Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Domo minna san!

Every makeup wearer will need that one holly grail makeup remover that they trust to leave the "unmasking" task to them LOL! Of course the one that you feel comfortable to use the most and on top of all is IT NEVER BREAK YOU OUT!

And speaking of which, I finally have found my "one" and seems like it's gonna be my only now haha! I am a lazy type when it comes to makeup cleansing and removing, especially after got home from work & etc....I feels like the bed is the only next destination once I open the door haha. Before this I always use Bifesta cleansing gel to cleanse my makeup off (because tbh I am a "former" heavy makeup user haha) I really liked it because it is very gentle on my hyper sensitive skin, but now with my busy and tiring schedules I began to hate the fact that I need to go to bathroom to rinse my face thoroughly everytime after using the cleansing gel. Means that if I feels like removing my makeup in midst of work or whilst of falling asleep I need to go to the bathroom for rinsing off..pffft

By using this Bifesta cleansing lotion, even if I am too tired at night like almost fallen asleep and don't feel like going to the bathroom anymore I can still remove my makeup perfectly. This don't need a rinse, just pump some of the product on the cotton pad and wipe off clean everything on your face. If you're not using any makeup on and just feeling like to cleanse your face without rinsing off you can also try this, it's super duper hypoallergenic, moisturizing and suitable for all skin type, especially for dry type like me! I still prefer to give my face a quick rinse after wiping off actually, however still this is much convenient aite, means that I don't need a deep makeup cleansing which will take more time plus I use a very little makeup on my daily basis now and this will make a quickest and easiest way ever to remove my makeup, clean and perfectly "cleansed"!

That's why I love Japanese brands, their products is nothing but brilliant! Japanese is living in the fast working and hectic metropolitan city so that is why the brand itself, Bifesta contributed to something like this. Brought up that way you will mind about getting everything done in the most hassle-free and quickest way to save a lot of time and for girls, removing makeup is one of them! Especially for those who only spirited up to put them on in the morning but very lazy to remove them off at night, like me LOL!

Maybe some of you girls take the makeup cleansing part as a small matter, but hey, believe me...this is not a small matter! You are not treating your skin well if you always sleep with makeup on, your skin is not allowed to breath and this will be the main source of breakout. No matter how much tired and lazy you are, do at least wipe off everything from your face to prevent pores clogging and to ensure the skin can breath properly while you sleep.

Just that the only thing you should know is, this cleansing lotion is not that potent enough to remove a really heavy eye makeup in one swipe especially for gel type eyeliner. It can be removed using this cleansing lotion but you really need to hold the cotton pad on your closed eyes like reaaaally long and wipe it off over and over again until it's totally wears off and by doing so the product tends to get into your eyes and it's kinda hurts everytime it does!...not too much but it does feels uncomfortable. You better remove the eye makeup separately using a specific remover based on your choice. For me I always use the Johnson's baby oil to remove my eye makeup since I was a teenager up until now because it is very gentle and damn effective. Maybe you can also try Vaseline petroleum gel too, I heard some of beauty bloggers and gurus also recommended it (if you want another safe and bugdet eye makeup remover) Besides just this one thing it works like magic, especially for any type of foundation and bb creams!

 Pump out some of the product on a cotton pad in a sufficient amount.

  1. Making a hot mess on the back of my hands, the makeup includes gel eyeliner, liquid liner, pencil liner, mascara, eyeshadow, and foundation.
  2. First wipe off, some gel eyeliner, pencil liner and mascara are still left and can be seen on skin, while the foundation, eyeshadow and liquid liner are totally wiped off.
  3. Second wipe off, all the makeup are totally wiped off and the skin is left clean.

The pump feature is so helpful and to me the packaging is adorable and "onnanoko poi" (girls-like) with a cherry blossoms print in pastel pink color! The smell is also very mild and nice and it's not pricking your nose while wiping off!

I really like this water-based Bifesta cleansing lotion and seems like I will have a long journey ahead with this baybeh! No need rinse, hassle-free makeup cleansing and most importantly it's not oily and does not break me out besides being gentle and leave my skin well moisturized after removing the makeup off. Not to mention after using it for 3 months now, my skin has also improved a lot, no kidding! So obviously besides doing the makeup removing, it's also doing another good thing for my skin, how can I not heart this??This is my second bottle anyway!

