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Maybelline Color Show : Show Off Your True Colors!


Hi chocolate chip cookies!!

On Nov 28th ago I went to a Maybelline Color Show event at B.E Cafe@Taman Molek, Johor Bahru, I joined as one of the Butterflies, and of course I have a lot of fun playing with their new makeup line called "Color Show"! Demo gomen ne minna-san (But I'm so sorry everyone), I'm once again infected by the virus of "slow internet line" at my place so I did't get to post this entry up quickly after the event, but phew..finally managed to pull out this troublesome issue out of my way for a while by borrowing my friend's here we go..hahaha

Photo courtesy of Maybelline Malaysia

Since I rarely go outside Pasir Gudang, I got lost while on my way to make it to Taman Molek, luckily I found the place later, and I was welcomed by the nice & pretty Connie, thanks to her.

We are introduced to the new line of makeup by Maybeline, Color Show which is presented by Sharmini. There were also a mini contest where everyone were given with the Maybelline Color Show makeups to do a makeover to turn themselves to the glamorous, exotic & colorful street style look, we tried & tested the makeups and also played with the makeup a lot..the makeup is so colorful you know, especially their eyeliners! I immediately fall in love with them once I swatched them on, they're easy to apply on and very pigmented! The colorful theme of this new released Maybelline makeup line fit with its name too, "Color Show"! If you want to create that color punch look to attend the party, this Myabelline Color Show is something encouraging to be worn on, you'll regret if you miss this! 

Aside of that, I also have won the prize for the best eyes look created using their Color Show Liner..happy to the max!

Photo courtesy of Maybelline Malaysia

YOUR TRUE COLORS                                                                                                  
                            IN THE WORLD AND MALAYSIA                                                                        


Always the authority in makeup and color trends, Maybelline New York is the proud sponsor of New York Fashion Week where its makeup artists work hand-in-hand with top designers to create beauty looks that go perfectly with the hottest fashion. This collaboration puts the No. 1 Color Cosmetics Brand in the World and Malaysia at the forefront of runway beauty to forecast each season’s makeup and color trends. Inspired by the catwalks, Maybelline New York brings the latest lips, shadows, blush and nail colors straight to the sidewalks.

Which is precisely the inspiration for its latest range of makeup colors inspired by fashion – Maybelline New York Color Show. Its widest range of colors by far, Color Show is a collection of the hottest fashion colors in convenient and advanced formulas in hot colors to brilliant must-have pieces. Color Show – which consists of 20 shades of nail colors, 16 shades of lipsticks and 6 shades of liners – is your customised makeup wardrobe to create the looks you love on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week.


Whether you are a first-time makeup user or an experienced user, Color Show lets you easily create bold New-York looks with its convenient formulas. Application is easy and fuss-free, giving you access to the seasons’ hottest hues right at your fingertips. This collection of hot and brilliant colors offers a quick fashion fix, from red-hot lips to graphic eyes and standout nail art. Each Color Show product is specially developed to complement one another so you can easily change, update or give yourself an instant makeover.


A range of the hottest and fashionable lip colors that range from reds to pinks. With colors inspired straight from the fashion shows, Color Show Lip Color offers brilliance and boldness in just one swipe. Your lip color will be the talk of town! Plus, its fragrance – which is specially created for the Asian market – is a pampering indulgence each time you apply it on your lips.

Photo courtesy of Maybelline Malaysia

Color Show Lip Color is available in the following hues: 
  • 101 Pink Avenue
  • 102 Pink Punch, 
  • 104 Pink Please
  • 105 Pinkalicious
  • 107 As
  • 108 Party Pink
  • 202 Red My Lips
  • 203 Cherry on Top
  • 205 Red Siren
  • 301 True Toffee
  • 303 Coral Culture
  • 305 Nude Mocha
  • 306 Cream Caramel
  • 308 Orange Ion 
  • 401 Sweet Orchid 
  • 402 Plum-tastic

Always wanted quirky and edgy colored lined eyes? You can have it at your fingertips with Color Show Liner’s stunning range of smudge-free colors. Available in bold runway shades like turquoise, tangerine and metallic gray, Color Show Liner goes on in one smooth sweep to create a fashionable effect that is hot on the runways.

Photo courtesy of Maybelline Malaysia

Get your Color Show Liner in these colors: 
  • 01 Spicy Orange
  • 02 Light PCK Green
  • 03 Ocean Blue
  • 04 Shiny Beige
  • 06 Noble Purple
  • 07 Inca Gold

Nails have been getting quite a lot of attention during New York Fashion Week, season after season! Explore your artistic side with Color Show Nail Lacquer, available in a wide range of bold, in-fashion colors. Its enhanced thicker brush offers a smoother application while its improved color formula ensures that the hue goes on dramatic – just how you want it!

At the same time, Color Show Nails is our very first breathable nail color! Its formula allows oxygen and air to penetrate the nails, keeping them in the most natural state. 

