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A Christmas Memories To Be Remembered : Japanese Makeup Galore And Diary!


Hi candies!!

Well in my previous post I told you guys that recently I went for a Chrismas shopping, so this is gonna be just a short & quick post just to show you girls what I is indeed just all the makeup stuff again!

I've madly rottenly berserkly in love with a makeups from a Japanese brands, so yeah..I was seriously bought most of Candy Doll & Koji Dolly Wink cosmetics that I saw in SaSa MidValley..and they all cost me for RM500>> I guess??



This Christmas is such a joy to myself..I get a lot of gifts from people as well..and last night I spent all the night partying..well I love night party to be honest (it is a dinner actually woh!) hahahahaha 

All of these..yeah all of these cost me about RM500>! 
Well, though it looks just this many but it cost me like a real @#$%^&*!!
Oh..and I got myself a free lip stain, "Stainiac" from The Balm as well...Thank you so much SaSa!!

Even am a super broke now, I'm still so happy to get my hands on all of these Japanese makeups! 
Because I might could not get the same good time to go splurging like this again next time you know.

So..I'm just showing you girls what I've bought here, but if you would like to know in detail you girls can let me know in the comments below...perhaps I can do the review if you want?? hehe was yesterday night I went to The Butterfly Project Christmas Dinner!! This is an exclusive event specially created for Butterfly Project Community's members only!! It was so  much fun to show up there & mingle around with some new faces of butterflies that I've never met before! But too bad because I was too enjoying the night, makan makan & have a nice time with friends till I totally forgot to take some photos with people and inside the dinner..Nuuuooooohh!!

Nevermind, I believe what we keep in our memory will last forever & better even without a traces of photos..ecececehhh hahaha....btw, having a photo is actually good too as a blues someday!

Jaa...this is the only photos I have..tu pun cilok2 kawan2 punya..hahahaha

 Photo courtesy of Choy Peng

For more photos inside the dinner party, check out my friend's blog, Choy Peng here!
(Excuse my cold smiling face, I'm really not good at smiling in photo..well I guess no wonder some friends in reality ever called me a cold faced queen..LOL~)

Again, it was my pleasure to finally meet her because before this we're only a friends in virtual reality..
Anyway her dress up is real awesome!! No wonder she won one of the best dressed up!!

Everyone looks just soooo beautiful on the yesterday night as well, their dresses was a blast!!

Photo courtesy of Tammy Miu

With the lovely mama-chan again, Tammy, the founder of The Butterfly Project Malaysia!!
She have everything that us butterflies has always wished for yet she's still so humble to mix around with people..such a personality to be admired of..glad to have met with her again!

And now guess what?? I even received the door gift from Garnier & a really heavy and merry beauty box worth RM500 (if I'm not mistaken)!! 

Omg..Tammy, and all the sponsors..thank you so much!! No words can describe how thankful & grateful I am with what you guys have given to us!! The memories, the happiness & the joys!! *teary eyes*
I'm gonna do the review on all of the products in the box mattete neee!! ("mattete ne"="wait for me ya" in Japanese)

Now mite mite!! ("mite mite"="look look" in Japanese)
This is the gift I received from my secret Santa during the dinner! I'm so happy to get this Long & Curl Mascara and Dual Eyeliner!! because both are from one of my favorite Japanese cosmetic brand, KATE!!

Thank you so much my dear Secret Santa, Janice Lok!
At the moment I opened this kawaii little box, I'm kinda surprised! I must admit it that they're not in my wishlist but since they're from KATE, I'm truly happy to get my hands on them!!

Thanks again, Janice!

Last but not least, recently my mom bought me 2 bags that have a One Piece & Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titans)'s prints on it!! I'm happy that I can die already!!! Mom, I really really appreciate it..Love you till death! wo hen ai ni ma!!

I got what I wanted for so long near this Christmas, it seems like all of my wishes became reality that I could't bear it..too much happiness that my heart can explode & burst in loves!!

Thank you everyone for being such a sweetest person by my side...I will never & won't forget all of this beautiful memories that you guys gave..I love everyone lahh!!

Oh!! Not to forget..recently I shared the recipe on how to make a Gingerbread Man Cookies, so if you guys would like to make one you guys can have a look here.

See you guys again on my next post!
And once wish you a merry & happy festive holiday,
Melly Churistmassu everyone!!

-Jia Jia-


  1. No words can describe how happy I am to read this and to know you love us so much back too! You're an awesome person, a great example of a butterfly and blogger. Continue blogging, loving and having fun my dear Pinku. I am so happy to have met u *hugs*

    1. Thanks Tammy, you're the person who made all of these happened to me, thank you for everything..I can never pay you back for what u have done to me..All the things tat I can afford to give is my eternal love and support to you & the community..forever!!...I'm also glad to have met with you..*hugs & kisses back* =)

  2. it was really fun to meet you again babe! i hope next time we'll see each other more frequently, you're such a lively soul to be around!

    1. Awwww it was nice meeting u too Mieza!! Yup we shall see again next time, you're fun to be around with too u know! =^_^=

  3. Omg!! So many Tsu-chan in the first picture (⊃ ´ω`)⊃♥⊂(´ω` ⊂)

    Shiawase by just seeing it!! *high five* I love her cosmetics!!!

    and whoa, I couldn't attend the dinner QwQ ((sobs
    That must be lotsa fun! You guys have present exchange too?!

    1. Ikr ^_^..Tsu-chan is just too kawaii & kirei!! *High five* I love her cosmetics too!!!
      Yeah we had a lotsa fun, but really wish u were there so bad u know..nvm there's always a nex time.. n yah we had a present exchange too..everything about the nite was really wonderful! =^_^=

  4. Omg where did ur mom bought those SnK & OP bag? ♥

    1. Thanks for dropping by here Hide-san ^_^
      actly Idk too where my mom bought it because I think she bought them somewhere during family vacation when I wasn't around...but I really love those bags ^_^


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