Made in Japan and priced at around RM30 plus minus @ 300ml and of course looking for this babe is not hard at all as they are available at any Watsons, Guardian and most drugstores in Malaysia.

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Monday, 21 December 2015

Domo my pudgy cream puff!! (*^▽^*)

With a slogan "Your Problems, Our Solutions", new upcoming skin care brand 3Bskin have started their 3Bskin Ambassador Search with a total price of more than RM 6000.00 worth of 3Bskin products for the lucky participants!

Are you the one? Come and experience the bouncy, brightened up and baby skin in the new YOU!

Started on 10th Dec 2015 ago, A national selection of 3Bskin Brand Ambassadors (3Bskin BA) have reached the final stage. 100 selected participants will be given samples for their feedback. After having gone through months of selection, The final selection is scheduled to kick off from 15th of Dec To 31st of Dec 2015. 3 out of 7 types of 3Bskin samples will be given out for testing. There are Detox Mask, Hydrating Mask & Scrub Mask.

The result of this selection will be announced in early of Jan 2016 in conjunction with the official launch of  X Brand Ambassadors Search Malaysia 2016 (XBAS Malaysia 2016). 20 selected 3Bskin BAs will be invited to the XBAS Malaysia Press Conference (PC) and 3Bskin Soft Launch PC (End of Jan or Feb 2016)

What is 3Bskin Brand Ambassador search? 

“This is a selection of candidates who can talk favourably about 3Bskin Brand or products by word-of-mouth, pass on the positive messages about the brand to other people”

 XBAS Malaysia 2016 (X Brand Ambassadors Search Malaysia 2016)

"An X Brand Ambassadors is known as a positive spokesperson, opinion leader or a community influencer, appointed as an internal or external personnel to boost product/service sales and to create brand awareness"

The selected participants of 3Bskin BA will be given the opportunity to showcase their abilities and talents which includes advertising & promoting in social media & events building up until the XBAS Malaysia 2016 grand finale which will be held sometime June. The venue for the aforesaid event will be further updated.

3Bskin BA selection is done through FB

More than 200 participants join & 100 will been be selected in the final selection. There’s delay in selection is expected Due To postponement in 3Bskin’s production as high level of product quality assurance and checking are conducted before they are introduced to the market.

The selection is organised by MMK, Miss Malaysia Kebaya Organizer. With the full Support of a team of dedicated sponsors and partners, it is trusted that the 3Bskin BA Search & XBAS Malaysia 2016 will be able to run successfully.

3Bskin BA Search are open to all Malaysians from different races, unisex & aged between 21- 40

Conditionally, new participants must hit the Like button on the Facebook pages of 3Bkin & XBAS Malaysia 2016. All information will only be updated on the following 2 FB pages:

Samples & instructions will be given out before 15th Dec 2015

14 days are given to:
1.Try 3Bskin Signature Products  sample
2. Take photo with product application
3. Give testimonial (Short & Simple)
4. Participants may take 1minute short Video (Not Compulsory)

From the photos and comments/testimonials or videos, 25 3BSAs will be selected, one or more will be the official 3BSAs.  All information are required to be sent back to the organizer before 31st of Dec 2015. Result will be announced in early of Jan 2013 @ 3Bskin FB & XBAS Malaysia’s FB.

How to join the 3Bskin Brand Ambassador Search?

PM or WhatsApp 012-9211486 or Email
Attention: Jason Hee

The scores in Judging are based on their photos with product, testimonial & some with video

* 3BSkin owner will have the final words for their ambassadors*

3Bskin BA will be opened to the public for the judging of participant with the most Likes, Most Creative Photo, Best Selfie, Best Testimonial & Best Video. 25 out of 100 will be selected as 3Bskin Brand Ambassadors (Each selected 3Bskin BA will be getting Products Worth More Than RM 150.00) Best 5 selected 3BSAs will get the full range Of 3Bskin products worth more than RM 500.00 Each!

