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[Review] KATE Long & Curl Mascara [メイクアップレビュー]

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An eyeliner without a mascara is just like eating a cereal without a milk..hahaha (what kind of allegory is this huh?? LOL)

My dear friend, Janice Lok gave me this as a Christmas present on a Christmas eve about 3 weeks ago, and she's now being one of my fave girl..hehehe..

Have set my votive that I only will buy a new mascara once I already finish some of the mascaras that left in my makeup storage untouched for quite a while because I don't favor in keeping a bunch of mascaras as they will get clumped and next being useless afterwards if we did't really use them once they're opened.

Relatively granted, that someone whom like scrutinizing my longing give this to me as a Secret Santa, and am truly appreciate it!! Added new mascara to my makeup storage, so I don't need to buy a new one in the near future..yatta!

I don't know what's wrong with girls (listen, I say this because I'm a girl okeh) that they will look at everything based on the outer appearance first. Same goes to me, so yeah to put it simple I like how pentangular the shape of this mascara packaging because it looks really urban & classy.

I've wrote the review about KATE Tokyo Dual Liner too, click [HERE] to read them!

Just a short information about the KATE brand in case if you did't know, KATE is a Japanese brand and was known as "Kanebo KATE" for the past years, and it was just about the early of the last year it changed from "Kanebo KATE" to "KATE Tokyo". Some of the KATE product's packaging has been renewed, so that is why the brand name on some of the packaging is just written as "KATE" and some which has been renewed is written as "KATE Tokyo". Both this mascara & dual liner has already in the market since 2013.

I actually pretty like the fibers that this mascara have, it helps in extending the lashes to make it long and beautiful, see the fall eyelashes-like thingy? It is the micro fibers that similarly looks like a thread. This is the thing that will visualize your lashes to a long & curly look as they will stick to your lashes together. Most mascara from a Japanese brand are all made up from fiber as well, basically micro fibers can be made up of rayon, silk, or nylon.

The spiral shape of the applicator also helps a lot in enhancing the curly effect to your lashes and make it appears more real.

This is how it will looks like, I looks nerdy with that so-called straight Asian lashes on "Before" photo seriously, LOL! for the "After" look, I opted for just a natural one, I hate a lot of mascara on lashes because it might looks like a cockroach's legs on my eyes! (Urghh!! I rather use a false eyelashes because it looks more smooth & pretty than a thousand coat of mascara on lashes) I just applied 2 coat of mascara on my lashes to keep it natural, as long as it looks curly & longer than my usual lashes then I'm already satisfied. I'm also wearing the KATE Tokyo Dual Liner on the "After" photo.

Name: KATE Long & Curl Mascara
Made in: Japan
Price: RM46
Availability: Watsons, Sasa & Parksons Malaysia
Net weight: 6.8g

Stalk KATE Tokyo's website for more!


(Click on this photo)

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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