Monday, 30 March 2015

Ohaiyo caramel puddings!

Taiwannnn! well what would you think if people say Taiwan? If it was me I would say Taiwan is a great place for two wheels (LOHAS style)

I know Taiwan has a lot to offer when it comes to a travel trip there, it can be a divine place for a foodie person, a shopper's dreamer of shopping district with a lot of markets & shops snake around for a shopaholics, and also a great place for LOHAS lifestyle (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability).

I haven't been to Taiwan before tho quite many of my friends and family had been there before, only me left behind (sedih tak? = sad rite?), and I think it is a good opportunity if I get to go someday, really.
Taiwan is always one of my favorite list to go on travel someday. During my secondary, my teachers always said that women in Taipei is really beautiful. I was only 15 that time, and till now I still believe what my teachers said, well..I watched TV as well ok, so I've ever watched few Taiwanese movies as well. Yeah, women there are really pretty though. Hahahaha (but this is not really the main reason of why I wanted to go there, what? you think I'm a Lesbo huh?? LOLSS!!)

During my younger ages, I don't even know where the heck Taiwan is. I thought it was in the middle of china, but actually Taiwan is the Chinese island nation which is located at the heart of asia, a little bit below than Japan. That's why Taiwan is called as the Heart of Asia. I ever read about Taiwan in my travel guide before, and what I know Taiwan is a country that blessed with a lot of scenic places & view to treat your sight. That is why, practicing LOHAS in Taiwan is just the precious idea ever!

I was born in KL and raised up in Terengganu since I was 8 and up, I lived in the small orchard in Terengganu. All I know was everyday I will saw a monyet (monkey) and tupai (squirrel) running like a champions on our trees every time I step out from my house, orchard rite? what you really think orchard have instead of just a tons of fruit trees and the animals like I've mentioned. Don't expect me to suddenly say I saw a sky scrapper building every time I go out from my house. I'm really used to a green sight around my house which is almost like living in the wood. Since my dad is living separately from my mom (because he's working in KL) so sometimes I will visit him and tour myself around KL, and I'm used to an urbanization around KL as well, the busy city with a lot of tall buildings. So I really thought of escaping from the busy city and a green wood sight full of monkeys around and do something more relaxing like enjoying the scenic view and go to spas having some massages.

So in this post I'm gonna expose you guys a little bit to let you guys know how LOHAS is great in Taiwan and why I wanted to go there..look at the photos below because with photos it will tell more than what words did!


Taiwan is blessed with a beautiful scenery that can become a paradise for a cyclist, I haven't go out and cycling for an ages. I loves cycling without an intention on going to a specific place, it is kinda like getting myself lost and just enjoy the sight. Thus..I truly feels like cycling again and enjoy the beautiful sight around. During my younger days, I used to go cycling with my dad around my house area and life is so full with monkeys' I really wish to not seeing any monkeys again while cycling..hahaha (just kidding, I don't hate monkey lah)..reflecting to this, beautiful scene that Taiwan have for cycling activity really is a blessing moment for cyclist!

Hot Spring & Bath House

Since Taiwan is so famous with its with more than 100 dense hot spring areas around the island, who would't want to dip the whole body of yours and sit in a relaxing mode there? It is like mind relaxing time, escape your mind & soul for a while and only think of how great you feel at the moment. Definitely a top hit to try their hot spring if I could be in Taiwan! I wanted to try their famous bath house as well, where I could really sit and soak my whole body and appreciate my personal time together with my good friend!

Spa & Massage

Photo source

Second famous stuff about Taiwan after their popular hot spring spots is enjoying the massage at their spas. How nice it feels, when you just need to lay out on the bed and get someone with a warm hands to massage your back..I'm feeling like the bed could be my sleeping beauty bed if I could be at their spas (not even feeling like getting up..LOL) 

Rape Flower Field

Photo source

What's next? ever watched a romantic kind of films or movies? where the beautiful paired up couple would go running across the field of a beautiful flowers, open the arms and feels the soft blown breeze greet your face, isn't it sounds so heaven to live? I ever heard about the scenic field of rape flowers in Taitung county, Taiwan and if I could just be there, running through the field, acting as if I am free from any worldly troubles..I can say that I feels my life is so much blessed! This place is listed in my "Places to see list" before I get old and unable to move on wheel chair..LOLs

