Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Where To Shop Some Rare Fashion In Pandan, Johor


Good day churros!

I've been searching for the different blouse quite a while because it's hard to find something a bit unusual when it comes to fashion in Malaysia, especially in this Pasir Gudang area..and I think finding a good fashion in KL is much more satisfying and better (but compared to Japan of course they have a lot more of outrageous yet stylish fashion-in my honest opinion tho). I sometimes enjoy a freak and outrageous fashion (or more clearly, a bit different than others)..my taste is a bit different I guess. Typical blouse that many people have already worn does not captivate my eyes anymore. 

So, kinda 2 weeks ago my friends asked me to join them to just wander around somewhere..I'm studying in the Pasir Gudang area, and I never really step out so often from the borderline..LOL

My friends actually wanted to find a shampoo which is sold more cheaper at Pandan City Mall. I'm kinda clueless about this place at first because never really acknowledge this place before..we went there anyway..and surprisingly there are a lot of fashion shops I haven't discovered before..and some even sell the different kind of fashion clothing I've been searching for!! (tho there are some shops still selling the typical kind of fashion I'm getting boring at..haha) 

This is actually how the mall looks like, I've been told that it is more fun to have a walk starting from evening to midnight here..there's an uptown/night market around this mall too, normally this place will close around 2-3 am.

Stumbled upon this one, I bet the most different than others there? blended in the middle of other blouses. The different features of this blouse just caught my eyes straight away, even tho there were only 2 pieces of them, covered in the middle of bunch of other colorful but typical blouses!
So, I bought it straight away (Ingat nak menyimpan because of GST, tapi x jadi haha..ouch my pocket!) Total damage for this blouse is only about RM40. (I've spent about RM1++ the day before for some online shopping, so I wished to manage my money better but totally failed..LOLS!) another money cashed out (TwT)

Go find some cute fashion piece like this too at Pandan City Mall which is located not so far from Pasir Gudang, it's in Pandan area. The mall is not located at the strategic location at all and located a bit secluded from the main road..Hahaha..but once you discovered this place, you'll find more than what you wanted there, things are sold at an affordable price too! I bought mine in quite small dress boutique, normal price for the blouses there would be around RM40, while dresses would be around RM150-300! You can even find good food, gadgets and some accessories too there, totally worth a visit for both gender!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. hello! , love your blog! , does the night market open on specific day or everyday? it be great to know the address of the location!

    1. Hey, thanks but I haven't been there for a very long time, this was the last time but I think they open everyday at night.


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