The selection will be based on the photos/post with the:

1. Most Likes
2. Most Creative Photo
3. Best Selfie
4. Best Testimonial
5. Best Video
(Those Who Send Short Video)

3Bskin Selected BA will not only be Getting Free Products, Advertise, Feature Photos With 3Bskin Product on Paid Social Media but will also be rewarded a Paid Job, Business Partnership Opportunities & Job Offer *T & C Apply

Introduction of 3Bskin company 


A skincare product online store found & owned by June Hee, A 25 years old young girl who pursues her passion and lives her dream in health & beauty industry. The products are distributed & marketed by Three Bskin Enterprise.


Products offering are premium yet affordable in price. Products made from high quality & fine ingredients tailor for Asian skin especially for the youth categories.  Products feature unique, eye catching packaging appeal to young & trendy consumers for both female and male.

Introduction of 3Bskin Products: 

1. Detox Mask
2. Hydrating Jelly Mask
3. Diamond UV SPF35+++
4. Cleansing Milk
5. Toner
6. Enzyme scrub
7. Serum


After years of experience selling & promoting others beauty products online, The founder realises the important to satisfy customers is to secure the best brand loyalty, custom tailored, controlled, competitively priced and product exclusivity, The Only Way Is to Create Her Own Brand Products and Trade Mark 3Bskin In Sep 2015
3Bskin Products are expected to soft launch in Jan 2016


The brand name was derived from 3 Magic Words Bouncy, Brighten, Baby skin To Form 3Bskin.
Our product concept is to produce products with effective solutions to skin problems, quality but inexpensive, feature unique, eye catching packaging yet simpler and easier to use. Our vision is to offer our customers experience our innovative products with surprising & effective results.


Product formulated in France & go through years of research, development & manufacture by one of top OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) In Malaysia with certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) & Approved By Ministry of Health.


You can visit 3Bskin at:

(Pls take note that the website is still under construction)

More information will be release in the 3Bskin Press Release & Soft Launch in early Jan 2016!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Domo my strawberry crepes!

Pretty much this was my second visit to recently launched Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe at Sunway Pyramid. First time was a narrow visit LOL because the cafe was at its peak that me and my friend that came along were told to come back after 3 hours later to be seated and served and that kinda forced us to just leave and return back on the next time when the crowd has already die down. Heck the queue was formed from inside to outside you don't say!

Me on the first visit, returning the feeling of unable to sit inside and sip a cuppa coffee by taking a picture with this main character of this gourmet cafe.

Actually this cute themed cafe have already opened its curtain on September ago, officially. And my disheartened visit was 2 weeks after it was officially opened so can't complain much about the insane crowds. Now this cafe seems to be a lot more serene as those raids has slowly subsided.

Cute Hello Kitty on flower pot and on tissue, the candle was actually a lamp anyway.
They will lit em up upon evening.

The cafe bear its character's appearance in all forms, so you can really spot this childhood hero of yours everywhere from the wood furniture, tea sets, wall murals and paintings, on flower pots, on tissues as well & almost everything! The atmosphere was exceptionally romantic and Parisian-like, 5 mins sit while waiting for the menu is enough to teleport my mind to the haute french gourmet scene. The surrounding was bright and the interior design was so adorable and sooo girls dream! Perfect place for a selfie queen and photography!

Btw, the cafe was lit up in a dimmed light, regarding that sorry if I offer you guys a shadowed photos here but these are all the best photos I have.

The menu, I think everything are overpriced though? Pretty sure that all the cost they charges on foods is solely not because of the foods themselves, a part of it is to cover their interior design cost.

I was with Regina and Tammy, we just finished the event at Muse by Watson on the upper level so we decided to drop by there together after found out that we were all heading to the same place. The cafe was located at the first floor of Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid (outside the main Sunway Pyramid building)

Everything looks adorable don't you think? *my soul is shrieking*

I shared the English Breakfast Tea with Tammy (tho the evening was crawling in, but yeah who cares LOL), the teapot came with 2 tea cups, suggested that it was really meant for 2 people haha
And English Breakfast Tea is refillable.

English Breakfast Tea: RM13.10/teapot with 2 teacups

Basically the visit wasn't planned beforehand, we just coincidentally felt like going there out of blue after attending the event instead of making our way back to home so you can really tell that we did't ordered much variations as we were just only checking out this place because none of us have really been here before.