Sakura Sightseeing in Yamingshan

Just near with Taipei city, there is a beautiful garden in Yamingshan National Park. Blessed with a sakura view (sakuraaaaa!! *screaming in my heart* coz I'm a die-hard fan of sakura flower!), this place also have a lot more flowers other than sakura. I'm truly a fan of flowers (flowery girl is it?) so if only I can step into this on earth paradise, get myself blended in the middle of the bulk of flowers, what more can I say if you can see how heaven it is yourself? This really reminds me of Japan..oh a bunch of photos is great at this place too! *feeling princessy!*

Tai Chi

Photo source

While on the journey of escaping myself, an escape from the city would't be completed if Tai Chi or Yoga isn't on the list! I did't really do Yoga, nor that I ever tried Tai Chi before..but Tai Chi just sounds so good, releasing the negative ions with the oriental kind of moves..would be perfect if it is done under the delightful sunset roofing on you! (or maybe at the beautiful garden)


This looks so much fun rite, flying in the air and see the view from above is also great!! I did't know Taiwan have paragliding as well (I thought Taiwan is only blessed with the beautiful scenery only) Now, I believe I could fly~~ wooohhh (excited feeling coming from nowhere but photo)

I'm mostly attracted to see the beautiful & scenic sight that Taiwan have and enjoy their spa & hot spring in the first place. This things really grab my attention because probably we're born in a different place and traveling just to see what others got in their country (like the beautiful places, nice food & etc) is what we really aimed. Not only that it can create a new environment to us, but also mind relaxing, especially doing LOHAS lifestyle. Well since most of my friends already visited Taiwan, I too..wanted to see how beautiful Taiwan is based on what my friends said about this Heart of Asia country. Now feeling like going there already??


Seek for more info about Taiwan here:

Time For Taiwan
Taiwan Net

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Friday, 27 March 2015

Ohaiyo minna-chan! *waving hands*

Yeah..I'm a dry skin type, I think have said that almost like a hundreds of time in my previous posts rite. So not going to elaborate more on my annoying dry skin here, dig on my previous posts in case if you just want to know about that..LOLs

Alright, I think it has been like 2-3 weeks I've been using this products from Citra Mulia. I just can't keep this good news to myself rite, so now I'm telling you guys, this products is awesome!
A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Want me to say again? Awesome!

During the CNY holiday ago, I worked on my part time job at Johor Bahru City Square Mall. You know that air-conditioned place was like sucking out all of the moisture that my skin have, leaving my skin very very annoyingly dry, and itchy. I gave up thinking for the instant way to restore back all the moisture that I lost during the work of 12 hours daily for the whole week there. However then, few days later Citra Mulia suggested me to try their products.

Frankly speaking, I'm kind a little bit skeptical towards this brand at first because I never heard about them before, plus I was told by them that their brand was imported from Indo. I'm not gonna say that a products from Indonesia is not good, but a lot of them did have a prohibited chemicals based on what I've always read over internet and newspaper.

Though the Citra Mulia is a KKM approved, I just cannot help myself from being a little bit skeptical towards them because I really never heard about them before. The prices is not cheap anyway, so I'm truly confused in guessing, "is it really good??" and "is it really safe??"..I don't take light on the products that I will be using on my skin, because I thought that once your skin is ruined, nothing can treat them so easily and it will rip your pocket more later on.

Then I have pull an all nighter to just checking on all of the ingredients that these products have, I searched online for every single name of the ingredients. A good news is all of the ingredients is really a KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) approved ingredients, and it is even an FDA approved as well in overseas. Now I'm glad it is safe to be used, so my determination on using continued within the past 2 weeks.

My verdict: I feels that my skin is much more smoother, and even some of my friends said that my skin is much more brighter than before (Although I already have a fair yellowish toned skin) I used to had some small bumps on my forehead before but now they're gone too. My skin became really really smooth like seriously, well moisturized and looks dewy. Everybody in my class noticed this changes as well and they keep asking me of what I've used..Now if you ever heard about the new products, research is all what you need to finalize whether you want to use it or not. Now I see, not all the products from Indo is bad huh?. This one just do great! haha

Here's how the whole products that I'm using looks like. 

Dr.Herbal Whitening A&B Cream, The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum & The Face Supreme Whitening Day Gel Serum

The products I'm currently using consist of 3, which the Dr.Herbal Whitening A&B cream, The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum and The Face Supreme Whitening Day Gel Serum.

The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum 

The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum

Among these 3 products I'm currently use, I love The Face Supreme Whitening Night & Day Gel Serum the most! They comes in a watery-like gel consistency, which can promotes a dewy & hydrated looking skin, besides giving an instant glow in the face because of the micro shimmery particles it have in the gel. The packaging looks stunning to me as well, it comes in a plastic jar so if it falls it will not gonna break so easily.

