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Kracie X Butterfly Project Malaysia : Kawaii-est Event Ever!


Ohayo macaroons! genki desu ka??

It was on the last 31st October ago I went to the Kracie X Butterfly Project Malaysia event that took place at Fullhouse Themed Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid, it was the cutest beauty blogger event that I ever attended, ever! As it was held on 31st of October, this should be considered as a cutest halloween party too!

Everybody wore a very cute outfit too, and has embraced the Japanese Kawaii scene! this time I was given a chance to meet & greet the other invited kawaii fellow butterfly beauty bloggers in this happening beauty blogger community ever, The Butterfly Project Malaysia! 
*Literally all of the old members are known as a "Butterflies", and the new members are called as "Caterpillars", isn't it such a cute "nicknames"?? Oh my!

I got a "How to do" & introduced to a useful tips for hair care & skin care too, but this event main purpose is to introduce their hair care range, Ichikami. In the same time they also introduced their Hadabisei skin care range.

Little Bit About Kracie

The history of the toiletries & cosmetics division of Kracie began in 1936 when its predecessor successfully developed the technology of refining raw oil used to make soaps from chrysalises of silkworms for the first time in Japan, and introduced the highest quality soap, 'Savon de Soie' (Kanebo Silk Soap), to the market.

In 2007, Kanebo was renamed as "Kracie", that was how Kracie's name started to appear everywhere, Since before 1980, Kracie has also started producing food products as well, like non-fried noodles.
Its slogan "たいせつなこと。"(Taisetsu-na-koto) means "for the important things in life". Kracie is also claimed to be the 2nd largest Japanese company in Japan.

In short, Kracie have 3 division of products that they produces today, Toiletries & Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, and Food. 

I'm not sure if you have ever heard about Kracie's Popin Cookin before, but it is quite famous and this is one of the example of the foods they produced, I called it an "Edible Toy" because they're a real food (actually a candy-like in the way I can't explain, haha) but then they must be prepared which is this is a very brilliant idea for the kids to play, in the same time, they can eat the thing they play, it was like the kids playing cooking and after that they can even eat them. This is an edible Food Toy.

Hora mite, the example: 
(literally "hora" means "see" & "mite" means "look" in Japanese, but both these words together means "look at this!")

To be exact, they have hair care, skin care, body care, and depilatory/bath salt products. Their market is also vast either in Asian countries or Western countries, Kracie is widely sold in China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea, Thai, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Philippine for Asian countries, and USA, Canada, and Russia for Western countries.

Kracie can be found in Watson, Guardian, Sasa, Boots, Mannings, and Mitsuwa marketplace (abroad).

In Malaysia, currently Kracie is available at all aeon wellness store namely Mid Valley, Bandar Utama, Taman Maluri, Taman Equine, Queensbay, Bandar Sunway, Bukit Indah, Mahkota Cheras, Permas Jaya, AU2, Bukit Tinggi, Kulai, Bandaraya Malacca, Metro Prima, Subang Jaya, Bangsar South, Penang Prai, Ipoh Station 18, Bandar Puchong, Bukit Mertajam, Wangsa Maju, River City, Alpha Angle, Quill City, IOI Putrajaya Citymall, Taiping Mall, Tropicana City Mall, and etc.

Little Bit About Ichikami

You can see here, the orange series is the Moist care line, while the black & white one is the Smooth care line.

Ichikami is the hair care range produced by Kracie, their tagline of "Hair smoother than silk"hold the concept of the importance of Repair+Prevention to get the beautiful & healthy hair. The formula of Ichikami is specially designed to resolve the problem of the hair like dryness, and UV damaged hair with the prevention of friction by lightening it.

Ancient Japanese believed that their hair represent themselves, Ichikami comes from an ancient proverb 一髪二姿 (Ichikami, nisugata) which means "Hair comes first, appearance comes second". With beautiful hair, beautiful appearance will come after. Japanese believe that if we take a good care of our hair, it will reflects the inner "face" of human and then we will looks beautiful on the whole, that represent the word of "Hair is woman's crowning glory".

Ichikami encompasses the true spirit of Japanese beauty by combining ancient wisdom and modern technology to create a hair care range that harnesses the benefits of Japanese botanical essences.


On overall, the special ingredients of Ichikami products is the Japanese Botanical Essences.

Ichikami Moist Care Line:

Specifically, Ichikami moist care line formulated with apricot oil and tea flower extract as a key ingredient to hydrates both hair & scalp, it have a scent of bittersweet apricot and cherry blossom (Sakura). I love the fruity apricot scent it have! It makes me feels so special!!

Ichikami Smooth Care Line:

Since in ancient times, Japanese women have practiced the use red bean hair mask traditionally, they will boil the red beans and smashed it till it become the paste and apply it on hair. Red beans called "Azuki" in Japanese. Till these days, Japanese still called Red beans as Azuki beans. Red beans not only work wonders on hair but also on skin. Azuki beans improves the smoothness of hair while repairing damages. This smooth care line do have the wonderful scent of cherry blossom, Azuki beans is also a key ingredient for this line.

Ichikami also consists the Special care line like hair essence, hair oil, hair water, hair pure oil, and the newest item is Thermal hair pack for more intense hair care.

The Ichikami Hair styling products consists of hair jelly, hair mist, hair emulsion, hair cream, hair cologne, and hair fixing water.

Let's go see what happened inside the event! etto...btw, I'm sorry for the quality, it may be a little bit blurry because I just used my phone camera, I forgot to bring my camera there to be honest, but believe me this is all the best photos I have from the event. Gomen nasai~ *bow* (gomen nasai means "I'm sorry" in Japanese)

 "Taisetsu na koto", Kracie..Kracie wa daisuki!!