Kawaii...all I did was making a priceless face looking at this tiny bon choux (barely remember its exact name so correct me if I am possibly wrong) This choux pastry wasn't listed on the menu btw, I tried looking for its name but could't found it. I caught a glance on it on the cake display chiller while looking at the cakes and so I just asked the waiter to bring one to our table. Heck, only enough for a cavity despite really delighting you tummy. That's what gourmet foods really are btw, fancy presentation emphasized more than portion so can't complain much since it is their cafe concept.

Hello Kitty Bon Coux: RM7.90/pcs
(Albeit really tiny the price was kinda too much don't ya think LOL)

There was a custard filling inside when I slit it into two.
I think the ribbon decoration on top was sooo darn cute. It has the tang of strawberry and in fact the ribbon print was a handmade drawing using a chocolate.

Taste good? The taste was ok only.

This is Tammy's Strawberry Pistachio cake slice. Tammy said it was "bleh" to her. LOL
She's quite a foodie person so when she overtly said "bleh", can't really imagine how bad it was to her tastebuds? LOL 
If I had this probably it's gonna be just ok-ok only to me too.

Strawberry Pistachio Cake: RM21++/slice

The Hello Kitty cookie was Regina's while the cupcake was mine.
Regina said it was also ok only, either that cupcake of mine.
The vanilla cupcake wasn't that bad but I had a migraine eating the fondant on its top because it was too sugary, tho I have a sweet tooth but the sugar level was just too much that it was out of my handling.

Hello Kitty Cupcake: RM15.90/pcs
Hello Kitty Cookie: RM7.90/pcs

Adores Regina's fashion style all of the time, this was a staircase to upper floor.
The cafe was built in two floors and the first one is for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea while the second floor is for dinner.

Did't took a lot of photos but you can google the cafe and there will be a lot of Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe reviews from other bloggers. Wanted to take more photos but my phone camera was not that good sobs (it's time to buy a new one? lol) but the place was really nice, better than the foods lol. Their pricing and the quality of the taste was a total mismatch. The food presentation was good but seriously you can buy a cheaper cakes or cookies outside which is a lot more better than these. All this cafe have is their attractive decoration and quaint atmosphere.

So pick any of the reason that will make you have a contented visit, do you rather choose to step in just to have a deep gaze at their cute hello kitty themed surrounding which translates to pretty selfies and photos, or your main hunting is on foods? Your pick.

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Good day my cookies & cream!

My all the time concern is for my fine lines and dark circle around my eyes...maybe people will find this weird because I'm still 21 yet I made it sounds like I am old obasan (granny) already *sobs hardd* >____<"

I have a habit of not sleeping much at night and love the salty foods. Besides obsessed with sugary foods, I love my foods to taste a bit salty than average. For example if I'm eating a fried rice I like it to be much saltier which is actually not a good kind of liking for health at all. Too much intake of salt-heavy foods can make your face looks puffy especially around your eyes area. Ramen and instant noodle is the big contributor to high salt intake too. (omg but I love Ramen tho T____T)

I met Dr, Elaine a month ago from Premier Aesthetic Clinic at TTDI, near with 1 Utama Shopping Centre. She shared with me a lot of tips and causes of the fine lines & dark circle around eyes and how to treat this tired-looking eyes before performing the injection. I've learned everything regarding my problem before deciding to go for the injection, thanks to her. She and all the staff at Premier Clinic were so kind, friendly and helpful too!

Dr. Elaine nicely and softly asked me about my skin concern and problem, and explain how the problem can be solved and treated.

What I hate the most from some of the Aesthetic Clinics is they tends to force and encourage us to undergone the treatments we did't want to do and unrelated at all just to make money, but what I like about this Premier Clinic is they listen out to us first and then suggest us on how to they can help us with the problem.


As a natural part of the aging process, eye bags and dark circles are commonplace and many people over 20 years of age will experience these at some point. Various factors that contribute to this include not getting enough sleep and exercise, and a salt-heavy diet. This will stretch the skin below your eyes, leading to the formation of dark circles or eye bags. Apart from this, the ligaments and muscles that hold facial fat in its place will weaken with age, leading to sagging which makes the fat more distinct underneath the eyes.

