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My Top 5 Items To Buy From Lazada


Hello yogurt smoothies!

Lazada is not such a newbie to me that I was just stumbled upon anymore, because I've been knowing this website quite long ago since it was first established. The smartphone that I'm using right now is also from Lazada.

Few days ago I just had nothing to do so I just wander around through online and took a look at Lazada website. Took almost 3 hours looking at what they currently have and decided myself to make a list of what items that I would like to have in future! (So many things that I wanted actually but probably some of them will take me a little bit time to buy because as a student I still could't afford so many things-unless I dare myself to open my mouth a bit and start a words to persuade my parents..but yeah..sounds not too nice to be a demanding child huh..hahahaha)

So here comes a list of what my top 5 items I would like to get from Lazada!

Apple Iphone 6 | iOS 8

I actually used to had this one smartphone from Samsung that I really loved because it was in a pink color, but then during my third semester there was this one unknown rascal who stole it during the class (I remembered I've put it inside my bag, neatly zipped) I'm kinda sad so I bought a new smartphone from Android, a Note 2 smartphone few days later. Unfortunately now it seems like it is on the verge of ruining (probably because it kept "kissing" the floor almost all the time..clumsy me that is). Well guess I need a new one now. To be frank..lately I've been pulled by a great magnet that Apple have, I do really interested towards the quite new Iphone 6 that Apple just introduced (click [HERE] to see it in Lazada) because I would like to try its iOS 8 OS, I've been an Android user all of this time, so now I thought it is a time to try a different OS...I'm also had enough of using a white colored phone because it's fastly seen dirty because yah..you how the white color is rite..that's why I'm choosing the darker color now. Besides that case, I also stunned by the look that the new Iphone 6 have, it is elegant & slimmer than the previous one. Lazada did offers the best price for this too! Also because I ever bought lotsa things from Lazada before so I can confidently say that the delivery is quite fast and trusted.

Apple Ipod Touch 5th Generation

All of this time I'm just listening to the musics through my lappy & smartphone only. I do feels inconvenient sometimes whenever someone give me a buzz on phone because I need to stop the music and get to the person whom calling (what a distraction while listening to the boomboom musics!). While taking a look at Lazada I found this Apple Ipod Touch 5th generation (click [HERE] to see it in Lazada), the soft peachy pink color and the new sophisticated design kills my eyes and my inner voice started to whisper one naughty word to me namely "BUY"..hahaha! But we'll see first how I will manage my money in this near future. I actually would really love to have Sony NWZ-A15 player for its high resolution audio but unfortunately Lazada does not offer that. Nevermind I'm hoping in future they will!

Sony Alpha A5100 Camera

As a blogger, and to press it more deeply..as a blogger who often blogs about makeup and stuff, I need to at least have few of cameras with a good resolution to snap a good photos for my blogging purpose. So far I only have one camera from Samsung in WB35F model which is also bought from Lazada before and whenever I think about it again, I need a camera that comes with a better quality than what I already have now which is also can play as the backup as well...in case if my camera will go crazy one day. I don't want to leave my blog for a few weeks covered in dust without blogging at all just because I don't have a proper camera as a backup for the photos part when something happens to my current camera. Plus the camera that I'm using right now is not the best too, well it does have 16 megapixels but I would like to have something more better like this Sony Alpha A5100 Camera (click [HERE] to see it in Lazada) since a lot of my beauty blogger buddies were using this too and it's perceived that this camera has better quality to snap a nice photos of makeup!

Koji Dolly Wink Eyeshadow in Country Retro 03 Blue Orange

Since I'm a beauty & cosmetics enthusiast, it is not a complete me if I did't include some beauty item in my top 5 list rite, haha. I really love this brand, even if the world will go upside down, and even if my retarded friend will say that this brand was made from shit, I'll slap her right away and still grab this product.(we're a good friends, so don't worry when I call her retard because she also called me a retard, hahaha). Unfortunate days for me because I did't have a chance to grab this before at Sasa Malaysia since now this is not available at any Sasa outlets anymore (discontinued I guess?? because there were so many old Dolly Wink products that aren't available anymore), but to have stumbled upon this on Lazada gave me a brighter hope of having this on my vanity table again. Surely will get this Koji Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Country Retro (click [HERE] to see it in Lazada) soon before it's really vanish from this world!

Koji Dolly Wink Eyeshadow in Colorful Pop 04 Green Pink

Not having so much differences compared to the Retro Pop but yeah obviously just the colors, this one is the Koji Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Colorful Pop (click [HERE] to see it in Lazada) Also not available at any Sasa outlets anymore but too happy that suddenly came across it and that I realized Lazada still have it, just wait the time for me to grab it later! Will be a huge regret if I miss this too!

That's it! These are my top 5 items that I would include in my wishlist for now, though I still did't know when will I get my hands on it (but for sure those 2 eyeshadows will be the first things I will grab first in this near future since they aren't too pricey for me to have for now, because the rest needs me to collect some money first before I hit buy).

You can check out the products at Lazada
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See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. I want that camera toooooooo!!! But still to expensive for me. T_T

    1. Kannnn...but yeah..quite expensive for us students! oh my how I wish I dah bekerja & ada duit sendiri..haha T.T

  2. i love love lovee Dolly Wink! the eyeliner is amazing <3

    1. Trueee Robin!! I can't even describe how much I love DW because I loves them so much! We're gang! ^_^


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