Thursday, 4 September 2014

[Review] M.A.C Amplified Creme Lipstick


Do you love the Orangey lips color?
If you like to experimenting with colors and love a bit twists girls, you must already have noticed the nowadays orangey lips color trend!

You girls usually just see a trend of wearing a lipstick with pink and red shades most of the time right?

But for me, I love the neon colors the most because it's a little edgy but do brings out the kawaii-ness in you, if you are also a Harajuku fan like me, you will realize that most girls nowadays who love to appear a bit bold but cute are also wearing an orangey lip color! Most of the time, K-pop makeup style also often use an orangey color for their lips if you noticed! I love it because I saw the eccentricity by the swatches, and it was such a combination of cute and edgy personality!

Plus, I'm ugly with a red & pinky shades, I love red & pink but my face is really ugly if I wear some of the pink & red lipstick, so far the orangey kind of colors like redish orange, orangey red/pink lipsticks and all of that sort of colors suit my face very well thus making me to choose a lipstick with the orangey shades the most!

Then here came the day when my photographer friend asked me to hang out with him, and suddenly he bought me the lipstick as a present, because I saw the lipstick in MAC store and said "wahh beautiful!"
and I said, "if only I got the orange color"..well, now here's the orangey colored lipstick!
Thanks to the man yah..hehe

Three different styles of lips makeup by MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in "Morange" :

First on top was the one that most seen everywhere nowadays (oriented by K-pop culture at first I believe), the gradient orangey lips,
the second was a full lips look, but I did apply it very lightly to give a soft warm look.
and the last one, ok since I used my old camera, suddenly the flash that I used made the lips looks very "neony" and was a 2 layers of application and I have put on the lip gloss as well on top, thus the flash from my camera made it looks like that in the photo..LOL!

The swatch that made me fall for the color!

Besides the orangey color itself, the texture of this lipstick is also beyond the satisfaction, it is so smooth and easy to be applied on! Now I'm truly electrified by the trend of orangey lips!

There're still a lot of colors that MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick have but this color definitely got me! if you would like to know more about the colors they have you just gotta check yourself later on their given website below ok?


  • Have a very smooth texture & easy to be applied on
  • Came from a renowned brand
  • Have variety of colors (but seriously baybeh, "Morange" really got me!)


  • Failed to find any

Name: M.A.C Amplified Creme Lipstick
Price: RM68
Where to buy: M.A.C Store @
Net weight: 3g / 0.1 US oz

Thanks for having a time to read!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. yeay!!!!! cantik! nice review. love it so much! anyway, wiida pun target nk beli morange. one day InsyaAllah. Ada new shade! neon orange. hehe. try la. hahha :P

    1. Thanks for reading wiida!! oh neon orange yang tu kan...I've seen yang neon orange tu jugak..planning nak beli gak lah nanti one day, insyaallah hehehe! ^_^


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