Thursday, 30 October 2014

#OOTD Anyone?

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Hi sweet bubblegums!

Hashtag #OOTD anyone?? Lols!

Are you a fashion crazy?? Ok I take that as yes!!
I realized that there're a lot of online boutique everywhere either on FB or IG today, online shopping is truly much easier in nowadays! But then you have to look into the quality of the stuff that you are going to buy.

Recently I got a few pieces of fashion clothes from Miss JasJas! Shall we look into my #OOTD then? Lol! As I'm more focusing on makeup & beauty posts, I think wrote about fashion less, but stop! from now on I will try to write more post about fashion too ok!

First outfit of the day:

The turquoise blouse is the sleeveless blouse, to make it match with my hijabic image, I wore it with a crop jacket, is was very light and comfortable to be worn seriously! I think the color is so sweet & of course the length is quite suitable with the image that I wanted. Everything about it is just so nice!

Second outfit of the day:

The blue shirt with the stars image and this batman outerwear is comfortable to be worn together!
Being ragged is just my style!

Plus, this outerwear is more appropriate with the outgoing image too!

P.S: Photo are credited to my friend, Aida =)

Affordable yet still fashionable! Attack Miss JasJas now for more pretty clothing, Now she is making a stock clearance on her FB!

Contact her for more fashionable clothing and visit her facebook now!

See you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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