have to be honest, they're really a lot, more than you think you can eat at once!

Then the spamming session with a bunch of photos is please drool yourself ok. Haha!

Anyway, excuse me for the really bad photo quality, because my camera has ran out of battery so I used my friend's phone camera, because my phone is ran out of battery as well! LOL!!

The main table that served a lot of raw ingredients.

Delish!! my fave is the black pepper marinated meat!

Besides the steamboat, they also served the fruits as a mouthwash, and the drinks like orange juice, coffee & etc as well.

The camera-shy guy, he's a friend of mine, we came here by three, me, Ai, and him.

This is Ai, my housemate, roommate & a soulmate for our common hobby, watching animes!

We're stuffed and bloated afterwards. Workout sure do a wonders after this, realizing just how much we've gain in just a night. Burrpppp! Excuse me!

I really recommend you guys to pay a visit and try out their Steamboat Buffet, not only it was affordable but really did fill up the 1 year hunger, and delicious too!

See you again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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