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[Review] Kracie's Ichikami, Hadabisei & Himawari


Hi my vanilla lollipops!

Recently I went to a Kracie event, if you want to read in detail you can read it on here.

BTW, this post is gonna be the review post, because of course I brought home some goodies that I received on the event, a true courtesy of The Butterfly Project Malaysia & Kracie!

I actually feels so honored, I have being a blogger since a year ago and honestly this is the first time I got a batch with my name printed on it from the event that I have was just so so welcoming, I feels so happy and special, thanks again The Butterfly Project Malaysia for making my day!

All of these came in a full sizes, how generous Kracie is deshou? (deshou means "is not it/right" in Japanese)

The Ichikami's moisturizing line shampoo & conditioner in a full sized bottle, the scent is just so sweet with an Apricot & Sakura notes! love love love!

My dry hair also become so smooth & smells so nice too, what else can I say about it? It was a total pleasure!

Name: Ichikami Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner
Made in: Japan
Price: Approximately around RM20-RM30/each
Availability: All Aeon Wellness Store in Malaysia
Net weight: Shampoo(530ml) Conditioner(530g)

This is Ichikami's Hair Styling Jelly, and yes it looks like a gel but not too concentrated and a bit runny, and this is to create a straight & healthy look hairstyle.

Name: Ichikami Hair Styling Jelly
Made in: Japan
Price: Approximately around RM35
Availability: All Aeon Wellness Store in Malaysia
Net weight: 150g

The Smoothing Hair Treatment in a black tube is real good!! It works just like a hair conditioner but the consistency is more better and on top of that it is not greasy as most hair conditioner used to be..I like this!! and also, the Himawari Oil in Shampoo & Oil in Conditioner sounds so great for a dry scalp & hair, can't wait to try them too!! oh BTW, Himawari is also one of the Kracie's hair care line, and are more specialized for a real dry hair!

Name: Dear Beauté Himawari Oil in Conditioner & Shampoo
Price: Approximately around RM40/each for full size
Net weight: Shampoo(500ml) Conditioner(500g)
(The one that I got in the photo is the sample sized of 10ml of shampoo & 10g of conditioner)

Name: Ichikami Smoothing Hair Treatment
Price: Approximately around RM40
Net weight: 200g

Made in: Japan
Availability: All Aeon Wellness Store in Malaysia

Girls, this is a really good deal & convenient to the max! you don't need to carry around a bunch of separated pieces of eye & facial mask because it was packaged all together like a wet wipes! I love how this both Hadabisei masks works, the All in One Facial Mask is a fusion of all serum+moisturizer+essence benefits to a single sheet of facial mask that works wonder & give you all the benefits by just a one time using per sheet! my skin feels so smooth & looks so glowing on the next day after wearing this mask before I sleep too, same thing goes to the Eye Zone mask, I have a very sleepy eyes & not to mention with a huge dark rings around my eyes (fuck my dark circle around my eyes!) So wearing this mask really saving a life for my baggy eyes..LOL!

The packaging of the All in One Facial Mask really reminds me of the All in One Coffee packaging a lot..hahahaha! But nope, they're a facial mask, and a lot of people mistaken the Eye Zone Mask as a wet wipes too..LOL!

Name: Hadabisei Eye Zone Mask
Price: Not sure but approximately around RM40
Net weight: 60 sheets(30 pairs)/ 50ml

Name: Hadabisei All in One Facial Mask
Price: Not sure but approximately around RM40
Net weight: 40 sheets/ 440ml

Made in: Japan
Availability: All Aeon Wellness Store in Malaysia

See you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


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