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[Review] Etude House I Need You, Yogurt! Wash-Off Pack

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Hey my yummy bread pudding! LOL! I mean everyone!

Recently I have a quite hard time dealing with my skin breakout, it was started after Eid to be honest, well I guess I overeat too much Rendang (Rendang= a traditional cuisine of Malay, eaten during the celebration of Eid) kot (kot=maybe in Malay)..LOL!!
It's not that horrible though I'm a bit annoying with it..If you have ever read my previous post before, I think I've been telling you guys all of this time that I have a really really really dry skin (damn dry skin).
Here is the brief of a whole situation that led to my skin breakout recently.
I have a super dry + a super sensitive + an easily infected by rashes skin, I tend to have some rashes every time the weather changed (allergy towards my own sweats). This is how it started, during the Eid celebration about a month ago, I have followed my family to return to my dad's hometown.

During the days there, we have stayed at the hotel within my dad's hometown area. I have a real dry skin problem and we stayed in a hotel which was furnished by an air conditioner in every room..and the cold environment inside the room was like sucking all the natural oil from my skin duh...making me a double times drier than usual, and we went out a lot to meet a families & of course I'm always putting on some makeup even if it is just a light application, though I have already slapped a plentiful of moisturizers on my face, I still can feel the tautness, and whenever I went out under the hot sunny weather, I sweated a lot, the makeup on my face was soaked with my own sweats and damn my face was started to feel so itchy!..that was the day when I realized that I will have a breakout afterwards. An allergy towards my own sweats on this dry skin, I don't have an acne so whenever I said I have a breakout it's actually mean a "rashes".

My skin became so flaky, so dry and irritated..all at the same time. The more dry it becomes, the more itchy I feel. The only solution I can figure out is to bring back the moisture, at least I can stop from scratching on my skin which have a big impact on leaving a scarred skin & sooth my dry skin. I have entered the Etude House store, walk around and then stumbled upon this item by random. Have tested & used it, and gosh..I love it!

Now leading you guys to a review section! *buffering*...LOL!

The packaging kind of reminds me of "calciYUM" lol..
At least it looks very tasty to my skin, that's why I bought it by the first sight!

 It came with four girl's most favorited flavors & scents,
making it very pleasant to be slapped on the face.

The yogurty texture is just so nice on skin!
The smells is also sooo delicious & yummy too!

Most people will prefer to use the facial masker brush upon application, which is the flat one, 
but since this yogurt pack require you to massage it before leaving it on and chill for 10 minutes,
so I just used my fingers instead.
BTW, this is a Kiwi yogurt pack.

 Strawberry Yogurt pack

 Apple Yogurt pack

Apricot Yogurt pack

The ingredients & directions
( I was confused, the active ingredient of the strawberry pack was showing a words "Raspberry",
but the pack smells like a strawberry & have a word "딸기"/ttalgi on it which mean "Strawberry", and the strawberry pack do have a strawberry image on it too, I guess the manufactory did some mistake here..well correct me if I'm wrong)

I don't know if it was just me or what, but this yogurt packs is a little bit tingly on my skin on a first few seconds before it turned back to normal. But it doesn't really bother me though, I still loves the effect it gave me after I washed it skin looks so healthy, glowy, nice & well hydrated (I love how my skin felt too!). Though all of these packs main purpose is to give you a well hydrated skin, they actually have a specific functions for each of them.

Strawberry Pack - Brightening
Kiwi Pack - Rejuvenating
Apple Pack - Moisturizing
Apricot Pack - Removing dead skin cells
*The colors indicating the actual colors of each of the maskers.

As for your kind information, the strawberry pack really smells like a strawberry!! Yummy!
Apple & apricot as well...however the kiwi one was a bit..well..don't know how to describe the smell, it smells nice too however it doesn't really smells like a kiwi.

This pack was also specially designed for the sensitive skin. Thus if you have a dry skin like mine, I think it will works like wonder too on your skin!

  • Affordable
  • Easy to be applied on
  • Smells so delicious & yummy!
  • Really works for dehydrated skin! (No joke, all the itchiness were gone even after using a single pack because it moisturized my skin!)
  • The texture was like a real yogurt!

  • Tingling sensation on a first few seconds of application (Doesn't really bothered by it but I don't really like it too)

Name: Etude House I Need You, Yogurt! Wash-Off Pack
Made in: Korea
Price: RM20 (Not really remember but just around the price)
Where to buy: Etude House Store | Online Store
Net weight: 12g / pack

Thanks for dropping by!

See you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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