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[Review] Dolly Wink Eyelashes in No. 102 & No. 16 [コージー本舗 ドーリーウインク]

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Ohaiyo salmon sashimi!!

I cannot live without a falsies nowadays, did you feel the same way too?? then hurrah! Let's read about one of the best falsies brand around!

Koji Dolly Wink Eyelashes in 102 Pure Chocolate & 16 Dolly Mix

If you're an avid falsies user, I bet you must be familiar with this falsies from Koji Dolly Wink brand, produced by Tsu-chan which have the best fake eyelashes ever! I would say this is the best brand for falsies if you're searching for a pair! they offers a wide range of falsies types, from thick to thin, from full to half and most importantly, with the most comfortable bendable thin band!

Dolly Wink also serves their fans with this lovely bulky packaging (the packaging looks like a bottle of EDT to me which I finds adorable!), with a flowers details and of course, the face of Tsu-chan on top never fails to cheer us up to fangirl her even more!

Came with 2 pairs of lashes for each case, together with a mini lash glue inside.

Each case will have the Tsu-chan's eyes at the back of the packaging with the eyelashes on, this is so convenient to gives an idea to the users on how the eyes will looks like with that lashes on!

Now, shall we start with this No. 16 Dolly Mix lashes first??

The first thing that I would consider in the first place before I pick any falsies is their band. Simply to put, Dolly Wink specialty is that they mostly have a clear, very thin & almost unseen band, besides it is easy to be bent which can follow the shape of your lash line and prevent the falsies from unattached to the skin and fall down like most of the other falsies did.

No. 16 Dolly Mix seems so pretty and perfy to be featured on if you are after that dolly & huge eye look. Dolly Mix sounds like you're mixed with a doll or..kinda..hahah at least to's sounds catchy there..aha!

The pattern is just so lovely and delivers the kawaii eyes to the user. This is also the NEW lashes produced by Tsu-chan! I'm more than happy that I got my hands on it!

I did't wear an eyeshadow and contacts, I'm just wearing this No. 16 Dolly Mix to show you how it will looks like when it was attached to the eyes.

I think it will be more pretty to wear a falsies with some eyeshadows plus contacts. Btw, for a better view of this No. 16 Dolly Mix, you can refer to my previous post [HERE] where the look that I did featured this lashes.

Name: Koji Dolly Wink Eyelash No. 16 Dolly Mix
Made in: Japan
Price: RM58.90
Availability: Sasa Outlet
Net weight: -

No. 102 Pure Chocolate, a nice & kawaii name don't you think?

This No. 102 Pure Chocolate is a demi lashes, some people say accent lashes, some people say demi and some people will just call it a half lashes. Call it whatever you want but this demi lashes is not in the black color. Just how it was named, Pure that's how it looks like. It is in the color of light brown and I finds that it looks natural yet kawaii and still capable of giving that neo gal gyaru look!

This is my eyes with No. 102 Pure Chocolate on to show you how it will looks like.
Again, I'm not wearing an eyeshadow & contacts in this photo.

I did wore this in my previous Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette review post [HERE], do check that out to see how it will looks like with an eyeshadows on!

Dolly Wink eyelashes is also very lightweight, you don't even feels like wearing one whenever you are! I hate wearing something that can make my eyelids feels heavy like what most falsies do!

Name: Koji Dolly Wink Eyelash No. 102 Pure Chocolate
Made in: Japan
Price: RM58.90
Availability: Sasa Outlet
Net weight: -


  • Adorable packaging
  • Lightweight 
  • Clear, thin and bendable band 
  • Looks natural
  • Comfortable on eyes
  • Mini glue provided inside


  • The glue is not strong enough
  • Quite pricey for just 2 pairs 

Honestly I think that the mini glue provided in the case is not that strong, especially if it's accidentally splashed with a little water or blown away by a strong wind, it will start to fall down. Since it's very lightweight thus it needs a strong glue to make it strongly attached on your lash line. Other than that I think Koji Dolly Wink lashes is just so nice & awesome!

I wanted to try Duo lash glue but did't have a chance to get my hands on it yet..if any of you girls ever tried any lash glue which you finds very nice and can hold a lashes to the extend (very strong), do share with me in the comment below, I will appreciate it so much! So far I only using Koji Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix Glue and I wanted to try another best eyelash glue from the other brands also.

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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