Those rings are made from a micro shimmery particles that was fused together with the gel inside the jar. The packaging looks brilliant and I thought it was some kind of packaging trick at first to make it looks interesting & beautiful, but actually it is the part of the product itself. That shimmery silver rings works by promoting the dewy look, don't worry, it wasn't that shimmering that it turns your face into a disco ball, it just will gives you an instant glow in the face, for a healthy dewy looking skin. The silver rings was made from a little bit of gold.

I seriously love the gel consistency the most!

BTW, just a tips, do not use it too much on the face, because the watery feel on the skin might gives you an oily feel especially if you're an oily type. Despite of just this, this product just do great in everything else!

Name: The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum
Made in: Indonesia
Price: RM69.90
Availability: Citra Mulia Website
Net weight: 50ml
*Product was given for a review purpose

The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum 

 The Face Supreme Whitening Day Gel Serum

This is The Face Supreme Whitening Day Gel Serum. As what you can see apparently it doesn't have much difference compared to The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum, besides just the color. So this works just as the same as the Night Gel Serum did. Yeah, both of The Face Supreme Whitening Day & Night Gel Serum wins my heart because of their efficiency in fixing my dry skin problem! I don't really think this enhance the skin tone like making it more fairer or what like how it was named (Supreme Whitening), I think it just gives an enough hydration for the skin. Well probably need to use much more longer to really notice the difference? LOL Otherwise I still love them for the moisturizing part, long live the hydrated skin!

The gold rings, beautiful aren't they??

The watery-like gel consistency just like The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum.

Because both The Face Supreme Whitening Night & Day Gel Serum came with no spatula at all, I used the spatula that came together with Dr.Herbal to scoop out the gel. I always love a hygienic method in using any products. I really wish they will provide a mini spatula inside the box in future so there will be no more a hygienic issue.

Name: The Face Supreme Whitening Day Gel Serum
Made in: Indonesia
Price: RM69.90
Availability: Citra Mulia Website
Net weight: 50ml
*Product was given for a review purpose

Dr.Herbal Whitening AB Cream

Dr. Herbal Whitening AB Cream

Well now move on to the other one more product. It is the Dr. Herbal Whitening A&B Cream. A is the Day cream, while B is a Night cream. Both comes in the small sized glass jar with a gold cap, which looks exclusive enough to me. Honestly, I don't really favor in using day and night cream before, coz I heard that most products out there contains mercury in both day & night cream. Since Citra Mulia is a KKM approved, I'm not worry to try them anymore. Their Day & Night cream is not bad at all too. Just that I don't really love the fragrancy scent of both. Other than that is just nice. I've used a really small amount of both creams and both works just fine. A good product is not judged by the amount, but the result it gave. It's not too good to use a large amount too as it will clogs your pores later. That's what I learnt.

They came with 2 mini spatulas as well, I'm not only using the spatula for these two, but also for The Face Supreme Whitening Night & Day Gel Serum because they did't provided a spatula inside the boxes. Hahaha!

Name: Dr. Herbal Whitening AB Cream
Made in: Indonesia
Price: RM99.90
Availability: Citra Mulia Website
Net weight: 20g
*Product was given for a review purpose

This is how my skin looks like after 2 weeks using it

I did not edit this photo except for just the watermark. I did't wear any foundation or BB cream too before taking the photo to show you guys how the real skin really looks like after using it within 2 weeks.

And of course, I'm happy without wearing any makeup now if I can have this kind of clear & smooth skin everyday! *shiawase*

Watch my video about my take on these products, and how I used them on my daily basis!
(BTW, sorry for the bad quality, I'm not really a youtuber LOL)

Milano Ashley Rose and Green Tea Hand & Body Moisturizer

Milano Ashley Rose Tea & Green Tea Hand & Body Moisturizer

Milano Ashley Rose Tea and Green Tea Hand & Body Moisturizer. Loving their scents so much. This hand & body moisturizer or called as a lotion have a really nice scents. Ever used lotion before? So this 2 have no difference than the normal lotion I've ever used before except just for their nice scents of green tea and rose tea. It's indeed locks the moisture in the skin whenever I use it at night before I sleep. Just that one thing I don't really like is it doesn't absorbs that fast, and can leave an oily feel if you use too much. Other than that is just nice, including the moisture it gives towards the skin.

The brilliant packaging! Press on where it told you to press,
and look....

