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A Perfect Lip Shape? Here's How!

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Hello candies sprinkles!

I'm pretty sure that there wasn't only me that really insanely after the perfect & pretty lip shape so bad, guess you girls also eh?? Too bad because I don't really have it..arrghhh *flip table*

Anyway, no disappointment anymore because we girls can always use some tricks to satisfies ourselves thinking we really do have a perfect lips for a moment.

Now in this short post, here comes some tricks I learnt and have used every time I wore lipstick to make my lips looks symmetrically pretty. It's not only can promote the fuller looking lips, but also change the overall of your makeup appearance.

 This how my original lips looks like. I've been told by my mom that I have an oval lips with a thin upper, but some also said that I do have a normal full lips with a little bit curve on top. Despite that, I myself still don't have any idea of what kind of shape does my lips really belong to till now. All I know is I really hope to get a perky lips with a curvy cupid's bow & natural lines like what Tsu-chan and Angelababy have!

Photo: Tsubasa Masuwaka (Tsu-chan)

See how pretty Tsu-chan's lips is, she have a very perky lips with such a pretty detailed curvy natural lines and cupid's bow. 

Photo: Angelababy

I actually really adores the Angelababy's lips too..her lips is quite similar to Tsu-chan's..the perky top on the center of upper lip (around cupid's bow) with the curvy inwards both of her lip's natural lines to the each corners of her lips.

If you have no idea of what is the natural lines and cupid's bow that I'm talking about then look at the photo below.

This is my lips with the dotted lines to show you how I create a perfect lip lining rather than having my original straight & plain shaped lips without so many curves..LOL!

Some people also called the natural lines as "Vermilion Borders" but I labelled them as "Natural Lines" because I thought you guys might think this so called "scientific name" is hard to be remembered and later I'm worried you guys will be confused. I understand it that you guys have a memory problem rite..I mean scientific name is really hard to be remembered, yeah..haha! *kidding*

So in the photo above I've lined out my Natural Lines a bit curvy inwards to promote such an outstanding perky top on the center of upper lip around the cupid's bow (Also to cover my original plain lips). Like the kind of lips that Tsu-chan & Angelababy have.

My plain lips changed its shape to the full perky lips after lining and apply it with my lipstick!

I used red lipstick from Maybelline Color Show in Red My Lips because red color has proven that they can cover better for the perfect lip shape look! I used my lip brush to line out my lips using the same lipstick and after that just fill in the center to outwards. I've also applied one swipe of lipgloss as well to promote the more plumper lips look.

However you can still use any lipstick color of your choice, just make sure to line your lips first before you start fill in the center to enhance the shape to the perfection!

Below is the lining guide for a perfect lip shape for all kind of lips!

The dotted lines shows you where to line your lips to balance it out for the perfect shape.

Now the homework is to identify what shape of lips did you have and try to line it out the way you wanted! Let us all have our admirable perfect lips!  
I hope this will help, good luck!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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