Randomness: I really like Dr. Elaine, besides soft spoken and nice she have a surprisingly beautiful skin and V shaped face, even without makeup she looked gorgeous, omg jealousy! 


An effective anti-aging method, no down time is needed for this treatment and it produces results that look natural in a very short period of time.

The hyaluronic acid fillers will add volume beneath the skin below the eyes, as well as triggering the production of fresh collagen and elastin. This is because as you age, the reserves of natural hyaluronic acid in your body break down but these dermal fillers provide a suitable replacement. It will reduce not only eye bags and dark circles, but also wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area. Only a small amount is needed to make a noticeable difference to the eye area.

Similar to a non-surgical facelift, dermal fillers can be utilized in conjunction with Botox injections or on its own, but your doctor will advise you about the best treatment for optimum results. The procedure is suitable for all types of skin and no allergies will be triggered as hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body.

Below are the photos while injection was performed.

At first, they removed a little bit makeup under my eyes area to apply a numbing cream around the area and leave it for 20-30 mins so that I will not feel an immense pain when they proceed with the injection (So bring your makeup pouch girls to make sure you can do your touch up later). After 20-30 mins I did't feel any pain at all when I pinch the skin around my eyes area, now I am unstoppable..hahaha!

After left me to rest with a numbing cream on for about 20-30 mins, Dr.Elaine came into the room to perform the injection.

I could be lying if I say I did't feel a slightest pain at all when the needle was poked into and under my skin especially it was a skin around the eyes area which is the most sensitive part on your face. On the scale of 10, it was only 2/10, oh thanks to the numbing cream LOL. So it was really bearable. I can feel the needle is moving under my skin as Dr. Elaine poked it further inside for the injection..the feeling was like *will it go through my skin??* omg creepy if I remember back!! 

Dr. Elaine carefully and gently press the skin under my eyes to locate where to inject to add the volume.


Dermal fillers can last for more than a year, but this varies depending on the patient. As the hyaluronic acid is natural, the body will eventually break it down and absorb it, so dermal fillers are not a permanent treatment. This also means you will not need to worry about maintaining a look you are unsatisfied with if the treatment is not suitable for you.

Thanks Dr. Elaine and all the helping staff. It was wonderful to have this session with you!


Most people are able to return to their daily routine immediately after treatment without any problems. Some redness, minor swelling or bruising may occur in the treatment area but this is easily hidden with mineral make-up.

After the injection was done, people can really see as if my eyes was punched by someone. Maybe it look less in photo but in reality it was LOL!

If you notice the small red dot under my eyes a little bit to outer corner, that was the mark from the needle.

After the injection the only thing I thought was is the mark and bruise gonna stay long? Coz I'm worried I will look funny and sick whenever people see me (esp. without makeup of course)..omg..


Luckily the thought was justified, it did't stayed too long tho..the bruise and red dots from the needle's mark. Plus with the help of makeup I looked perfectly fine. Just that because of my sensitive skin type, the redness still stayed for more than a week but I'm ok with that because I know it would't take it too long before it can be totally disappeared.


Look at the redness, I did't wear any blusher to be honest, these photos is not even edited at all.


 For halloween dinner, with makeup on the redness can be hid, and check out under my eyes. Before the injection with a makeup on the fine lines can still clearly be seen, even on photo. But after undergone the injection I can see the changes, my fine lines and dark circles are reduced. No kidding, they're not totally disappeared of course but their presence are not so noticeable and less.


The most sheer makeup I ever had on, this time I was at my fave salon, Number 76 at Publika. I really like on how my eye puffs are naturally formed especially when I smile. It helps a lot with a Japanese makeup I wears everyday. Before this I never really have a natural looking eye puffs, except just a flat-look under my eyes with some of the fine lines and crows feet (and I always need to make a fake one with a highlighter wtf) Gosh I am kinda happy with the result!

Just that the minimal bumps under the eyes are still yet to be recovered and am still waiting for that!
If you notice the really minimal discoloration under right eye, a little bit under the eye bag area..that is the bump that I meant!

