Tuesday, 17 March 2015

iPrice: Why Need To Stop At More Than One Destination Just For Shopping?


Hallo kirei people!

Have you sometimes annoyed to the facts that you need to surf like almost "hundreds" of websites or online shops (wuuuh that's a lot, kidding only haha) just to search for something you really long for or need with a good price deal before you really decided to buy??

Urm..me too, sometimes though. I'm actually just very picky on everything when it comes to an online purchase, and sometimes most of the unfamiliar online shops nowadays losing our faith in them because of their terrible service. In addition, I hate spending hours in front of my PC too searching for the right website just to make a purchase.

But since I encountered this new start-up e-commerce website, iPrice, say no to this problem anymore!! Now save your total damage of time to just at one stop destination where you can definitely purchase a variety of stuff from a different website, on the same platform.


Worry not spending your money on an unfamiliar websites because iPrice's affiliates are from the renowned online shopping websites that everybody has already knew, such as Lazada, Zalora, Reebonz, Style Tribute, and etc! 

iPrice also consist of two, which is iPrice Shop, where you can buy all the things that are offered by their partners' online shopping website, and also iPrice coupons, where you get to know what's promotion is ongoing on their partners' online shopping website as well, and get the discount codes from there!

In short, you can search what item you would like to buy (there're many categories for the items there too such as health & beauty, electronic, clothing, bags, shoes, kids & toys and etc!!) just at one stop destination which is iPrice. Once you have found the item you wanted to buy, click on it and it will lead you to the website to which the items are offered.

Still Unclear??
Let Me Show You How Handy iPrice Is!

iPrice Shop:

This is the iPrice shop. 

Ok, since I'm a beauty blogger, what's a life without linking to this category of health & beauty?
So I chose the category of health & beauty to shop.

Now here I'm interested to buy the Atomy-Evening Skin Care 4 Set so I moved the cursor on the item.
It will instantly show you where the item was offered on. Atomy-Evening Skin Care 4 Set was sold on one of the iPrice partner website, Lazada. Click on it.

Then it led me to Lazada, which is the website that offered this stuff for purchase.
Then here I can safely secure my purchase for this item on this website.

Gahh! See? Now I don't need to spend hours anymore searching for the items to buy with a load of tabs on my chrome from a different websites. Getting sick too opening too many tabs on my chrome that can make my internet go slowpoke.
iPrice helped me by offering the items from a trusted online shopping websites that became their partners, and send me to the website which sell the items that I decided to purchase. Shopping can be much more EASIER, SAFE referring to the fact that the websites that became the iPrice's partners are all trustworthy, and wasting not my precious time.

Now, let's go for the coupon part.

iPrice Coupons: 

Now this is the coupons that the iPrice offer. When you hit the "Get Coupon Code" tab, the pop up box that offer you a discount code which to be used at your checkout will appear. It also have the expiry date, do check on top of the coupon box (like in the photo), it will state whether when the coupon/offer will be expired, ongoing and have already expired.

However, when you hit "Get this Offer" it will never provide you with a discount code, it will just lead you to that online shopping website's sale page. Means it will show you what items is on the sale now.

Let me show you an example like below.

I hit the "Get Coupon Code", and something like this popped up. Copy the code, and hit "Go to Zalora".

And tadaahh! You're now have a discount code, and on the online shopping website that you've chose! Just go on with your shopping and use the code at your checkout. Shopping can never be much more happier without an off!

So, why need to stop at more than one destination when you have iPrice, your one stop destination for shopping?
Hope this help you guys, shopaholic!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. Great info babe! Thanks, I didn't know there was such thing

    1. Yup! it is..it helps a lot in our shopping rite.
      You're welcome btw dear! ^_^

  2. i didn't know about this website yet. thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Robin! ^_^
      I was happy too to encounter this, it's indeed new but it sure does a great help on shopping, it offers coupons as well! ^_^

  3. Wow, thanks dear for introduce me this website! Can do more online shopping from now :P

    1. You're most welcome dear!
      Thanks for the drop by too ^_^


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