This is impressive to me, I don't need to open & close the cap like most of the lotion's packaging out there do anymore. Just press and the inside cap will pop up, and there's a hole through the cap where when you squeeze the body of the bottle it will dispense the content out.

This is how the lotion looks like.

I blended it into the skin of the back of my hand and looks the difference. The left one looks much more well moisturized than the right one. I love the scents so much anyway, it makes me feels much more relaxed especially before I sleep!

Name: Milano Ashley Rose And Green Tea Hand & Body Moisturizer
Made in: Indonesia
Price: RM18.50/pcs
Availability: Citra Mulia Website
Net weight: 500ml/pcs
*Product was given for a review purpose

Because this products is awesome, I believe that I should't keep it to myself only huh? So now put your hands up if you feel like trying out these products as well! I'm giving away one (1) full set consist of Dr. Herbal Whitening A&B Cream, The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum and The Face Supreme Whitening Day Gel Serum the first place winner. The other two will win a pair of Milano Ashley Green Tea & Rose Tea Hand & Body Moisturizer Citra Mulia! All of these prizes worth over RM300!

I bought the prizes using my own money, because I think their products is worth a try, so I want you guys to try them too.

In conclusion, I will find a 3 winners for this giveaway! Excited enough? Join my giveaway! This giveaway only open for Malaysian Residents only.

Complete these simple steps on Rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway!
The giveaway start today (28th April 2015) till April 25th 2015! Good Luck!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Hallo kirei people!

Have you sometimes annoyed to the facts that you need to surf like almost "hundreds" of websites or online shops (wuuuh that's a lot, kidding only haha) just to search for something you really long for or need with a good price deal before you really decided to buy?? too, sometimes though. I'm actually just very picky on everything when it comes to an online purchase, and sometimes most of the unfamiliar online shops nowadays losing our faith in them because of their terrible service. In addition, I hate spending hours in front of my PC too searching for the right website just to make a purchase.

But since I encountered this new start-up e-commerce website, iPrice, say no to this problem anymore!! Now save your total damage of time to just at one stop destination where you can definitely purchase a variety of stuff from a different website, on the same platform.


Worry not spending your money on an unfamiliar websites because iPrice's affiliates are from the renowned online shopping websites that everybody has already knew, such as Lazada, Zalora, Reebonz, Style Tribute, and etc! 

iPrice also consist of two, which is iPrice Shop, where you can buy all the things that are offered by their partners' online shopping website, and also iPrice coupons, where you get to know what's promotion is ongoing on their partners' online shopping website as well, and get the discount codes from there!

In short, you can search what item you would like to buy (there're many categories for the items there too such as health & beauty, electronic, clothing, bags, shoes, kids & toys and etc!!) just at one stop destination which is iPrice. Once you have found the item you wanted to buy, click on it and it will lead you to the website to which the items are offered.

Still Unclear??
Let Me Show You How Handy iPrice Is!

iPrice Shop:

This is the iPrice shop. 

Ok, since I'm a beauty blogger, what's a life without linking to this category of health & beauty?
So I chose the category of health & beauty to shop.

Now here I'm interested to buy the Atomy-Evening Skin Care 4 Set so I moved the cursor on the item.
It will instantly show you where the item was offered on. Atomy-Evening Skin Care 4 Set was sold on one of the iPrice partner website, Lazada. Click on it.

Then it led me to Lazada, which is the website that offered this stuff for purchase.
Then here I can safely secure my purchase for this item on this website.

Gahh! See? Now I don't need to spend hours anymore searching for the items to buy with a load of tabs on my chrome from a different websites. Getting sick too opening too many tabs on my chrome that can make my internet go slowpoke.
iPrice helped me by offering the items from a trusted online shopping websites that became their partners, and send me to the website which sell the items that I decided to purchase. Shopping can be much more EASIER, SAFE referring to the fact that the websites that became the iPrice's partners are all trustworthy, and wasting not my precious time.

Now, let's go for the coupon part.

iPrice Coupons: 

Now this is the coupons that the iPrice offer. When you hit the "Get Coupon Code" tab, the pop up box that offer you a discount code which to be used at your checkout will appear. It also have the expiry date, do check on top of the coupon box (like in the photo), it will state whether when the coupon/offer will be expired, ongoing and have already expired.

However, when you hit "Get this Offer" it will never provide you with a discount code, it will just lead you to that online shopping website's sale page. Means it will show you what items is on the sale now.

Let me show you an example like below.

I hit the "Get Coupon Code", and something like this popped up. Copy the code, and hit "Go to Zalora".

