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[Review] CandyDoll(キャンディドール)Cheek Color Duo

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Hi tomato soup!!

Since the early of the last year I have been a quite simple girl, I wasn't that adversely affected if I did't own a lot of blusher in my makeup stash since I'm only that crazy over eye makeup, thus collecting eye makeup such as eyeshadow palettes and falsies is my only domain.

Turning 2015, I felt that I have that vacancy in my makeup stash for the blusher part especially in pinky and rosy shades. I'm always a fan of Gyaru makeup therefore with a lack of blusher in rosy shades I can't really be satisfied with the outcome of the gyaru makeup that I did.

And I did bought one from my favorite brand, CandyDoll(キャンディドール)during Christmas ago, just that I'm a little bit in insurgency because this is the only shade that left, the others were all sold out (it was during Christmas after all, what to expect rite) @____@

Nevermind, I'll catch the others up next time!

Not to mince more words as you can see from above, it offers that bulky but simple packaging, with the sticker of Tsu-chan face sticked on top, do I really need to say that it looks lovely when you can see how lovely it is?? Hahaha

The transparent circle on top allows us to see the beautiful shades inside, paired with the roses and crown details to make the packaging looks lovely & adorable, the golden "Candy Doll" with a cute font also gives a princessy statement. In addition, I also love the light pink color that this packaging have, a girl should always go in pink rite? haha

Forthrightly, this cheek color duo comes in a very lightweight and petite packaging, this kinda size is easy to be carried around everywhere in your handbag and very travel-friendly..the only exception is that this cheek color duo doesn't included with a mini cheek brush and mini mirror. You really need to bring those two if you want to use this when you're away from home.

Just how it was named, Candy Doll Cheek Color Duo comes with a duo colors of blusher, I would say the Strawberry shade is the only blusher, because the Marshmallow Purple working more as a highlighter than a blusher, but the combination of these two really makes a pop on your cheeks, it will create that really pigmented soft pinkish finish that I really adore from the Gyaru popteen models!

Marshmallow Purple - Looks pale purplish in color but when you apply it on the skin it's actually just a highlighter that contains not too much shimmers, but of course, I just love it like this, I hate to looks like a disco ball when I'm wearing a super shimmery highlighter on cheeks.

Strawberry - It looks almost like a fuchsia pink in color but when it was applied on the skin it's just a very nice soft pink, but the color is even prettier if it was combined with a Marshmallow Purple highlighter because it gives a little bit glow and the hint of the pale purplish shade turns the soft pink color to a milky pink color. This kinda pink on cheeks really reminds me of a Purikura..hiks!

And of course, both colors gives a great pigmentation.

This is how the combination of both would result in color, a soft milky pink which is also the key of a kawaii dolly Gyaru look!

I've fallen in love with all the shades that Candy Doll Cheek Color Duo offers! I hope I will get my hands on them soon if I have an extra pocket money to go on splurging again haha!

The shades from left: Aurora White & Candy Pink, Cream Beige & Pink Flamingo, Marshmallow Purple & Strawberry and Peach Pink & Rose Pink.

All of these shades are all lovely in my point of view!

Name: Candy Doll Cheek Color Duo in Marshmallow Purple & Strawberry
Made in: Japan
Price: RM59.00
Availability: Sasa nationwide
Net weight: -


  • Adorable packaging
  • Travel-friendly size & lightweight
  • Great pigmentation & soft


  • Doesn't come with a mini mirror & mini cheek brush

Recently I did my 2015 quick anime makeup look, featuring Candy Doll Color Duo Cheek in Marshmallow Purple & Strawberry. As how it was perceived, this is how it will looks like on the cheeks. Overall, I'm really satisfied with it and definitely it looks like this is gonna be my favorite at the moment!

Do click [HERE] to see the full tutorial with a products used for the look on this previous post!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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