Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Never Ever Use Soapy Things As A Toothpaste By Any Means!


Hello chokoreeto pockies!

Janggg! I'm home now at my hometown, Terengganu! LOL
You have no idea how much I'm missing this place rite, well I grew up here after all, that's why.

*Long rambling post without pictures ALERT*

I think that my room looks very dusty too, almost like a haunted house one hahaha! My sisters scared of me and abide they will never enter my room and it is just left like no wonder it looks like a haunted mansion now...bwahaha!

Oh ya, talking about my home, reminds me of my mom. She love to listen to the radio so much, and she love the beauty segment the most! She will wait for the beauty segment talks every day and take out something to write on the stockist's contact no and info about the products. This segment talks about the local beauty products produced by Bumiputera most of the times (bumiputera means "Malaysian/local/Malay" in Malay) mom is kinda supportive towards local product, she said "Not all our local products is bad, as a Malaysian we must support our own brand!" I wonder such a patriotism flows in her..hahaha

Then recently she bought something like shampoo for hair fall control & organic feminine wash from a Super Beauty brand, well using a local product isn't really come to my liking, not that because they're all bad and low quality, but I got a bitter experience before using a local product, so I'm kind off like beware of them...anyhow I must admit it that there are still a lot of a good local beauty products out there, just that we did't meant for each other yet..Lol!

The organic feminine wash that my mom bought is really organic and there's no chemical ingredients in it, that's sounds good..and it was multifunctional as well..the moment I was told by my mom that it can be used as a toothpaste too..I was like.."What the fish of feminine wash is that??" well actually my mom tried it, and she love it, because it was formulated with a mineral salt as a key ingredient, just that it is a bit soapy to be considered as something that can be used inside your mouth. She told me that the first time she use it as a toothpaste, it was like hella weird, a soapy feeling inside her mouth, however then she began to liking it because she feels different, I mean she told me that her teeth is feeling good, like more cleaner compared to Colgate and any other toothpaste brands she ever used, and a fresh breath.

And..the helliest moment comes when I used it...

Bwuekkkk!! Never ever use a soapy thing inside your mouth!!! Though it was multifunctional!! It's not that I'm worry about the product because I knew that it was chemical free and actually a trusted product, but I feels so dying coz I'm not used to a soapy toothpaste..the soapy feeling inside your mouth is like..yuuccckkkkhh!! This is really depends on people I guess, maybe some can stand it, some like myself can't stand it..imagine it..the soapy smell inside your mouth is like..urrghhh!!...I will never use it as a toothpaste again..Never ever!! I puked my own saliva ok.. It is so awful to me!!

Btw, to imagine that there's a multifunctional feminine wash existed in this world is such an innovative contribution for consumers rite? however to use it as a toothpaste is something crazy to me (though the fact that they really can be used as one), my mom is a superwoman then, because she really can use it..hahahaha! Ok, enough with my random ramblings...LOL!

See you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. OMG!!! This is so funny!
    I can't imagine myself using a multifunctional feminine wash as a toothpaste either! It just feels so weird! Haha!!!

    1. I know rite,,I will never use it again lol hahaha!

  2. i wont use a feminine wash as toothpaste even if it's multifunctional XD anyhow, our parents think differently than us so, I guess my mom too would come to the same suggestion like your mom, hehehe!

    1. Hahaha I know rite..hahaha..our mom can be so funny sometimes! Whenever I'm with my mom I just will go like "uh..uh..ok..uh..oh really?" hahaha xD


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