And tadaahh! You're now have a discount code, and on the online shopping website that you've chose! Just go on with your shopping and use the code at your checkout. Shopping can never be much more happier without an off!

So, why need to stop at more than one destination when you have iPrice, your one stop destination for shopping?
Hope this help you guys, shopaholic!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Good day mocha latte!

4 days ago my face was emblazoned on the middle pages of Harian Metro 5th March (Thursday) edition for the step by step makeup featured with the recently released NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation which is one drop of weightless fluid have a power for a perfect makeup coverage. Did you bought?? Hehe
Btw, do check out my post about this amazing NARS foundation [HERE]!

I'm so blessed to be alive at this point. Since I was a child I've been finding something I'm able to do but I was hopeless. Found nothing I can even do. However at 15, I've found this lady who owned a blog, while surfing for the makeup info (I've grown an interest towards makeup since I was still at 8, bet you will surprise but it is). Since then, my life has changed.

I wondered at the first time I saw her blog..why people would writing? I mean what did they actually get by doing it rite? That was probably one of my honest thought during immaturity. While in the meantime I was still amazed with what she have wrote & shared, I think she is my source of inspiration till nowadays. After like almost two years being one of her loyal reader, I've started to understand something.

People who is called as blogger write because when people read it it will give them a happiness. As now I'm one of the bloggers out there, though just a fresh noob one but now I can link to the reasons of why they write. When we are happy and motivated we will start to care about our readers. That's one of the important things I realized. We will start to share something sincerely to help the people out there who is finding something beneficial from our shared words that we spread through an accessible online medium called blog. Thus, writing has became one of the factor to feel more carefree about living and share!

Found out she have created her own community, The Butterfly Project Malaysia afterwards, then I joined in. Now blogging has been one of my passion. I will write whenever I feels depressed, or to make a share of something. It is surprisingly have made me happy, like really. Especially when my thoughts was read by people, and they even left me with their honest comments. I took bad comments as a builder and a nice comments as a motivation. My life has been changed a lot. I even made a new friends through this network too! Since I joined this community, the new opportunities kept coming to me and I felt blessed. This is indeed such a memory during younger days, I'm hoping to experience many more amazing things in my life as long as I can!

The woman is Tammy Lim, a blogger from Plus Size Kitten, she has already blog for like 7 years and more now, and now I'm writing this not to be a kaki kipas, penhawa dingin or whatsoever, just sincerely stating out that I adores her, be it her hard work to success and everything. Like she is truly a wonder woman to me who have became one of the great inspiration to my life too!

Thank you to Mama-chan Tammy Lim!
Without her I would't even be on the newspaper..LOL.
(I'm not being on newspaper because I was interviewed or what, I'm still quite new in blogging and still growing. This is somehow was just a step by step makeup shooting)

But still, I'm such a proud growing butterfly now!
The opportunities I got today is truly meaningful in showing what I'm capable of, I've found what I can even do now!
Thanks to my readers too, without you guys I will never be motivated to write more, some comments you have left made my day and made me happy to even share more of what I know!

Thanks NARS Malaysia for the products, and makeover done! They're the best!
And...thanks to the editors from Harian Metro too of course!

Thanks to my girlfriend, Rin-chan too because she gave me the snapshots of the newspaper, I'm truly too tied up with works lately and on the day the newspaper out, I'm too tired and slept almost half of the day and totally forgot to grab one! LOL!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Hello candies sprinkles!

I'm pretty sure that there wasn't only me that really insanely after the perfect & pretty lip shape so bad, guess you girls also eh?? Too bad because I don't really have it..arrghhh *flip table*

Anyway, no disappointment anymore because we girls can always use some tricks to satisfies ourselves thinking we really do have a perfect lips for a moment.

Now in this short post, here comes some tricks I learnt and have used every time I wore lipstick to make my lips looks symmetrically pretty. It's not only can promote the fuller looking lips, but also change the overall of your makeup appearance.

 This how my original lips looks like. I've been told by my mom that I have an oval lips with a thin upper, but some also said that I do have a normal full lips with a little bit curve on top. Despite that, I myself still don't have any idea of what kind of shape does my lips really belong to till now. All I know is I really hope to get a perky lips with a curvy cupid's bow & natural lines like what Tsu-chan and Angelababy have!

Photo: Tsubasa Masuwaka (Tsu-chan)

See how pretty Tsu-chan's lips is, she have a very perky lips with such a pretty detailed curvy natural lines and cupid's bow. 

