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Liebster Blog Award

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Hi strawberry chocolate swiss rolls!!

Hurm...I think by just reading the post tittle you guys must have already have a picture of what this post is about this time, unless you really lost here.....then get lost...LOL!! I'm joking, just joking don't take it serious lol hahahaha!

My dear blogger friend name Jasmin Teoh (what-a-nice-name isnt it??) just nominated me to receive the "Liebster Blog Award" for my blog, and I'm truly appreciate to receive it, thanks a lot babe!
Find her here and get to know her, she is a bubbly, friendly and a cute girl ya naw!

Oh, if you don't know, "Liebster" is a German word stand for "Sweetheart/Dearest/ Beloved"
So I think that to nominate this award is like shouting out who's the bloggers we think we love & adore!

Liebster Blog Award 

1. Thank the person who has nominated you and post a link to their blog
2. Display the Liebster Award on your blog
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself given by the blogger who has nominated you
4. Provide 10 random facts about yourself
5. Nominate 8-10 blogs with less than 1000 followers that you feel they deserve the Liebster Award
6. Create a new sets of Questions for your nominees to answer 
7. Post the rules on your blog
8. Tag your nominees so they know that they are receiving the award from you !! 

1. Who makes you start blogging? When you started blogging?

I started feel like blogging since after SPM, I can't really say who exactly motivated me to start blogging, because I'm a fan of thousands wonderful bloggers out there, but if you ask me what is the thing that made me a blogger these day is, I love makeup so much and I have less friends in reality to share this passion with, and once I started my life in visual reality world (internet) I realized it that there're still a lot of people who can understand me well and appreciate this passion & hobby of mine, thus I would like to be a free girl who can do anything I dreamed of with the people who have the same passion, that was how my blogger life started.

2. Do you love my blog? Do you read my blog? 
(I want to hear honest answer so that I can improve myself)

Since you asked for my honest opinion, this is the most honest one I can give, I would say I did not hate your blog, but I also did not really like it (neutral), I'm actually easily entertained by the blog that contains a lot of info about makeup as I'm pretty passionate about makeup & beauty, but I do read you blog several times before, and I think you have a bright future to be a successful blogger if you are really serious about blogging, maybe you can try to read the others' blog to improve, I'm also doing that to improve myself lately, aside all of these, your blog actually not bad at all you know Jasmin, just that I think you can do better,  =)

3. Have you ever attend bloggers' events before? 

Yes I ever, quite several times before.

4. If I want to meet up with you, would you meet up with me? 

Of course, I love making friends because in reality my cold face scared people away, so I do hope to get more friends.

5. What are your dreams? List down 5 dreams that you really want to be it happens

  • I want to visit Japan at least once in my life
  • I want to be a successful woman who did not really rely on guy
  • I want to blog till I die (probably my posts can be different based on my age in future)
  • I hope to travel a lot
  • I want to be able to support my parents' life during their old days

6. What are your favourite cafe and tell me why?

The Dome Cafe KLCC, because this is the place of my only first & last date with my Japanese guy friend.

7. What are the things that you can't live without?

Money, I'm a money hungry, I must accept and admit it, but I work hard for my own money and don't take people's.

8. You prefer what types of movies? Horror? Comedy? Cartoon? and tell me why 

Horror, I looks feminine & girly outside but actually I have hardcore heart.

9. Which colour you love the most? This colour gives you what feeling? Tell me why 

Pink fan forever, because this is the only color that portrayed my girly side even tho I was born very cold outside, besides, I think any pink hues is really cute!

10. Do you think our friendship will lasts long if we meet up/hang out and etc? 

Friendship need a lot of patience and most important is "TRUST", if you have my trust I'll be your friend forever, because in my life I have fallen down hundreds of times because of backstabbing, and the ones who did it apparently most of my useless & two-faced friends.

1. I love making friends but I don't know how to start because I have some issues facing a new people
2. I'm a hot tempered and a cold girl, but I don't show it because I actually don't like this side of mine inside me.
3. I have a sweet tooth, I love sweet foods like desserts & chocolate so much!
4. I hate cockroach & insects! sometimes I wonder why they must exist in this world.
5. I only have fell in love once in my life, that was when I'm at 12, and after that no joke, I never fall for any guys, I just think that they're all my friends.
6. I scared of large body of water like really, e.g. lake, river, ocean & etc because am always thinking there is something lurking from the bottom of water surface..ughh..that feeling.
7. I easily cry, but I hate to show it in front of any people, thus I'm always hiding myself behind my bed or in my wardrobe every time I feel like crying.
8. I love money, well probably because I'm a girl. LOL
9. I will keep dog as a pet if only I can, but I can't because I'm a muslim. Doggies is so cuteee!!
10. I have insomnia, thus if I was given an opportunity to make a wish, I wish I can sleep very deep every single night.

Here goes my 10 question for you:

1. Who is the person you love the most besides your parents & family and tell me why.
2. What do you think of my blog? answer honestly so I can make some improvement to myself & my blog.
3. Do you scared of height?
4. Have you ever travel outside Malaysia? If yes then how was it?
5. Are you a bad or good girl?
6. What is the best achievement in your life?
7. What is the scariest dream that you ever dreamed of?
8. Do you eat veggies?
9. If you ever see my picture, do you think that I looks as cold as people ever thought?
10. What fashion/makeup style that you love & adore the most?

I've tagged my dear blogger friends here that I think I love & adore! So here goes the list!
Make a post about this too if you have a time & if you would like to receive it!
Dearest love! 

See you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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