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[Review] SKG Facial Steamer

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What would you really think of it? a blender?? please at least let my mom be the only one who think of that! LOL!

Hello pumpkin donuts! I'm hungry yet I still want to share about this magic "blender" with you girls!
Have you heard about facial steaming?? Then stop still on this post, don't get your eyes away because this might be the post that can change your skin condition from now on!

Human can't get away with a clogged pores problem, even if they have taken care of their skin everyday, it's like a natural thing to have a clogged pores, everyone have it because we all have PORES, so don't worry.

However, there's always a way how to overcome it, if there're a clogged pores which seems so ugly to be seen on skin, then why not open up the clogged pores to remove all the gunks that trapped inside?

Remember, the pores is not forever closed to keep the gunks you don't want to stay inside, it can make your skin appear bumpy with a white & black thingy called heads which is very disgusting, oh I know that disgusting feeling every time you see yourself in the mirror (while saying ewww blackhead!!). It can be OPENED UP to remove all the stuff inside, by STEAMING your face, put that in the mind girls!

Then here is the thing that I would like to introduce to you guys!

The SKG Facial Steamer!

It came with a main assembly which is the body, 2 facial steamer attachment which is a T-zone steamer (which is for the T zone area), face steamer (which is for the whole of your face) & a measuring cup.

These facial steamer attachments is specially & ergonomically designed so that the shape of the steamer matches your facial contours & the shape of T-zone on your face.

First of all, you need to pour 50ml of water into the measuring cup and add the water into the steaming pot by not exceeding the "MAX" level, after that, connect the plug to the power outlet and place the facial steamer attachment of your choice on the main assembly (either a face steamer or the T-zone steamer based on your choice & need, if you would like to steam up the whole face attach the face steamer, or if you just want to open up the pores around the T-zone area then use the T-zone steamer instead).

And DO NOT connect the plug to the power outlet unless you're ready to use them.

There're also 2 steam setting to adjust the amount of steam-conditioning, the 1st one is less hotter which is just gives a light steaming, while the 2nd one is a little bit hotter and stronger. You can choose either one based on your skin condition, if you think you have a very stubborn clogged pores, you might need to use the no. 2, but if you have a sensitive skin it is advisable to use the 1st setting.

Once you have connected the plug to the power outlet, set the steam setting first and the indicator light will light up, showing that there's a power connectivity. Wait for at least roughly 3 minutes for the facial sauna to steam up first then here are the following steps you need to do.

How To Use The Facial Sauna:

  1. Close your eyes and place your face close to the steamer according to the shape of the steamer attachment , either the face steamer or the T-zone steamer.
  2. Steam up your face for about 15 minutes or until the facial sauna has stop from steaming.
  3. Make sure to turn the steam setting to "0" after it has stop from steaming.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes before you can start cleaning up your face with a cold water (cold water help to close the opened up pores after steaming).
  5. Apply your fave skin care products, and then go to sleep. Just go to sleep before your pores open up again. LOL JK!!!

Extra Tips From Me:

Steaming up your face can open up the clogged pores, but that doesn't mean the dirt in the pores are thoroughly cleaned when you washed your face, it just help in loosing the dirt by open up the pores that hold them in, thus to make your complexion more clearer from the heads that showing on your skin, I used to take my blackhead remover and quickly press on the area which I think there's a lot of clogged pores around, quickly after you have steamed up the face and before you clean your face with a cold water (because at that time the pores are still widely opened, and removing blackheads & the gunks inside the pores at that time can be much easier & effortless)

After you have done pressing all the evil evil heads off from the pores, go ahead and clean your face with a cold water and then apply any skin care of your favorites on your skin. Remember! the gunks & blackheads that stay inside the pores in a longer period can lead to an evil evil zits on your face, scary right? now let's scream together, "KYAAAAAAA NOOO!!!"(So girly-like LOL!)

I used to practice the facial steaming every weekend and before I sleep at night, and then woke up with a fresh and clearer looking skin!


  • Deep cleansing the skin by open up the pores
  • Improve circulation of the face blood
  • Effectively replenish the face's water
  • Personalization aromatherapy nursing


  • Not travel friendly

Using this facial sauna not only open up the clogged pores, but also improve the blood circulation on your face, besides, you can also have an personalization aromatherapy nursing by adding in a little bit aromatherapy oil into the water in the pot to gives you a relaxation from stress while having a face steaming.

For your kind info, actually I wanted to buy the Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer that would cost me about $144 USD @ RM470 as I heard that it was extremely good, but that would kill my student pocket, realizing that I will be broken if I really purchase that making me to find another cheaper alternatives, so here is the cheaper alternative that I got, and most importantly it does works really well too. I think I will go get the Panasonic one when I'm in a "thick wallet" condition.

This is how the Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer looks like:

Name: SKG Facial Sauna
Model no: SKJ518
Made in: China
Voltage: 220V-
Power: 105W
Price: RM100
Where to buy:
Net weight: 0.65kg
Size: 200x200x225mm

Visit SKG Malaysia Website for more! 

Thank you so much for dropping by and I do hope that my post did a little bit help for you guys who eagerly finding a way to overcome your skin problem!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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