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A Christmas Special : Baking Gingerbread Man Family & Friends Workshop!


Hello gingerbread man fellas!

A gingerbread man cookies anyone??? hehe

Two days ago I went to the baking workshop, a collaboration project of The Butterfly Project Malaysia with  AT 19 Culinary Studio! It was so much fun because it was my first time went to a baking workshop, plus a gathering with the other blogger friends made the baking together is much more enthusiastic & inspiring!

So here, I'm gonna share the recipe on how to make a gingerbread man cookies with everyone for the Christmas advent!

This holiday special recipe is so easy and everyone can make it..previously, every time I saw people make it on TV it seems so hard to make one like that, but after I was given an opportunity to experience making it too..it doesn't really that hard yah..haha

Helen from AT 19 Culinary Studio start the intro by showing us what we will need to make the cookies, which is apparently all in the trays on the table. The ingredients in each tray is for 4 persons in a team, everyone should get 4 pieces of gingerbread cookies for themselves. There are 4 teams in total.

Next, the baking afterwards was instructed by Suraiya. She told us how to prepare it briefly, where to get the ingredients on markets & what is do's & don'ts to prevent the fail.

The look on the faces of the blogger fellas concentrate on listening to Helen & Suraiya introductions.

All the prepared ingredients in the tray.

Those 4 are the all purpose flour, brown sugar, vanilla essence & ground ginger.

What is the rest of the ingredients that you need to make the Gingerbread Cookies??

Gingerbread :

Unsalted Butter - 115g, chilled & diced into a small pieces (unsalted butter from SCS brand is the popular one & used the most in baking)
Brown Sugar - 175g (brown sugar gives the caramel smell & taste and it is also less-sweet, if you don't like it you can definitely go with the white sugar instead)
Egg - 1 nos (Gred A)
Black Treacle - 2 tbsp (used as a sweetener & condiment in both baking & cooking - btw, the smell is indeed sugary, but a bit "soy saucey" I think, hehe)
Plain Flour - 350g (All purpose flour ya)
Ground Ginger - 1 tsp
Bicarbonate Soda - 1 tsp
Vanilla Essence - 1tsp

Royal Icing : 

Icing Sugar - 250g
Egg White - 1/2 nos
Lemon Juice - 1/2 tsp
Glycerine - 1/2 tsp

Additional Decoration :

Below is the additional ingredients for the decoration, it is not that necessary so it's just up to you whether you want it or not

Gummies - 30g
Silver Dragees - 10g
Candies / Chocolate Buttons - 40g

All of these Ingredients can make up to 12 pieces of Gingerbread Cookies.

Okay, first of all we moved in each divided group & prepared the ingredients given. Before everything start make sure to wash your hand first, things related to food must always be served & prepared in hygiene mode. The flour need to be sifted in the mixing bowl first to isolate the foreign substances in them. Before doing this, make sure to preheat the oven to 180 degree celsius & grease three baking sheets first.

The process of making this gingerbread man cookies was fully monitored by the staffs of AT 19 Culinary Studio.

Tadaa! After the flour is well sifted, add in the bicarbonate soda, ground ginger, & diced butter together in the mixing bowl.

Mix it till resemble fine breadcrumbs and make sure that there's no pieces of butter can seen in the flour

Afterwards, add brown sugar, egg, black treacle, vanilla essence & mix again till it form a dough..like the photo below.

Next step is, turn out the dough onto the floured surface & knead until smooth, shape into ball and wrap it in clear film (plastic wrap)..and let it chill for 10 minutes in the fridge.

My tips: I find that after I kneaded out the dough my hands have an egg's smell (because egg is one of the ingredients in the dough), which is I actually don't really like because I think it is unpleasant & like what Malay say "hanyir" ("hanyir"= "smelly/fishy/unpleasant smell"), even after I washed my hands for several times afterwards, the smell still stayed there, so to avoid this (in case if you don't like the egg's smell like me too), you can always wear a disposable gloves whenever you're rolling or kneading the dough out.

 Time to divide the dough to each person in a team!! *aww happiness!*

 Ready to cut out the dough into a gingerbread man and his family or friends?? Let's go cut it out! 

