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A Youngsters' Day Trip : LEGOLAND Malaysia!

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Yo mochi ice cream-domo!

I've been so excited that recently I went to Legoland Malaysia at Nusajaya, just across the causeway from Singapore with a gang of friends, so I'm definitely going to share what's in Legoland with you guys!  

So I went there in a group of 7 and the journey took us just about an hour and half from Pasir Gudang...and to be frank the purpose of coming here in the first place was because we have to do a video regarding this place for our assignment, since we're a Tourism Management & Hospitality students. However then because we never go there before and since that day we were there, who say we can jumps in and play our heart out?? kikiki

*a tons of photos is coming alert*

This post will feeds a tons of photos ahead, so if you think your network speed is like a tortoise at your place right now then you might having a problem reading this post.

 That "back" post is kinda saying "are you ready youngsters??"



Which child does not dream of becoming a knight, an explorer, a test driver or a pilot and entering into a fascinating world of adventure? At LEGOLAND Malaysia, children can slip into the roles of their heroes and do things that normally only the grown-ups are allowed to do – like taking their first driving test, competing in a jousting tournament, jetskiing across the water at breakneck speed, or designing and programming LEGO robots. It takes twelve hours just to ride on all the LEGOLAND attractions, watch all the shows and 4D films and take part in all the workshops – and that is just the actual ride and performance time.

LEGOLAND Malaysia, which opened to the public on 15th September 2012, is the sixth LEGOLAND to be built in the world and the very first in Asia. Designed for families with children between the ages of 2 and 12, LEGOLAND Malaysia features more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions. LEGOLAND Parks are based on the universally popular LEGO building toy and offer families the opportunity to push the boundaries of their imaginations and creativity, and have fun while learning, all while enjoying hands-on, interactive experiences. Families are immersed in a unique mix of child powered rides, building challenges, spectacular LEGO models, family-friendly coasters and shows that pull the audience into the action.

Other LEGOLAND theme parks across the world are situated in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany and the USA (California and Florida). There are LEGOLAND Hotels in the Parks in Denmark, the UK, California and Malaysia. LEGOLAND Malaysia family theme park is owned by Themed Attractions and Resorts Sdn Bhd (TAR), Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) and Merlin Entertainments Group. The Park is operated by Merlin Entertainments, the world’s second largest visitor attraction operator.

 Having a photo with bae at the entrance~
and oopps! We did't wear makeup on that day because we were going to the water park later after having fun at the theme park ..hehe

 I saw this at the entrance, so what to wait, one photo to the treat!! 
P/S- with a caption "Just take me to anywhere baybeh!" ahaha

 The LEGOLAND signboard, this is also at the entrance, we took time to wander around the entrance for about an hour, for the photos and waiting the other groups who were still absent. I was carpooling with Aida, Voon, and Naquib. and the other three were also carpooling together in another other car.

 This is what we've done, wooh..I'm sort of like a director here hahahaha...the recording was in progess and I was holding something like a scripts to be read by my friend, Sofea who will be in the video.

Alright girls the Miss director is doing her job, so don't bother..hahaha!

*excuse that lollipop sucking expression, well I'm a lollipop gal..LOL*

 We did our video just next to this LEGOLAND hotel, with a nice view of LEGOLAND sign on the hill, there were also a lot of tourists who came and took a photos in front of the hotel.

Oh my gosh..someone is bored to wait for the work to be done and killing her time by playing games..ahahaha

 Taken by my guy friend, Naquib and he said this is like a "New York" photo hahaha..a regret we did't take a jump up photo!!

All the video recording work is done now and say what??? we're going in the LEGOLAND theme park!!
and these both pals, Naquib and Voon were having their sunblock on haha, is it only me who finds this photo being sweet btw?? LOL!

 Once I entered this is what I saw first in "The Beginning" area, this Mini Market sells a lot of souvenirs mostly made from LEGOs, and then next to this shop we have that strollers to be rented to the tourists with a baby. ATM is also next to it so worry not, you will not having a trouble walking around with a hole in your pocket.

The luggage locker is also around here, you can rent it for RM20/day for the small one, and RM40/day for the large one. We rented the large one since there were 7 of us.

Opposite with the Mini Market we have that "The Brick Shop" which sells souvenirs as well!

 Booh! I saw this too! I was like could't believe that it was made out from a LEGO bricks!
well who love Paddle Pop here??

Walk more ahead and look!! this snorkeler was also made from LEGOs!! 

Uncle LEGO is sleeping. surprisingly the audio of the snoring sound effect was implanted in this LEGOs! thus this uncle is really being a sleeping uncle hahaha! 

 Another LEGO man! *rowing rowing*

All of the LEGO figures above is also in "The Beginning".

Impressively, we found this replica of Kuala Lumpur City Center at the "Miniland" of the theme park, and all of these were made from LEGOs as well! 

