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Harian Metro: Step By Step Makeup By NARS Malaysia


Good day mocha latte!

4 days ago my face was emblazoned on the middle pages of Harian Metro 5th March (Thursday) edition for the step by step makeup featured with the recently released NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation which is one drop of weightless fluid have a power for a perfect makeup coverage. Did you bought?? Hehe
Btw, do check out my post about this amazing NARS foundation [HERE]!

I'm so blessed to be alive at this point. Since I was a child I've been finding something I'm able to do but I was hopeless. Found nothing I can even do. However at 15, I've found this lady who owned a blog, while surfing for the makeup info (I've grown an interest towards makeup since I was still at 8, bet you will surprise but it is). Since then, my life has changed.

I wondered at the first time I saw her blog..why people would writing? I mean what did they actually get by doing it rite? That was probably one of my honest thought during immaturity. While in the meantime I was still amazed with what she have wrote & shared, I think she is my source of inspiration till nowadays. After like almost two years being one of her loyal reader, I've started to understand something.

People who is called as blogger write because when people read it it will give them a happiness. As now I'm one of the bloggers out there, though just a fresh noob one but now I can link to the reasons of why they write. When we are happy and motivated we will start to care about our readers. That's one of the important things I realized. We will start to share something sincerely to help the people out there who is finding something beneficial from our shared words that we spread through an accessible online medium called blog. Thus, writing has became one of the factor to feel more carefree about living and share!

Found out she have created her own community, The Butterfly Project Malaysia afterwards, then I joined in. Now blogging has been one of my passion. I will write whenever I feels depressed, or to make a share of something. It is surprisingly have made me happy, like really. Especially when my thoughts was read by people, and they even left me with their honest comments. I took bad comments as a builder and a nice comments as a motivation. My life has been changed a lot. I even made a new friends through this network too! Since I joined this community, the new opportunities kept coming to me and I felt blessed. This is indeed such a memory during younger days, I'm hoping to experience many more amazing things in my life as long as I can!

The woman is Tammy Lim, a blogger from Plus Size Kitten, she has already blog for like 7 years and more now, and now I'm writing this not to be a kaki kipas, penhawa dingin or whatsoever, just sincerely stating out that I adores her, be it her hard work to success and everything. Like she is truly a wonder woman to me who have became one of the great inspiration to my life too!

Thank you to Mama-chan Tammy Lim!
Without her I would't even be on the newspaper..LOL.
(I'm not being on newspaper because I was interviewed or what, I'm still quite new in blogging and still growing. This is somehow was just a step by step makeup shooting)

But still, I'm such a proud growing butterfly now!
The opportunities I got today is truly meaningful in showing what I'm capable of, I've found what I can even do now!
Thanks to my readers too, without you guys I will never be motivated to write more, some comments you have left made my day and made me happy to even share more of what I know!

Thanks NARS Malaysia for the products, and makeover done! They're the best!
And...thanks to the editors from Harian Metro too of course!

Thanks to my girlfriend, Rin-chan too because she gave me the snapshots of the newspaper, I'm truly too tied up with works lately and on the day the newspaper out, I'm too tired and slept almost half of the day and totally forgot to grab one! LOL!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. sooo pretty! Nars make-up is perfect~

    1. Thank you Robin! Your words made my day! <3
      Yes, NARS make-up is indeed perfect! ^_^


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