We rolled it on the baking paper, to prevent the dough from sticking to the baking paper, flours the surface a bit and then rock & roll it out!! Make sure the thickness of the dough is not too thin or thick, you want to make a very nice cookies ok..and after you have rolled it out just nicely, cut the shape you want by using the people-shaped cutters, you just need to press it on the rolled out dough.

Now...mite mite! ("mite" literally means "look" in Japanese, thus "mite mite" means "look look")
Our team members' cut out cookies collection..kekeke...mine was on the left bottom corner, both the sock & tree. The other 2 is in making..hehe

Now, everyone have their own 4 cookies, and we went to the oven to bake them, bake them for 12-15 mins, or to pale golden. Once you reach the minutes of 10, you must watch them out..observe them..see if they're already pale golden or still not well baked, that is why we need to roll out the dough in the same thickness, to prevent the uncooked or the overcooked one if they're too thin or thick.

And the cookies seems so happy once they're out from oven..they're all like "I can't wait for myself to be decorated like haaaarrrmonyyyy~~~!" LOL, I was a little bit smitten with the French Guy, Shuu Tsukiyama from the Tokyo Ghoul Anime because the way he say "haaaarrrmonyyyy~!" is kinda humorous..hahahahaha!

Korede ("korede" means "this/ like this" in Japanese)

Btw, pardon my little retardation here..hahahaha! ok tsugi! ("tsugi" means "next" in Japanese) 

Jaa....now remember yah, we must move the cookies away from the baking tray once they're a bit cooled down to prevent the cookies from sweating underneath because of the heat. It is not only us people can sweat weyh, gingerbread cookies also k hahahaha...

Alright ladies & gentlemen, the most fun part is now live!! Those in the piping bags are the royal icings, which is already made & prepared by the AT 19 Culinary Studio staffs...the icing is not like the cake icing, it will hardened once it dries. so to make sure the icing does not dries out, place it quickly in the piping bag once you're done making it..and don't forget to wrap it on top....

How to make the Royal Icing : 

Beat egg white with lemon juice & glycerin, gently add in icing sugar, batch by batch till you get a soft thick paste. Add in some color of your desires, if you want 5 colors like this, then divide it in a 5 separated containers, then add in the different colors to each container, and stir it around a little bit till the color even out. and place them in the piping bags.

Suraiya made a demo on how to decorate it....the nyums madness mess is on board captain! Before I did mine I looked around first, and see how the other blogger fellas doing it!! Much fun!!

Everyone is busy with their own deco.....

Om nom nom nom!!

All the gingerbread cookies with a complete decorations from the rest of the teams! Such a beautiful eye candy to me!!!


 This one is from our team..so now guess, which 4s is mine??

Jeng Jeng Jeng! This is mine!! dou da?? ("dou da" is "how is it" in Japanese) Too hesitated to eat them all because they're all so kawaii! kyaaa~~ I don't want to eat them..I really really wish to not eat them because of their "kawaiism".....demo...("demo"= "but" in Japanese) *upcoming sad story alert*

Bwahahahahahahaha! *insanely laughing*

Opss, excuse me. 

Thanks The Butterfly Project Malaysia, AT 19 Culinary Studio & blogger fellas!! I had so much fun baking with you guys there!! Christmas can never be so happy without a gingerbread man cookies made with a love and happiness!! 

*I just realized it..LOL kekeke*

Check out AT 19 Culinary Studio for more!

Butterfly Badge A

Last but not least, recently I went for Christmas shopping at MidValley KL, and the view from above at the center court is indeed subarashi! ("subarashi" means "wonderful/amazing" in Japanese)
Well, this photo will look more subarashi if I take it properly with a camera, but I just used my phone instead because my old camera already broken and I'm still looking for a new one with a good price deal since I'm still a student.

Btw, I will make a post about what I bought there later ok 

Jaa..see you guys again on my next post!
And www.pinkunosakura.com wish you a wonderful festive holiday,
Melly Churistmassu everyone!!

-Jia Jia-


  1. Nice to meet u! So quick of you to eaten all. Does it taste extra sweet? LOL

    1. Nice to meet you too Elana, you're so pretty lah in person!! Mine tasted just nice and I love them all!! <3 =^_^=


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