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[Review] Shizens Lip Tattoo : The Butterfly Project Beauty Box Review Challenge


Hi kiwi traifle!!

Alright minna-chan, tell me now if you already get enough of having a dull looking lips??? Jaa...I think this might just be the right post for you if you are.

I don't know what do you girls think about it but if it was me I really do care a lot on how my lips will looks like, I don't think any girls will looks appealing too if you have a dry & dull looking lips, especially with a dark pigment. Lip scrub might just do a job on exfoliation but I find that it does not really help to enhance a dark pigmented lips, thus it is really important to do something to help your lips.

Frankly speaking, I don't think this Shizens Lip Tattoo is such a lip gloss because it is not that glossy, nor that I think it is a lip stain whenever I look at it properly because it doesn't have any shade, it's just a mere milky white formulation that will gradually change into a pinky or rosy tones when it touch your lips, it's indeed injects a moisture into your lips whenever you apply it on, and even turns a bit into pinky shades according to your blood circulation..but none of these two specification describe this product. Thus I just think this product as more to a lip care rather than a lip gloss or something that really attached to a makeup category like a lip gloss, lip stain or even a lipstick, but of course it can still be used to touch up your lips if you're after a natural looking lips. So in my opinion this product is best described as a lip care that gives a moisture that will relieves the formation of fine lines & to reduce a dark pigment on lips by giving a natural shade of pink according to your blood circulation & body temperature for a fresh look.

The applicator is no different than what a typical lip gloss always have, which is very convenient in applying the product onto the lips with a appropriate amount without a mess.

I also love the simple design of cylindrical square shaped glass of its packaging that exhibit the elegance aura for a women with a status of luxury note, it is true, less is more.

My "Before" lips is really colorless as you can see (almost like a corpse's lips hahaha), and one layer of Shizens Lip Tattoo on the "After" photo is enough to give a fresh look on my lips.
Now this is how the lips of a real girl should looks like *wooooh happy!*

I really love how it quickly changed into a pinky shade whenever it touched my lips, the moisture that sank into my lips makes my lips feels very soft & more dry lips for me!! I've tried & tested this product for week to see how much improvement did it does, and it nailed it! I think that my lips looks much more lively than before! I don't really have a dark pigmented lips to be honest, but my lips is always perceived too colorless..I mean it is not healthy pink in the I'm really satisfied of having just this product to at least save my lips for the life..or else I'm going to class with everyone thinking a zombie is with them together in the class, studying. LOL.

The presence of this product in my makeup storage would totally make me ostracize the other of my dear lip products/lip makeups in my storage..can you see how it cast a spell on me??  wahaha!

 This is how the Shizens Lip Tattoo looks like, it has the color of milky white.

And change into a rosy tones based on your blood circulation within a 10s.

See?? I think it is just about 10s to be taken to wait it turn into the right color for your lips. Mine is a very light & soft pink. No wonder this Shizens Lip Tattoo awarded as a star product! I also think this product is perfect to be used to prep your lips as a lip primer first before you can start using any lip makeup. However, who gonna need a lip stain or lipstick when you girls already have this?? a two in one, a moisture it gives & the natural tones of rosy pink to add a color to your lips like what girls are actually deserve to looks like!

You can describe this product in whatever term you find suit them..whether it is a lip gloss or lip makeup, but for me..seriously this is just like a lip care to me. lip care (or lip gloss & whatever you wanna call it) is definitely worth to be owned if you're such a person who really concern about your lips and always using it in term of preserving your lips, but if you are not..I don't really recommend it because this product is not cheap, since it's from Shizens to begin be honest this is my first Shizens product, so far I only have learnt that my mom is using it (oh well because she's a married woman already...who can afford everything she wanted while I'm still just a student who is unemployed..LOL). Thank you so much Shizens Malaysia & The Butterfly Project Malaysia for this!!

If you intend on having a light weight formula that do a both job in giving a fresh & well-moisturized looking lips, you should really give it a go. You can still look pretty even without a lipstick. So...having a crack & dark pigmented lips??

Conceal don't feel, don't let them know~~
Well they'll never know~~

As long as you have this! 

P.S- Please do ignore my dark spot on my forehead, it was from the recent breakout, and also the ugly dark circle around my eyes..LOLS! *I looks shit & sick, I know*

My verdict: I'm truly surprised with the rosy tone that it gives on the lips, not only the color is different to everyone based on their body temperature & blood circulation, but the color is also last on a very long time on lips, I used this before I sleep because I like how good & moist my lips feels after I wake up on the next day, and after I have my shower, guess what?? The hint of the rosy & pinky color from the Lip Tattoo is still there!! I think I get it know why it was called as a "Lip Tattoo"..the color last & stay on the lips longer than you can imagine, this is good to cover the dark pigmentation & turn your lips into the fresh looking lips with the natural rosy tone!

Name: Shizens Lip Tattoo
Made in: Korea
Price: RM168
Availability: Shizens Store (Click Here For Store Location)
Net weight: 8ml
*Product were given for review

For more info of Shizens Lip Tattoo & other of their products, you can directly go to their website.

(click on this photo)

See you guys on my next post, lovely!

-Jia Jia-


  1. Love thiss! Moist jee bibir. hehe

    1. kan..sama lah kita!! I pun suka moist & bagi a fresh color untuk x nampak too pale.. ^_^


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