In case if you are wondering, this is how the Clinic looks like:

They used this Juvederm HA Filler for my Dermal Filler Injection, a syringe can cost you around RM2k and above you know.

They also displayed how every treatment was done at this Clinic from the past customers on the screen inside the Clinic.

They have many treatments for your needs and budget, [HERE] is where you can check them out.

Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) branch

TTDI Address: 31 Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 WP Kuala Lumpur.
TTDI Branch GPS coordinates: 3.139242, 101.628448

Free car park: 1 car park lot available for our client right in front of clinic doorstep. Available on a first come first serve basis.
Additional car parks: Available at Taman Tun Dr Ismail market right behind the clinic. Only 1 minute walk to our clinic.
TTDI market parking GPS coordinates: 3.139024, 101.628856

Clinic hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 7pm
Closed: Sunday / Monday / Public Holiday

Enquiry/ Appointment Booking Phone No.: +6012 -662 5552 (mobile number contactable 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm)

TTDI Branch Phone No.: +603 – 7732 5552
Fax No: +603-7732 8201
Customer Service Hotline: +60-12-662 5552


Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Nyaaa guys! >w<

I was otw walking back from meeting my friends in 1U when I suddenly spotted this Japanese Food Fair at new wing 1U and wow how could I just passing by without making a stop when I am such a fan of Japanese foods LOL! I did't know such fair is running here since from 17th Nov, plus tomorrow is the last day you know!

Here are the photos of the foods & drinks sold at the fair, most of them are my favorites but they are quite hard to be found easily at anywhere here in Malaysia unless you buy online. Maybe they're sold somewhere in Malaysia just that I did't know where to really find some of I hope if any of you happen to know any shop that sell a lot of different Japanese foods plsss leave me a comments below on where I might find them here hehe domo!

Oh btw, one thing to remind is, since they all came from Japan you really need to double check the ingredients (if you are a Muslim), some have pork extract and some are not (but most of them do!) So yeah because I am a Muslim so I cannot eat anything that contain pork and lard, at first I did't really realize it because I just grab anything I like especially ramen, but when I was looking for the ramen's flavors I read behind the pack and found out and was like omg. Then put back most of the ramen that I already took because they all contain pork and lard LOL!

The Japanese curry and some of the sweets and chocolates also contain pork (too bad, I really would love to try Japanese curry so much!!) so I am just telling in advance just in case if you are a Muslim who also loves Japanese foods like me, but we can't eat pork so yeah~

Below are the photos that I took on the fair!

A green teas from many brands, so many choice based on your preferable price range. Most of them priced at around RM10-RM30 for a packet.

I thought these are a some sort of candies and or confectionery but actually they are Furikake Seasoning (Japanese food sprinkles seasoning)

Also Furikake Seasoning, you can actually get this easily in Malaysia if you really like food sprinkles. I saw many of them in Aeon before anyway. If you are into bento making, these gonna be so much interesting and can adds a lil bit of flavor to your "gohan" (meal), especially "onigiri" (rice ball) besides make it looks cute!

Ramen! This is the one that I bought, they're in chicken flavor.

If you are a muslim like me, not all ramen you can eat because some of them have pork flavor and might contains lard as well. I chose this very carefully to make sure I did't mistakenly bring home the one that contain a pork and lard because I cannot eat them so it will be a waste.

I forgot what is this but this food is like a porridge. Just pour a hot water in it and it's ready to eat.
Looks cute and tasty, I wanna try so bad but these contain pork and lard as well.

Japanese food at its fastest serving, LOL.
Some of them are udon, instant Japanese curry & etc but yeah again, they have pork and lard.

These...I like!! No matter what kind of way you use to eat wakame (seaweed) they will always add some unique flavor to your food! Wrap and eat, tear it into a small pieces and sprinkle all over rice or noodles, or maybe in soup...anything! Nandemo, still oishi!!

Japanese drinks are tasteful and tempting! They have a lot of different flavors which you can't really compare with the one we have in Malaysia! Malaysia always have the same flavors no matter from what brand you buy. Shockingly, they even have a Durian soda flavored drink and I was like "I wonder who will ever buy this?!" like really haha (I hate durian anyway). They have peach soda, strawberry soda, watermelon soda & etc! Come to find out yourselves hehe!