Photo courtesy of Maybelline Malaysia

Go color crazy with these Color Show Nail Lacquer Shades: 
  • 214 Orange Fix
  • 220 Blackout
  • 218 Crazy Berry
  • 004 Berry Sexy
  • 002 Pinkalicious
  • 211 Coral Craze
  • 402 Black-currant Pop
  • 404 Mint Mojito
  • 301 Tenacious Teal
  • 503 Denim Dash
  • 303 Shocking Seas
  • 216 Downtown Red
  • 215 Keep Up the Flame
  • 212 Hooked on Pink
  • 010 Pink Voltage
  • 406 Tangerine Treat
  • 102 Porcelaine Party
  • 007 Silver Linings
  • 008 Bold Gold
  • 005 Wine and Dines

Maybelline New York Color Show Lip Color and Color Show Liner are available at selected pharmacy, hypermarkets and supermarkets. Color Show Nail Lacquer is available at selected Watsons and selected Guardian stores only.

Let's see how much fun we had together playing with makeup inside the Maybelline Color Show Event!

 Photo courtesy of my fellow butterfly, Merlyn Hasshim

All of the Color Show eyeliner & lipstick displayed on the heart pumped so hard seeing all of these ok *hardly breath..hahaha

  Photo courtesy of my fellow buttefly, Merlyn Hasshim

Be bold & show off your true colors! I Love Maybelline Malaysia!!

Sharmini start with the presentation to introduce the new makeup line by Maybelline, Color Show! 

 Now it is time for the color punch! I sat with the other 5 butterflies and we're given the tray that is full with the Color Show eyeliners & lipsticks, and do our own makeover to create the best look with all the makeups given, what's to wait then, we played with them a lot!! *swatch & swatch & swatch!

wooh so much fun that I almost get the heart attack! *teehee

The family of the colorful & exotic Maybelline Color Show Eyeliners! 

Some of the Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks that caught my eyes with its color. 

All of my fellow butterflies were busy doing their makeup to create the best look using the makeups given.

They're all pretty good at makeup too you know
The beautiful mess of makeups! 

 Apart from the Maybelline's newest Color Show makeups, there were also a few others Maybelline's makeups like eyeshadow, blusher & etc given to help creating the best look for the mini contest of the best makeup look!

 Photo courtesy of my fellow butterfly, Merlyn Hasshim 

Lipstick & a girl, we're a married couple..kekeke

 Photo courtesy of my fellow butterfly, Merlyn Hasshim 

Thanks to the Sharmini for picking me as the winner for the best eyes look contest! 
I'm super super happy! *happiness overloaded!

 Photo courtesy of my fellow butterfly, Merlyn Hasshim 

This girl also win the best eyes look and of course, she did a very beautiful & sexy makeup on her eyes too!

And shockingly to admit, she's only 16! How cool she is isn't it??

 Photo courtesy of my fellow butterfly, Merlyn Hasshim 

One of my fellow butterfly, Princess Neverland also win herself a creative look because she used the Color Show eyeliners as an eyeshadow! Congrats to her!

 Next we moved on to the introduction of their Color Show Nail Lacquers!
Connie showed us how it works!

I'm surprised to know that these Nail Lacquers are all breathable! The formula allows oxygen and air to penetrate the nails and allow them stay in the most natural state, so the conclusion is, we muslim can also wear it!! I heard Inglot also have this kind of breathable Nail Lacquers but theirs are more pricey than this! 

All salute goes to Maybelline now! 

 I tested it too and yup! It is breathable! 
The water absorbed through it, and when I turn the paper upside down the water went underneath!!

Kakkoi!! (kakkoi means cool/awesome in Japanese)

Ok, just now we had the best eyes look contest, now it is time to have the Nail Art contest by using all the Color Show Nail Lacquers! 

Started to do mine, but then I forgot to take a photo of my artwork..hahaha (but mine was the crappy one anyway, luckily I did't take the photo of it, or else you might puke hahaha) 

And the yummy lunch was served, Itadakimasu!

(Itadakimasu means let's eat/thanks for the food)

 The exquisite site which displays the Color Show Lipsticks & Nail Lacquers!

 Photo courtesy of my fellow butterfly, Merlyn Hasshim 

All of the butterflies whom attended the event, from left: Carinn Tan, Princess, Eunice, Edlyn, Me, and Merlyn.

Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia & Maybelline Malaysia for the special invite, I get to know some of the butterflies in Johor!

 Photo courtesy of my fellow butterfly, Merlyn Hasshim

Last but not least, the photo of me (center) with the gorgeous ladies from L'Oreal Group, Senior PR Manager, Connie Ng (Left) and Assistant Product Manager, Sharmini Kumar-Sandhu (Right)

FYI, It was my first event ever in Johor, because I usually go to event which is held in KL! *happy*

These are the products I got from the event, Thank you so much Maybelline Malaysia!

Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous (Malaysia)

Butterfly Badge A

The Butterfly Project Malaysia

See you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


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  3. Congrate dear! I am so jealous ! Coz this event sounds so fun!

    1. Aww...thanks so much dearie ^_^
      The event is indeed fun, but I'm sure u will go to one someday =)

  4. Omg, I like the pattern on your tudung. Makes you look so classy <3

    and it makes me wanna try those nail polish OwO breathable... whoa...

    1. Aww..thanks Grace-chan! I bought it last year online actually but never really wear it during classes hehe....try them!! They're fun to play with and yup, breathable.. ^3^


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