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[Review] thecandyskin Velvet Matte Lipstick


Hi, butter croissants!

I'm a happy girl today!! 

Why?? that was because I've made a new sweet discovery upon this lovely cosmetic line that I've never knew before! A thousand stars of thanks to because she talked & shared about thecandyskin cosmetics in her blog, thus making my pulse running very fast at the moment I saw its lovely packaging! I'm such a true sucker for the lovely packaging seriously!

From what I learnt, thecandyskin cosmetic has been established since 2007, apparently quite new in the market but do not look down on this new Malaysian cosmetics line, even though it was quite new in the market and less heard around anywhere, I have a positive thought on this cosmetic brand at the moment I tried their Velvet Matte Lipstick. Besides cosmetics, they also have a skin care range!

I've googled about this cosmetic brand, and the website seems very new and from what thecandyskin have said, they're not having an official store yet, but they do occasionally have a booth in Ikea at Ecurve Damansara. This Velvet Matte Lipstick is yet sold on their website, they said they will launch them soon by 1st October! I could't believe it that I got my hands on it before they officially launch them on their website! I'm such a first-liner! oh and thecandyskin now accept a purchase through FB! go get your hands on them too if you have a time!

Hehe, sorry I'm a bit thrown up in an astonishment actually because this is my first purchase from thecandyskin, the new lovely makeup brand that I've just discovered!

Now here is what the box packaging looks like! Thanks to thecandyskin too of their courtesy for giving me an extra sample along with the lipstick!

I received the sample of Flawless Cream Foundation in #Peanut, a Velvet Matte Lipstick in 07 #Laubepine along with the Velvet Matte Lipstick 02 #La Paguerette that I've purchased!

Such a very classy and princessy packaging with a chained pendant at the bottom together with the cylindrical shape packaging printed with "thecandyskin" word & flowery embroidery print which is just beyond the satisfaction of having just the lipstick! This would look very great to be arranged on your vanity table! Arghh I cannot pull my eyes away from staring the loveliness of it's packaging!

Not forget to mention that the lipstick also came in a velvety case as well, what an exclusive treat to the eyes isn't?

This is the color chart of the Velvet Matte Lipstick, I got myself a 02 in #La Paguerette, apparently they have 12 colors.

Oh, and the sample of Velvet Matte Lipstick that I got was in 07 #Laubepine!
The color is nice too!

 The colors of the Velvet Matte Lipstick according to their number start from the left!
Mine is the second, and the sample that I got is the seventh!

My eyes filled with the loveliness now, ouch to the starry shining effect!

This matte lipstick really gives you the beautiful matte lips, which is what I've been seeking for.

I've fallen in love with thecandyskin now, thus even the sample themselves looks very cute in my mind and my sight!

I got the Flawless Cream Foundation sample in #Peanut, and it does matching my asian yellowish tone.

The color of the Flawless Cream Foundation sample that I got is the third from the left.

By wearing this lipstick, lips are instantly saturated with rich pigments and a velvety matte finish. The long lasting, non-drying formula is enriched with emollients for a creamy texture, while combination of high quality ingredients ensures long-lasting, seamless color for hours. It is great for lining, all over lip color, or pairing with another lip product.

The comparison of with & without the thecandyskin Flawless Cream Foundation.
I can say that with it is better because it definitely looks flawless and brighter with it (The "with" one is only showing a layer of application).
I'm seriously began to like this brand!

This is how the lipstick will actually looks like when it was applied on the lips, I'm wearing the thecandyskin Velvet Matte Lipstick in 02 (La Paguerette) that have the nude shade on the left photo, and the 07 (Laubepine) that have the purplish pink shade on the right photo, and both photos is also a photos of me wearing the thecandyskin Flawless Cream foundation in #Peanut. I'm was injected with some loves by wearing the cream foundation, it was so smooth and definitely gives you a healthy glow that can promote a flawless look! how fitting with its name and I'm loving it!

Velvet Matte Lipstick

  • Came in an extremely lovely & princessy packaging!
  • The color of the lipstick is so pretty
  • Glide smoothly and feels very soft on lips
  • Does not dry out the lips

  • No, I'm failed to find any

Because I only have the sample size of the Flawless Cream Foundation, I cannot really list out the detailed pros & cons that they have, but the only thing I can say is I love their cream foundation as they glide easily & smoothly on the skin, my skin also looks flawless by just one application, they really did what they promised for! and as I have an extremely dry skin, I think that this cream foundation really suit my skin condition and I did't feel too dry nor too oily wearing this thecandyskin Flawless Cream Foundation, I'm seriously thinking to own a full sized one now!

The thecandyskin Flawless Cream Foundation is retailed at RM60/full sized pcs.

Name: thecandyskin Velvet Matte Lipstick
Product of: Malaysia
Price: RM49.90
Where to buy: | thecandyskin's Facebook
Net weight: 4g

Visit thecandyskin website and facebook for more!
They're also available on Instagram!

(click this photo)

thecandyskin's Facebook

thecandyskin's Instagram

"We believe that wearing a little lipstick is going to make a difference in your life. Lipstick is an important fashion accessory that most women just can't do without. The Velvet matte lipstick of thecandyskin always beautify and enhance your lips, make you look sexy, elegance and being fascinated. Bright, bold and perfectly matte is how we describe the elegance lipstick"


Go get thecandyskin cosmetics too if you think they sounded very delicious & lovely!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. everything is so cute, including you, the most! i really wanna try that lipstick in shade 12, maybe i will buy it the next time dapat gaji? hehe! thanks for sharing dear ^_^

    1. awww..thank you mieza!! shade you're such a bold-typed! ^_^, no 12 one really look nice for the grunge makeup look! xD
      Thanks sudi datang melawat my blog =)

  2. it really cute packaging. Love it OMG <3

    1. Yes they are! ^_^
      Me too can't deny it that I've fallen in love with them by the 1st sight!
      Btw, u have such an amazing beauty blog Miss Ika! =)

  3. Oh my, everything in this post is gorgeous including you, Jia Jia!
    The lipsticks are really pretty! I love the packaging!
    I have to check this brand out now - IKEA is quite handy.

    1. omg you're too sweet SG! Yes they're occasionally have a both in IKEA, you must check that out if you have a time! ^_^
      me too, want to buy again from them after this! <3 ^_^


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