Miniland have an amazing Malaysian, Singaporean and Asian landmarks recreated in LEGO bricks!

Let me tell you a secret here, all of the replicas were placed in the glass wall, and around the glass wall there will be a few of green buttons, do push the buttons and see yourself what will happens! Some of the car will start moving, and the subway was also there were also a fountains as well!

 Looking at this cute replica made from LEGOs did made me feels like I'm a titan..LOL!

Kawaiism of being small, can I take all of these home?? haha

This KLIA replica "WOW" me because it was also made from the LEGO bricks!

 Now the first ride!!,..I was with Aida, Naquib and Voon were already separated from us, the other three as well! hahaha!

But not to worry because each of us carry a phone with us!

 Having fun on the LEGO train!! Hahaha but sorry to say that this train is not made from LEGO, they just painted them to make them looks like so haha, but still we enjoyed the view very much!

This train is in the LEGO City.

Hungry?? Fret not, of course any theme park will have a restaurant where you can have your bite, but...the only matter is the price, the freaking expensive price gonna rip your pocket out!

Oh ya, I remember something, at the entrance of LEGOLAND there will be no food checking like how it used to be in other theme parks like Sunway Lagoon, Gambang Water Park and if you think you might be a hungry kuma later then just bring in some foods in your bag, just not make it too obvious hehe..

In case if the guards will ask you if you bring in any foods, just say "NO" confidently, and if he insist on checking you, just slap him and say "are you checking on my undies in here??!!"..but if only you're a girl la..if you're a guy then please create your own excuses. HAHAHA

My pocket is half dead seeing this. Luckily I brought a mineral water with me, at least I'm not that dying walking under the hot sun in this 76 acres theme park! 

 Boating School!! Forwarddd!!!

LEGOLAND theme park were divided in 9 part of areas, starting from "The Beginning", "LEGO City", "Miniland", "Land Of Adventure", "Imagination", "LEGO Kingdoms", "LEGO Technic" and Water Park.

This boating school is in the LEGO City, there were also a Driving School and Airplane ride for this area. But only kids can go to Driving School, adults like us are abandoned here..hahaha

 This is so exciting, I drove the boat and had fun bumping another boaters around me, oopsies! haha *evil laugh*

 "Do a diva like me have to worry even if I'm in the mouth of a shark?? I don't care~"

That's being said on the face hahahahaha!! *please vomit a green stuff now*

 Bae photobombed my photo and did such an annoying pose of a girl's digging her nose!!

Hamaigaaad! Hahahaha *facepalm*

 Ride this if you love spinning! 

This Technic Twister is in the LEGO Technic area.

Another ride in LEGO Technic is this Project X roller coaster! Brave the razor sharp turns of this roller coaster if you are a hardcore! The every steep turns will totally make your soul flying out from your mouth! I swear you will call out your mom for this ride, I did hahahahaha!

This is suitable for teenagers and adults.

 Someone is being childish pulakk at LEGO academy haha

This place is fully air-conditioned and suitable for all ages, but it is more recommended for the kids, parents can bring their kids here and build educational LEGO model together with the kids!

We're at the new Star Wars Miniland!! That Darth Vader!

 Awesomely made from LEGO bricks! The C-3PO and R2-D2!

 The 5 minute film which all the characters is graphically drawn in a LEGO form!
Oh that Jar Jar Binks!

Right after we watched the short film, there were about 7 rooms ahead and each depicting scenes from each Star Wars movie and the models were all made out of LEGO bricks! Also with the info of the places that exist in the movies on the wall for each 7 rooms!

 First room depict a scene from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace,
Subsequent rooms were Geonosis (from Episode II: Attack Of The Clones), Kashyyk and Mustafar (Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith), Tatooine (Episode IV: A New Hope), Hoth (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back), Endor (Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi), and lastly Christophsis (from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated feature).

I did't take the photo inside all rooms, just certain only because my camera was ran out of battery that time..sorry pals!! However I do hope you will enjoy on the photos that I have here!

Starting from the first exhibition room it will be the Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, with the majestic Naboo Royal Palace looming over the Battle of Naboo between the Naboo, Gungans and the battle droids’ of the Trade Federation. 

What's cool here is the mini figurines that can even move when you push the green button that placed at the glass wall..I was so surprised there was a little sound effect too!!

This is too wonderful, I'm amazed!!

Next room will take you to Geonosis (from Episode II: Attack Of The Clones).

 Kashyyk and Mustafar (Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith) 

The lava looks real authentic!!

 This Millennium Falcon will be so challenging to construct, applause the master builders for this!!
I could't even believe it was made from every single of LEGO bricks!

This was controlled by the pulley, and it moves up and down as it was take off landing!

If you love day dreaming as a princess of a fairytale like me too then let's take your feet off the ground and go to this LEGO Kingdoms!