All fellow butterflies are busy snapping a pictures too. 

This Ojisan (Ojisan means "Uncle" in Japanese), who represent Kracie start his presentation with the intro about Kracie,...nonetheless he is the best! I like him!

Ano ojisan  (ano means "that" in Japanese), he is a friendly Japanese man who used to live in China about 5 years, he can't speak English so he spoke Mandarin instead, I actually don't remember his (gomen T.T)...there's also a translator there who helped him with the translation to English. 

The Kracie's Ichikami hair products on the dining table looks real sugoii! (sugoii means "cool" in Japanese).

The Ichikami hair styling jelly, moisturizing shampoo, smoothing hair treatment & hair oil, the packaging looks so so kawaii with the sakura design! Kyaaa! 

The Ichikami hair oil's bottle packaging looks like a perfume bottle, which is I think so adorable to be placed on my makeup table! 

We are served with the appetizer, the garlic bread with the creamy prawn soup, accompanied with the Ichikami products on the table, LOL!

My main course is the Dory fish fillet, we can even choose the main course.

Cheesecake is the dessert. I feels so fancy & special 

As we're all eating, the demonstration on how to wear the Kracie's Hadabisei facial mask started. Btw, Hadabisei is the range of skin care by Kracie, they're popular with their facial mask & eye zone mask.

Ojisan again, hahaha, he is so friendly, because we're all have makeup on and refused to be a model for the facial mask demonstration, he then agreed to be the model..hahaha! I laughed so hard on this! Isn't he so cute?? LOL!

This onna no ko (onna no ko means "girl" in Japanese) in the Yukata is the model for the hair styling demonstration by Kracie's Ichikami products. 

Both Ichikami & Hadabisei series all on the table, this made me feels like I'm in a heaven of beauty for a while..LOL! 

Ano ojisan wa (wa means "is/are/was/were" in Japanese), he is so hella funny you know, he was eating with us and we butterflies said "anata wa kawaii desu" to him and he laughed, and then he asked us what is "kawaii" in Malay, and one of my butterfly friend, Dr. Puteri Zatil Aqmar answered "comey!", then he pointed his finger to all of us and said "comey comey comey comey!" HAHAHA, I laughed my lungs out, this ojisan is so humorous!

Finally!! I got my photo with my Blogger Idol ever, Tammy Lim! She is a wonderful Mama-chan (Founder) of this Butterfly Project Malaysia community! I read her blog since I'm at 15 till now! That was such a long time following & adoring her and today god arranged it for me that I'm even one of the butterflies now & several times met her, she is a humble & adorable person in reality! I love Mama-chan forever! *feels blessed* 

One of the new blogger friend I made at the event, She is Grace Aiko, and I think she looks like Melodee, the famous Japanese beauty youtuber! and to know that she is also a cosplayer I was like Kyaaaaaaaa! two same interest has crossed! Oh btw, do follow her on her blog here, she talks about Japanese makeup, beauty & stuff a lot on her blog! 

Photo courtesy of Butterfly Project Malaysia 

The other butterfly beauty bloggers I met at the event, from left Izzati, Nala, Innanie, me & Mira.
Looks like a new faces of Kracie's Ichikami models huh?? LOL! 

Kracie is being so generous by giving us bloggers all of these stuff in the goodies bag we received!
a true courtesy of The Butterfly Project Malaysia & Kracie!
To read my review on these products, you can head over here

Photo courtesy of Butterfly Project Malaysia 

Last but not least, the one big happy families of The Butterfly Project Malaysia  
Thanks Butterfly Project Malaysia for making this happened, courtesy from them!

See you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. awwww... what a cute post!!!!! and the introduction to Kracie & Ichikami is *thumbs up*

    I can't believe I've met you too.. and it makes me wonder.. 15 year old?! gosh........ thanks for loving me Pinku... you make me feel like a butterfly <3 I'm so happy that u came to this event, it's perfect for you too!

    1. Aww....thanks Tammy! I remember that I started to found your blog when I surf online for beauty stuff, I'm loving makeup & beauty since I was at 8..and I started to found your blog when I was at 15 on 2009...this is the starting point of where I found a lot of info about beauty from your blog and without realize it I'm loving your blog & always search for an info from there till today!! Love Plusizekitten & Tammy forever! <3 <3 <3

  2. Agree with Tammy! This is the perfect event for you and speechless bila dapat tahu your only 15! What was I even doing when I was 15? You should be proud of yourself jia, not all 15 people could start doing something beneficial.

    1. Hehehe, I'm actually now 20, but I started to found out about Tammy and her blog on 2009 when I was still a 15y/o girl...btw thanks for the words! =)
      I had a good time seeing you on that Kracie event Mira! ^_^ <3

  3. Great review on Kracie and Ichikami! Love your harajuku #ootd too. Hajimemashite~~ Hope to see u in next event *chuu~*

    1. Awww Thank you kak Puteri~~ <3 <3 <3 Thank you lawat belog kite...hehe akak pun kiut what that day with a cute ribbon lagi atas kepala..Kawaii!..Hope to see you again next time too!! <3 <3 <3

  4. Thanks sweetie <3 we have to meet up at other events again and fangirl about Tsubasa <3 hahaha!!!
    P/s: i have to compliment on what you did to your blog !!! so kawaii-ishly pink <#

    1. Awww Grace!! Thanks for visiting, irashai! ^_^ Definitely, Let's all out fangirling Tsu-chan when we meet again next time okeh..hehehe..domo arigatou for your compliment..ureshi desu! <3


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