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Zao An Taiwan And It Is Time For Two Wheels And LOHAS Lifestyle!


Ohaiyo caramel puddings!

Taiwannnn! well what would you think if people say Taiwan? If it was me I would say Taiwan is a great place for two wheels (LOHAS style)

I know Taiwan has a lot to offer when it comes to a travel trip there, it can be a divine place for a foodie person, a shopper's dreamer of shopping district with a lot of markets & shops snake around for a shopaholics, and also a great place for LOHAS lifestyle (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability).

I haven't been to Taiwan before tho quite many of my friends and family had been there before, only me left behind (sedih tak? = sad rite?), and I think it is a good opportunity if I get to go someday, really.
Taiwan is always one of my favorite list to go on travel someday. During my secondary, my teachers always said that women in Taipei is really beautiful. I was only 15 that time, and till now I still believe what my teachers said, well..I watched TV as well ok, so I've ever watched few Taiwanese movies as well. Yeah, women there are really pretty though. Hahahaha (but this is not really the main reason of why I wanted to go there, what? you think I'm a Lesbo huh?? LOLSS!!)

During my younger ages, I don't even know where the heck Taiwan is. I thought it was in the middle of china, but actually Taiwan is the Chinese island nation which is located at the heart of asia, a little bit below than Japan. That's why Taiwan is called as the Heart of Asia. I ever read about Taiwan in my travel guide before, and what I know Taiwan is a country that blessed with a lot of scenic places & view to treat your sight. That is why, practicing LOHAS in Taiwan is just the precious idea ever!

I was born in KL and raised up in Terengganu since I was 8 and up, I lived in the small orchard in Terengganu. All I know was everyday I will saw a monyet (monkey) and tupai (squirrel) running like a champions on our trees every time I step out from my house, orchard rite? what you really think orchard have instead of just a tons of fruit trees and the animals like I've mentioned. Don't expect me to suddenly say I saw a sky scrapper building every time I go out from my house. I'm really used to a green sight around my house which is almost like living in the wood. Since my dad is living separately from my mom (because he's working in KL) so sometimes I will visit him and tour myself around KL, and I'm used to an urbanization around KL as well, the busy city with a lot of tall buildings. So I really thought of escaping from the busy city and a green wood sight full of monkeys around and do something more relaxing like enjoying the scenic view and go to spas having some massages.

So in this post I'm gonna expose you guys a little bit to let you guys know how LOHAS is great in Taiwan and why I wanted to go there..look at the photos below because with photos it will tell more than what words did!


Taiwan is blessed with a beautiful scenery that can become a paradise for a cyclist, I haven't go out and cycling for an ages. I loves cycling without an intention on going to a specific place, it is kinda like getting myself lost and just enjoy the sight. Thus..I truly feels like cycling again and enjoy the beautiful sight around. During my younger days, I used to go cycling with my dad around my house area and life is so full with monkeys' I really wish to not seeing any monkeys again while cycling..hahaha (just kidding, I don't hate monkey lah)..reflecting to this, beautiful scene that Taiwan have for cycling activity really is a blessing moment for cyclist!

Hot Spring & Bath House

Since Taiwan is so famous with its with more than 100 dense hot spring areas around the island, who would't want to dip the whole body of yours and sit in a relaxing mode there? It is like mind relaxing time, escape your mind & soul for a while and only think of how great you feel at the moment. Definitely a top hit to try their hot spring if I could be in Taiwan! I wanted to try their famous bath house as well, where I could really sit and soak my whole body and appreciate my personal time together with my good friend!

Spa & Massage

Photo source

Second famous stuff about Taiwan after their popular hot spring spots is enjoying the massage at their spas. How nice it feels, when you just need to lay out on the bed and get someone with a warm hands to massage your back..I'm feeling like the bed could be my sleeping beauty bed if I could be at their spas (not even feeling like getting up..LOL) 

Rape Flower Field

Photo source

What's next? ever watched a romantic kind of films or movies? where the beautiful paired up couple would go running across the field of a beautiful flowers, open the arms and feels the soft blown breeze greet your face, isn't it sounds so heaven to live? I ever heard about the scenic field of rape flowers in Taitung county, Taiwan and if I could just be there, running through the field, acting as if I am free from any worldly troubles..I can say that I feels my life is so much blessed! This place is listed in my "Places to see list" before I get old and unable to move on wheel chair..LOLs

Sakura Sightseeing in Yamingshan

Just near with Taipei city, there is a beautiful garden in Yamingshan National Park. Blessed with a sakura view (sakuraaaaa!! *screaming in my heart* coz I'm a die-hard fan of sakura flower!), this place also have a lot more flowers other than sakura. I'm truly a fan of flowers (flowery girl is it?) so if only I can step into this on earth paradise, get myself blended in the middle of the bulk of flowers, what more can I say if you can see how heaven it is yourself? This really reminds me of Japan..oh a bunch of photos is great at this place too! *feeling princessy!*

Tai Chi

Photo source

While on the journey of escaping myself, an escape from the city would't be completed if Tai Chi or Yoga isn't on the list! I did't really do Yoga, nor that I ever tried Tai Chi before..but Tai Chi just sounds so good, releasing the negative ions with the oriental kind of moves..would be perfect if it is done under the delightful sunset roofing on you! (or maybe at the beautiful garden)


This looks so much fun rite, flying in the air and see the view from above is also great!! I did't know Taiwan have paragliding as well (I thought Taiwan is only blessed with the beautiful scenery only) Now, I believe I could fly~~ wooohhh (excited feeling coming from nowhere but photo)

I'm mostly attracted to see the beautiful & scenic sight that Taiwan have and enjoy their spa & hot spring in the first place. This things really grab my attention because probably we're born in a different place and traveling just to see what others got in their country (like the beautiful places, nice food & etc) is what we really aimed. Not only that it can create a new environment to us, but also mind relaxing, especially doing LOHAS lifestyle. Well since most of my friends already visited Taiwan, I too..wanted to see how beautiful Taiwan is based on what my friends said about this Heart of Asia country. Now feeling like going there already??


Seek for more info about Taiwan here:

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See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. nice write up! ^^

  2. Aaa.. kawaii nye~ Nice post on Taiwan dear. All the best to you!


    1. Aww thanks Miriam! Yours is nice too! <3 (^w^)

  3. I should head down there and check it out. In the meantime , maybe fancy a travel blog post ? Get you inspired on where to go next ! :)

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    1. Thankf for the follow Wandee, I'm following you too..thanks for the drop by here also..will definitely check out all your links later dear! =)


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