Wasabi ka...this is quite fascinating, I wonder what is the taste LOL.

I find this cute to be given out to kids on Halloween, this is a candies anw.

To choose on biscuits and candies befuddles me because I just love them all!

Kracie's Poppin Cookin! I never bought them tho but I just love looking at them! They're actually a candy typed food which you can make by yourself like a DIY stuff. You open the box, mix the mixture and powder using the water in a provided moulds and they will turn out into things they should be. Let's say if you buy the sushi one, so it's supposed to look like that and yeah they're actually in the category of candy, such a miniature too!

The pizza one.

Takoyaki Poppin cookin.

I went to Sunway Pyramid before, and they actually sell all of this candies there. Not sure tho what is the name of the shop but it's really near with Asian Avenue.

And again, make sure to always and always check the ingredients before you make a purchase.

Meiji is one of the famous confectionery brand in Japan and they have so many interesting cookies, candies, chocolate & etc! I love Meiji!

Now we are entering the snacks area!

Ok this kinda freaks me out actually, it's a baby crab snack and plus with the shells on.
I just don't think that I will ever buy this LOL. I am a bit rigorous when it comes to snacking and I normally did't buy something that's too unfamiliar or something that's a bit freaking me out LOL.
But yeah if you like to try this just go ahead and try there's no problem with that!

I never found this in Malaysia before so I did bought one to try! The banana flavored cream mini Oreo!

Whenever I saw a lot of pocky sticks it will naturally reminds me of November 11th, which is a celebrated pocky day in Japan hehe

Sushi vinegar and some ingredients to make sushi.

Also some fish collagen, I think this is a collagen drink or something like that.

So now let's see what I bought!

 Meiji's mushroom biscuits, I saw mushroom biscuits and mushroom choco numerous of times in anime and at first I thought they're made from mushroom but no haha. The biscuits have a choco in the shape of mushroom shoot on top and the root is a biscuit. In anime they normally will play a game and the one who lose can only eat the root instead the shoot (because shoot is chocolate and more delicious while root is a plain biscuit so it is like a sheer punishment LOL)

This tasted so good, it was white chocolate with a mild taste of soymilk. The white chocolate shoot also have something crunchy inside.

 I never found this anywhere before so yeah that was why I bought to try LOL

 The banana flavor wasn't that real but still tasted so good, plus the mini oreo was so cute!!

 Wakame, I normally tear them off into a small pieces and sprinkle them all over my rice, and eat it with tamagoyaki and miso soup and awhhh they tasted so good together!

 I bought this out of surprise, with the fact that Japanese do drink green tea with gold flakes to stay young LOL
But yeah the fascination have had me bought this just too experience how is it the feeling to drink a green tea with gold flakes (and feel so rich by drinking it just because they have some GOLD in it hahaha)

 The gold flakes was everywhere in the tea bag and also on the thread.

 The tea tasted awesome, somehow this is the green tea with a good grade and the taste was truly better and nicer compared to the one I always bought in Aeon (at the Japanese food section).
I love this! Now regret I only bought 1 packet (1 packet contain 10 bags). I should have bought 2 or 3 as they were only sold at RM20.

 Peach Sodaa! The smell was soooo damn sweet and nice and the drink itself was thirst quenching!

 At last, Tokyo Shoyu Japanese Ramen in chicken flavored broth!

 I would like to try all the flavors but totally can't and this was the only that I can eat because the rest contain pork & lard. So yeah I only bought this flavor then.

 And surprisingly the individual packet inside was damn bigger than Malaysia's instant noodles! Truly a ramen that fills the hunger and worth trying!

Cold night was warm with this Ramen, along with that it was super delicious!!

Total price for foods I bought was around RM80. Since they are all came from Japan so of course the price is a little bit pricier than stuff you can normally find in Malaysia but still considered as cheaper than how they should be because they were sold on a fair.

I hope you guys enjoy the post so much and if you would like to try some other new and unfamiliar Japanese foods you never tried just head over to this Japanese food fair tomorrow, rmb tomorrow is the last day! Jaa matta nee!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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