Saturday, 14 February 2015

Liebster Award


Hello kawaii pumpkins!!

Recently my kawaii Grace Aiko-chan nominated me for the Liebster Award and I'm feeling bad if I did't write a reply post to it! Arigatou ne Grace-chan! *blowing love bubbles to her*

Honestly before this I have been nominated for the Liebster Award once by my bubbly friend JasJas too, [HERE] is the post about the Liebster Award nominated by her!

Okay comes the rules first!

The rules:

1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions given by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 other blogs (who have less than 200 followers) and link them.
4. Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

Grace-chan's Questions:

1. In a full course meal, where there is a soup, salad, main dish and dessert. Which one would you eat first?

  • Dessert!! I have a sweet tooth hehe

2. Cute or pretty?

  • Can I pick both?? I love being both!

3. Chocolate or vanilla?

  • urmmm..why must I have to choose between two things that I love the most?? Both hehe!

4. Floral scent/ Wood Scent/ Fruit scent or others? If others please specific.

  • I love to smell something sweet, thus fruit scent is right up my alley! *forever fruity!*

5. "Me", "tortoise", "bridge" and "key". Use these four words to make a sentence (yes, you are allow to add additional words to link them)

  • etto...tortoise on the bridge gave me key? hahaha sounds silly of me but I don't care ahaha! *miu*

6. What is your long life dream?

  • Live in Japan

7. Refer to no.6, why?

  • Because am always loving Japan for its anime, manga, culture, fashion, cuisine & anything good about it!

8. Coffee or tea?

  • Both!

9. Do you prefer to follow the trend or go for timeless products?

  • Depends

10. Refer to no.9, why?

  • If the product is a real rave then there's must be something great about the product, then I will probably take action to try..and for the timeless products, there's must be a reasons too why they are still famous for generations. To find what benefits it can give to me is my only domain no matter it is a trend or a timeless products, if it is just a trend and nothing really great about it after I've tried it, I will consider it as not worth to go on with tho it is a trend. No matter if it is a trend or timeless, I will only go after the product if it can bring something good to me.

11. Use one word to describe yourself.

  • etto..there's a lot to describe about myself..but here goes one word that came across my mind.."Lipstick"..hehe

My Questions:

1. What is your childhood idol?
2. Which part of your body that you love the most and take care a lot?
3. Your favorite food all the time?
4. What kind of makeup do you love the most and why? (eg. lippies, eyelashes, blushers & etc)
5. If someone want to sponsor your for plastic surgery, which feature of your face you would like to alter and why?
6. Rose or Peony?
7. What kind of cake do you love?
8. Dangerous thing you ever did? 
9. Scariest moment in your life?
10. Happiest thing that ever happened in your life?
11. Do you love snow? why?

My nominees??

All of you girls! I thought it is never wrong for just anyone to be nominated, be it you have more than 200 followers of fewer, everybody worth to get known! If you have nothing fun to do right now then you can just kill some time answering my questions and let everybody around to get know to you!
Hit the keyboard and get to know each other now!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. No.5
    Tortoise = your partner
    Me = you
    Key = solution
    bridge = the obstacle

    depends on how you construct your sentence, it kinda represent how your love life is going to be :D
    It's a game my friend played with me~ but I don't think it's 100% correct haha!

    1. Really?? Hahahaha Idk about it at all, I just thought of constructing a simple sentence using all those words hahaha xD


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