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[Review] KATE Tokyo Dual Liner in EX-1 [メイクアップレビュー]


Konichiwa twiggies!

I would like to discuss about the KATE Tokyo Dual Liner now, as I already mentioned on my mascara post, a mascara without eyeliner is like eating a cereal without a milk (again..sabar jelah with my crappy allegory ni hahahah)

Yup, I got this as a Christmas present from dear friend, together with the mascara as well.

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While getting my hands on this dual liner, I'm kinda thrilled for a moment because its form is really innovative & unfamiliar from a typical eyeliner, because of its 2-in-1 function..a stick with a two heads of both shadow powder & eyeliner. Easy to carry around, and very lightweight. The brush of this liner is also very thin & pointy, which can gives you a detailed & precise line on your eyes.

The label on the back of the dual liner indicating of which one is the liner and shadow powder (you can still tell without a label actually by looking at the heads) but I still think this could help a makeup beginner to differentiate.

I received this dual liner in EX-1, which is the powder is in Natural Brown, the other shade of the powder is in EX-2 (Pearly Beige). Natural brown shade of the powder create a deep-set eyes while the pearly beige give the eyes a natural full look.

Frankly, I'm not really a fan of their eyeliner that much, because the color it give is not that pigmented & deep, I need to apply like almost more than 5 layers to get that deep & dark colored eyeliner. Above is the swatches I did to give you a thought of KATE Tokyo Dual Liner (one layer only). It is almost like a transparent black in color with a first layer, and the liquid from the eyeliner is sort of runny and you can see how it goes through the details on my skin rite? and it's gonna be messy for a makeup beginner seriously. Nevertheless, I still can give a go to the powder, though it is less shimmery, it is very easy to be applied on with that pointy & small sponge applicator that catch just the right amount of powder from the head, and it does deliver what it promised for, to gives the deep-set eyes look for your under eyes..well I guess that's the reason of why the powder isn't that shimmery rite?

So, this is now a comparing session, I compared this KATE Tokyo Dual Liner with my Maybelline Hypersharp Laser Liner to let you guys see how deep & less deep in black of both eyeliners, and yah apparently, the Maybelline is on the winning side (nevertheless the tips of both are comparable because both of them are very thin like 0.01mm). I did't say the one from KATE is not that good to consider that KATE is one of my favorite Japanese brand compared to Maybelline, but maybe not for this eyeliner from their Dual Liner product. I did't dislike this product, I just say that it is less convenient because I need to apply a lot of layers to get what an eyeliner should give. For a makeup pro, they should know how to properly use this to get the look they desire and there's no worry for them, however..I really not recommend this to the beginner.

 The Before & After, I used a layer of powder under my eyes & almost more than 5 layers of eyeliner to get this proper black eyeline..also with 2 coat of mascara from KATE Long & Curl Mascara as well.

Eyes by KATE, and lips by Shizens Lip Tattoo that recently got attention a lot from me! Leuls!

Name: KATE Tokyo Dual Liner in EX-1
Made in: Japan
Price: RM43
Availability: Watsons, Sasa & Parksons Malaysia
Net weight: 0.6g

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