 Feeling I'm in a fairytale already!!

 That LEGO story telling fairytale book!! "Listen kids, granny will tell you a story now..Once upon a time..." Hahaha

Photo credited to Aida

"Cause I'm a Cinderella who loved by the animals!"

Rabbits here also love me!! (even the rabbits were made out of LEGOs!)

*Please vomit a green stuff again* HAHAHA!

Photo credited to Aida

 Yeaayyyy we met with the LEGO Dracula, what special about this Dracula is that he can walk under the sun..hahahaha!

We also rode the Dragon Coaster and another roller coaster in LEGO Kingdoms, but we forgot to take a photos there because too much excitement made us forgot everything plus with a ran out battery of camera for each of us. Many ride that I love were also in the LEGO Kingdoms, with a very fantasy decoration and environment seriously reminds me of the childhood fave royal cartoons!..the area is quite big as well, again..too sad that my camera was truly ran out of battery and I did't have a time for more photos here. Gomenasai!!

Photo credited to Aida 

Now sitting on the LEGO dragon's tail next to the Land Of Adventure, get ready to explore the ancients!!

OMG that pharaoh!!

Lost Kingdom adventure challenge you to laser blast the hunt for the lost treasure!!

I didn't snap a photos inside because I was too busy playing and it was too here is the photo to tell you what it looks like inside when you're firing using a laser gun! In front of the car that you'll ride there will be a stats of the points that you will collect for each shot that hit the targets marked with a yellow lights!

I missed a lot and my friend Aida won over me..LOL!

Photo credited to Aida

Camel!!! I actually loves an ancient Egyptian related stuffs, be it camel, pyramid or anything because I finds it historical and amazing!!

Other ride in Land Of Adventure was this Dino Island! However it was sad to know that we will be 80% wet because of too much water splashing! (Mini Market did sell a raincoat but it was RM12/pcs and to consider we will only use it just for this..then..nvm) and to consider that after this we will go to water park as well I thought it was not so brilliant to be wet first while we were still planning to play around in the theme park!

Saw this near the Observation Tower and its pose amused me!!

Observation Tower! By riding this you will see the entire area of LEGOLAND including the water park!! Awesoooome!! 

I saw LEGO Kingdoms from above while riding the Observation Tower!!

I saw the dragon where I was sitting just now too!! haha!!

Saw the Dino Island that we decided not to ride as well!!

Next we were moving to the water park!! The water park is not as huge as Gambang water park but it wasn't that bad lah and we enjoyed so much! I did't snap a photo here because we left our bags and belongings in the luggage locker in theme park. 

Just to inform you in case if you did't know, the LEGOLAND theme park and water park is not in the same place (the place is next to each other) and the ticket was sold separately as well! We bought a combo ticket so that was why we can go in, but if we were about to take all our belongings and bring it inside the water park then we will need to pay again for the for the combo ticket holders, we can go in and out from the theme park as we want without need us to buy a new ticket..realizing that so we just left our belongings inside the luggage locker in the theme park..changed to a swim wear and went into the water park. After we have done enjoyed our heart out in the water park we just rinsed and dried ourselves a little bit and went in the theme park again...took our belongings into the changing room and got ourselves changed. 

Photo credited to Naquib

From left: Naquib, Voon, Me and Aida.

Aida is a student of Hotel Catering, and Naquib is a student of Electrical Engineering, thus Aida and Naquib were only there to accompany us, a Tourism students doing our video for our assignment (while playing out themselves! haha)

It's a wrap now!! ahh so damn tired but we had a real good time there!!
Before we started to make a move..again..a camwhoring session! LOL

Photo credited to Naquib

What a great time we had! after been struggled in doing assignments and studies I think it is good for us sometimes to get away from the "hair-pulling stress" situation (since this is our final year) and forget the world for a while with a little fun. Honestly, I don't think LEGOLAND Theme Park have an extreme rides ever because I have been to Genting Highland before and I think Genting have a way more extreme rides, LEGOLAND rides is a little bit soft and mostly suitable for kids..since it was a "land of LEGO"..the place was just being special because of its decoration which most of the things inside were all made out of LEGO bricks.

This is the map of the entire LEGOLAND theme park and its water park.

We bought ourselves a combo ticket priced RM125/pax because we used our friend service as a travel agent to get us a special price. I've also been told that as a students who have a "Siswa Card" (only applied to Malaysian IPT students) you can get a ticket of RM80 by just slashing your "Siswa Card"..too bad we did't even think of doing that. Nevermind, at least we still had a discount already..hahaha

[Here]'s where you can check all the ticket's prices available for the LEGOLAND entrance.

For more information about LEGOLAND Malaysia, kindly check their website and Facebook page out.

(click this photo)

Treat Your Inner Child Now!!! Because We Have! 

Photo credited to Aida 

Before I end this goes another "gedik" pose from me..LOL

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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