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Salon Shaper & 3D Beauty Blender by Supermodel's Secrets!

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Hi chocolates!

Recently made a purchases from the famous IG & online shop known as Supermodel's Secret!
Been eyeing them quite long before, because I heard a good feedback from the customers, so now I decided to buy something from them!

And now, look at this! I bought a Salon Shaper, which is actually an automatic nail manicure device to get a professional manicure like the salon did! Yes, I love makeup the most but I also love it if my nails looks very clean & polished too, if you have ever read my previous posts, I think I've also always said that I love taking care of my nails, I love collecting nails products too like nail polishes, nail files & nail vitamin. Today I got it, after been a silent future-buyer for quite a while on this nail buffer device.

Oh, I also bought the 3D beauty blender as well!

This is how the box of Salon Shaper looks like

Now you can enjoy a professional manicure, and a picture perfect pedicure in the privacy of your own home!

The Salon Shaper's high speed rotation are powerful enough to trim & shape hard acrylics or tough toenails, yet it's gentle enough to massage and stimulate sensitive cuticles.

It came with the 5 precision crafted nail heads that sculpt, shape & polish your nails quickly & safely, the small satin bag, and the Salon Shaper.

Came with the small guide book as well to give a detailed information on how to use them!

The Salon Shaper was built with a 2 parts that can be disassembled to insert the battery in.

After the head was put into the place, you can press the pink button to start 
the buffing process.

Attaching & Removing The Heads

Gently press the shaft of the head into the hole on the nose of the Salon Shaper until it feels secure. Do not hammer or use any tool on the head (this may cause damage to both the head and the unit). To remove the head, gently slide the shaft out of the unit. Again, do not use any tool.

As stated on the photo above, each of the nail heads have their own function, so do it step by step properly by using the right head from the sculpting, shaping & polishing process.

The Before & After Result

To be honest, the "After" polished effect was caused by an extra buffer cream & nail vitamin that I used which is not came along with the Salon Shaper, this device did't really give that shining buffed effect nails..maybe a bit but not as significantly as the manual nail files that I used to have..but it was somehow really help a lot in removing the rough & rippled surfaces by flatten it and make it a little bit smooth before you can start buffing, which is the laziest part of mine.

  • Affordable (I think the price below RM50 is affordable ya, in my point of view)
  • Easy to use (as it came with a guide book)
  • Travel-friendly (came with a mini satin bag to be brought around anywhere)
  • Make a nail buffing process easier & faster (because it is automatically)

  • I found that it doesn't really give the nails the real buffed effect on the last part ( Which need you to use an extra nail buffer using another nail file @ buffer cream to make it looks well polished)

Name: Salon Shaper
Made in: China
Price: RM29.00
Where to buy:

This is the 3D beauty blender, here's how you can use it to get a perfect complexion upon makeup application:

1. Dab an adequate amount of BB cream/ foundation on your forehead, cheeks, nose & chin.
2. Start dabbing them using this 3D beauty blender to even out the foundation and get a perfect complexion!

This is somehow a cheaper alternative for an original Beauty Blender sold at Sephora, a dupe to be exact. I've never bought the original one because I rarely visit Sephora, I'm now living in JB as I'm still studying outside KL now and so far JB still don't have Sephora here..the original one would be around $20 @ RM65. This one only cost me for RM10, and all I can say is it is NOT BAD at all!


  • Very convenient as it help with the makeup application
  • Travel friendly
  • Works better than certain makeup brushes
  • Make the open pores invisible


  • Washing it can be the laziest part

Name: 3D Beauty Blending Blender Sponge
Made in: -
Price: RM9.90
Where to buy:

I'm looking forward to purchase more stuff from Supermodel's Secret on the next time!

Check the Supermodel's Secret website out for more!

(Click this photo)

See you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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