Photo: Angelababy

I actually really adores the Angelababy's lips too..her lips is quite similar to Tsu-chan's..the perky top on the center of upper lip (around cupid's bow) with the curvy inwards both of her lip's natural lines to the each corners of her lips.

If you have no idea of what is the natural lines and cupid's bow that I'm talking about then look at the photo below.

This is my lips with the dotted lines to show you how I create a perfect lip lining rather than having my original straight & plain shaped lips without so many curves..LOL!

Some people also called the natural lines as "Vermilion Borders" but I labelled them as "Natural Lines" because I thought you guys might think this so called "scientific name" is hard to be remembered and later I'm worried you guys will be confused. I understand it that you guys have a memory problem rite..I mean scientific name is really hard to be remembered, yeah..haha! *kidding*

So in the photo above I've lined out my Natural Lines a bit curvy inwards to promote such an outstanding perky top on the center of upper lip around the cupid's bow (Also to cover my original plain lips). Like the kind of lips that Tsu-chan & Angelababy have.

My plain lips changed its shape to the full perky lips after lining and apply it with my lipstick!

I used red lipstick from Maybelline Color Show in Red My Lips because red color has proven that they can cover better for the perfect lip shape look! I used my lip brush to line out my lips using the same lipstick and after that just fill in the center to outwards. I've also applied one swipe of lipgloss as well to promote the more plumper lips look.

However you can still use any lipstick color of your choice, just make sure to line your lips first before you start fill in the center to enhance the shape to the perfection!

Below is the lining guide for a perfect lip shape for all kind of lips!

The dotted lines shows you where to line your lips to balance it out for the perfect shape.

Now the homework is to identify what shape of lips did you have and try to line it out the way you wanted! Let us all have our admirable perfect lips!  
I hope this will help, good luck!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Friday, 6 March 2015

Hello beautiful ladies!

Might be a short post but I'm writing to let you girls know something. Being a bloggers & social influencers sometimes is not all about ourselves, but also how we can provide & give to others.

As a girl myself I realized it that todays world can be so cruel for a delicate & weak creatures like us women. Witnessed a women being abused everywhere today, be it verbally, mentally and even worse, physically. Look at those strong eyes that hide a lot of tears, being abused and pushed down with a fear, sometimes women have no place to let out those feeling and felt misplaced.

Thus in conjunction with International Women's Day, The Butterfly Project Malaysia, a Malaysia leading community for women's stuff will support the Marie Claire's fundraising activity by holding an Instagram selfie activity at Mandarin Oriental KL Hotel tomorrow between 2.30pm - 6pm where you can get cozy on the bed, window, bathroom and pose aligned to with the theme "Wake Up For A Good Cause" with a bare face. Each selfies uploaded with hashtags will get RM10 donated to Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) for charity.

A little bit about Women's Aid Organization (WAO)

Stop Violence Against Women!

Photo Source: Women's Aid Organization

WAO is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that support the women's rights.


  • To create a society that is free of violence against women

  • To promote and create respect, protection and fulfillment of equal rights for women. To work towards the elimination of discrimination against women, and to bring about equality between women and men.

  • The fundamental belief of Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) is that no one deserves to be battered. We believe that all human beings have the right to self determination and should have control over the conditions that shape their lives.

  1. To provide on request to women and their children suffering from mental, physical and sexual abuse, temporary refuge services that empower and enable them to determine their own future.
  2. To offer emotional and social support to any women who request for it, resident or otherwise, and offer support and after-care.
  3. To undertake and encourage research into any of the factors that contribute to the inequality and subordination of women.
  4. To undertake and advocate with government and non-government organisations the eradication of factors that contribute to the inequality and subordination of women through law, policy and institutional reforms.
  5. To create an awareness and better understanding among individuals, public and relevant agencies on the issues of violence against women and the underlying inequalities.

Since I could't be there tomorrow though I really really wanted to, then I'm sharing about this to let others know, this is the only thing I able to do to sincerely make a help to WAO. Lend a helping hand with an open arms on tomorrow! If you can do selfie everyday, why not tomorrow, plus with a good cause! Remember, gather around at Mandarin Oriental KL Hotel tomorrow between 2.30pm - 6pm

Mandarin Oriental KL Hotel's Lobby

Photo by Butterfly Project Malaysia

For more info about this fundraising activity, kindly visit The Butterfly Project Malaysia's page now!

And to know more about WAO you can straight away check their facebook & website below!

"You have no idea that your selfies tomorrow can contribute to some smiles in the future!"

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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