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Welcome 2015! : What's Done And What needs to be done

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Hello minna-chan!!

Time does flies away in a blink like you don't even really realize it or even count it up, whenever the sun rises, the moon is faded and getting disappear and so, vice-versa, these things keep playing on around and around until it reached it's written nature regulation to close and open a new era.

Talking about the year 2014, what have you done along the year?? Any set of resolution has been accomplished yet? I did mine

Just to share with you guys of what I've done so far in my 2014, so here is a short write up of all of the things I completely done, namely my 2014 resolutions.

1) Got my new domain & blog design
 Finally managed to get my new blog design that I always desired, plus with my new domain.
I'm truly happy & grateful that I finally have my own medium to write all of my thoughts with my own signature design (Sakura) that shows a personality of myself on my blog.

2) Got a satisfying result in final exam & internship

 After so much pain going through my internship, with a lot of difficulties like transport, got harassed & molested in train, a very far internship place & etc (horrible experience ever!), I finally got a satisfying result, at least all the hard work was paid off, same goes to my last final exam...I might not be the best student ever in my batch but at least I managed to get into the dean's list, at least on each Semesters, Thanks god.

3) Have my own page on FB

 Been blogging like a year ago but then I finally made my own page on FB, I'm always want to make one but considering to my status as an unpopular blogger since I don't blog so often..I wondered who will want to support me if I'm about to create an official page for my blog??
But I still made one and thank you so much friends for all the love, friendship & support, at least I know that my viewer is growing and this is such a good start for me!
Thank you!!

4) New candy doll & Koji Dolly wink products

So far I only collected Tsu-chan's Koji Dolly wink lashes, and never bought a Candy Doll blusher & lipstick, but recently I bought all of these during Christmas ago, my Japanese makeup collection is getting huge too and I'm more than happy to have all of these. After so long listed in my wishlist (they're also perceived as the most precious & long wanted items since I'm a true fanatic fan to Tsubasa Masuwaka!), finally the feeling of getting my hands on all of these is seriously tearing me up because I've been wanting & waiting to have all of these for sooooooo long and finally I did bought them all using my own money!
These all cost me more than RM500, like RM500-RM600!!

5) Met with new people & made a new friends

 Photo courtesy of Caroline
(Fish Spa with Butterflies-met with Butterflies, Tammy & Illy Arifin for the first time!)

Read it here

 Photo courtesy of Veet Malaysia
(Exclusive makeover with Izara Aishah and other finalist of Veet Contest)

Read it here

Photo courtesy of Dr.Puteri 
(Kracie X Butterfly Project on Halloween)

Read it here

 Photo courtesy of Merlyn Hasshim
(Maybelline Color Show at Johor)

Read it here

 (Gingerbread Man baking workshop with Butterfly bloggers for Christmas)

Read it here

(Butterfly Project Christmas Dinner)

Thanks to Tammy, everything I have & get today because of her inspiration, she's such an angel, since after I joined her community my life is seriously changed a lot, I met a lot of people and got a new was like my longed wishes is granted!

Thank you Tammy, thank you & thank you for opening a path to show me to where I really belong, 
Nothing can be done to pay them back compared to what you've done to me!! I seriously adore you and will follow & support you forever and ever!!

6) Went to Animax Carnival at Mid Valley

(With "Cloud Strife" cosplayer from Final Fantasy at Animax Carnival)

Been wanting to spend a time to go to the Animax Carnival (before this I only can watch people go because it was in KL and I wasn't really living in KL at that time), but then finally managed to go because during that time I was doing my internship in KL.

7) Went to CF at KLCC

Same goes to this one, before this I only can hear people go to CF, but I also have no chance to go because I wasn't in KL (again hahaha) so yeah this year is considered a very lucky year for me because I went to both Animax Carnival & CF for the first time in my life!! as an Anime & Manga fan, going to this kind of event is a must to me, and I finally did it!!
I went to CF for the first time recently, though I'm not feeling really well...but it was definitely awesome to be there. Another resolution is crossed!!

New set of resolutions for the 2015 year??

Rather than have a lot of aspire things to be done, I have a few things definitely bouncing around in my head rite now..

1) I really wish I could go on a vacation and visit to Japan in 2015 if I'm possible to because this is my biggest dream ever, I would like to go and touch or watch the Sakuras with my own hands & eyes!

2) I would like to go to the Universal Studios in Singapore as well since it is just a few miles away from my current place now, Pasir Gudang because I'm studying here, I'm just too busy to do this during the previous semesters here, plus my money is just enough for the assignment projects & for the live here, so I don't really prefer to use it to go enjoying first instead..but then because this is my final semester & my last moment to be in Johor, I wish I really could go before I graduate from here.

3) Besides, I really wish to cosplay too (as my first time!!) on the year 2015 CF event (I can't wait to wait for this!!)-Wish for this long time ago but also did not really have a time for this yet. CF will be held on December every year so at that time I'm already a fresh graduate so I will have some time for this!!

4) Carry on with my current part time job as a freelance model.

Model: JiaJia | Copyright: Limelight Fotography

Since I have to shut it down for a while now to concentrate on my studies first, then I would like to continue with it once I'm done with my Diploma. I'm doing it because I want to be better with a camera communication since I'm seriously a camera shy & a really shy person, I wish to be more extrovert & confident, that is why I chose the path of being a freelance model because this is the only way to prove it whether you can do it or not, If I can overcome the uneasiness of working with people whom I think as a stranger, whom are capturing the photos of my face for the photography...then I can do it talking to a new people, be extrovert & more open to work & mingle around with people and anything!

I'm a tourism student but before this I rarely go outside from my house and challenge myself to talk to just anyone I see walk pass by my house, so how can I ever dream to be a solo traveler to travel around the globe one day if I'm like this right?? I seriously need to be better at communication, to be better at communication I need to be confident, thus if I can overcome that weakness by working as a freelance model, I'll do it, and not to just do it but I will do it to the best out of me.

5) Graduate with a flying colors!

Last but not least, and of course one of the biggest dream of being a student, to definitely graduate with a flying colors! I'm expected to be graduated from my college this April and I totally can't wait!

As for now I think that's all enough for the year 2015 resolution, the other will be added into the planner later if it ever come across my mind.

Whatever your wishes & resolutions is, to accomplish them might be hard (that was why you desire to do it anyway)..but once you crossed all of your wishes it might be a sweetest things ever.

Be glad of what you've done so far in 2014, and wish for the better in 2015.
Let's live, dream, and go for it!!

So guys....

Happy new year friends, and...
See you guys again on my next post!!

-Jia Jia-

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