Monday, 25 May 2015

Oussu caffé macchiato!

It has been a custom for any makeup hoarder to collect some nice makeup brushes as well, and I am not excluded. Being living up to this point I've never really had ever seen such a breathtakingly beautiful makeup brushes even from the good brand like Sephora, Zoeva, M.A.C, Sigma & etc. Of course they're all are so damn good if they were judged by the quality but they're all just look quite similar...I mean like how you expect a makeup brush would looks like, so they are. They looks professional, but definitely not as beautiful as that (imho).

I've ever once saw a pretty makeup brushes that can hardly let me breath. Bubbi brushes, it was produced by one of the famous beauty youtuber called Bubz.. However to buy those I need a paypal and it was so much trouble to get a paypal account back I just simply don't like to go online shopping internationally, most of the time it would cause so much trouble.

However now we have something I personally found quite similar with Bubz's makeup brush, but of course in its own design, style & quality which is produced by our very own Malaysian, one of the top beauty bloggers in Malaysia, Sabrina Tajudin. I actually one of her reader (and admirer hehe), and she's one of the beauty-blogger friend of mine. It was so much honor to have given an opportunity to try her first launched makeup brush! Now let me temp you girls with the photos below.

 I did't really expect it to come with a very lovely & neatly wrapped packaging like this.
Even for the first sight, this is so much adorable & girly-like!

 It's a simple yet warm messages.
That sakura next to my nickname..haha too cute, I feels so special at the moment I took a glance at the card!

 Not to mention the back of that card have an exceptionally beautiful design!
The kawaiiness of this baby is indescribable with a word!

Don't you think the box packaging is indescribably kawaii too? The lace that embrace the face of the box featuring the kawaii font of "Makeup Brush" is so so so...please stop or else I would hardly breath haha. This is too much cuteness!!

A clean white bulky handle decked with a brush & brand name in golden color is something perceived very exquisite & professional to me. The golden ferrule that hold the bristles together add some more compliment to it. Aww my gosh the loveliness is killing me!!

The brush have a soft dome sculpted shape and it's so ultra soft, fluffy and dense!
 I must compliment the quality, not only that it's kawaii but also high in quality!

This brush is an amazing multitasking brush and it work best with face powder, powder foundation, loose powder, mineral powder, translucent powder, pressed powder, liquid foundation, bronzer & even with blush! The density & the softness of the brush make a fine coverage for the whole face with an airbrush finish!

In the nutshell, Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush works wonder on both powders & liquid formula products. It was made from a synthetic bristles (non-animal hair) which is a very muslim-friendly product. I love applying my Candy Doll Mineral Loose Powder using this brush. The quality is great and the design is too cute, what else can a girl ask for a makeup brush like this?? I can really say that I treasure this brush so much! 

I was told that the price is still at the introduction price (RM39.00), soon it will started to retail at RM45.00. Despite of its real good quality & nice design, it's still affordable...mana nak jumpa elsewhere huh??

Name: Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush
Design in: Malaysia
Price: RM39.90 (RM45.00)
Net weight: -

And oh! Besides make a good makeup applicator, I certainly sure that it will make an adorable sight on your makeup vanity table as well!

For more info and shopping kindly visit Breena Beauty's website: 

Tempted enough?
See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Hi ice-cream waffle-domo!

Sitting at home doing nothing is really a bother rite..mendokusai ne (annoying), it got the boresome feeling crept into my spine...ah sorekara (therefore) ..I just keep watching anime at home to kill my boredom away..I wanted to go out seeing some friends and hangout together, but then my parents keep controlling me because they know I'll burn down the whole pocket of mine every time I go out LOLS. Jaa (so), I think sitting at home is better for the like of me...ehhe..

Ahh..talking about anime, I recently have watched Akatsuki no Yona (Yona Of The Dawn) Season 1 (looking forward for the Season 2!!) and goshhh the anime was totally captured me! (yeah..this anime wins the whole heart of me, I even re-watched them for about 5 times!) This anime just deeply touched my heart. Besides, I always loves something ancient like legendary oriental myths as well (like dragons & stuff)...if you enjoy watching something like ancient oriental kingdom (historical fantasy romance) too then you should really give this anime a go, they have a good values too! (ah they have manga too, be sure to check them out on MangaFox!) Now am feeling like cosplaying Yona in future already..hehe

Okay okay..I'll start coming up to the topic now..I'm in love with this Dolly Wink Limited Edition Black Mascara! Truth is it's actually being a limited edition because it comes with an eyeliner together. So let's discuss about them here shall we?

Dolly Wink Limited Edition Black Mascara No.01 Long

Dolly Wink Black Mascara No.01 Long & Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black

The Dolly Wink Black Mascara (fiber) comes with a new formulation, it's indeed the blackest mascara that Dolly Wink ever have, compared to the old version. I chose No.1 Long because my preference on Grayu look is more to a clean and long dolly look eyelash. They comes in two, No.1 Long & No.2 you can choose to which one that suit to your liking.

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner also comes in two choice, Deep Black & Brown. And for me black is always a way to go for the dollier look, while the brown keep you natural in look. Of course I love brown eyeliner too, but compared to black my yes always go to the black one. 

This Limited Edition pairs consist of Koji Dolly Wink Black Mascara in No.1 Long & Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black.

Dolly Wink Black Mascara No.01 Long

Talking about this Dolly Wink Black Mascara's packaging, of course it comes with a Dolly Wink trademark, the flowers print that symbolizes this brand to every eyes that took a glimpse on them. Their packaging always comes with something that almost all girls adore. Though simple yet the cuteness is killing.

I just love that mirror-like wand cap with a plain flowers print, it's reflective and attractive!

So this is actually how the mascara brush looks like, the spiral design is the thing that helps in creating a long lash while assuring that each application reach every single of the lashes smoothly.

This is how my short-lashes eye looks like after I applied 1 coat of the mascara.
Afterwards I curled my lashes using Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler
Tsu-chan seems to always wear this look, just that after she wear the mascara & heat curl the lashes she will wear the demi lashes. I did't wear demi lashes in this photo btw. With demi lashes the dolly look eyes would be even more perfect without looking too heavy (natural).

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black

I hardly remember on how much eyeliners of Dolly Wink I've already used so far because I kept restocking a new one once it was already ran out, such a loyal fan of Dolly Wink I am...LOL!

This eyeliner is one of the bestseller ever, with a fine tip that always make precise line on eyes. A winged line could never look better without this!

As you may already know, less is more and simple is cute. The packaging also comes with Dolly Wink brand trademark, that simple yet adorable flowers, with a pastel pink based background. I actually loves how it was combined together, a pastel pink color that wraps all over the packaging with a plain purple flowers that compliment the kawaii gyaru image! Ah and Dolly Wink products will never look authentic enough without that "Dolly Wink" on them!

Swatch on skin

Fine tip that promises on a precise deep black line.

I wrote my own signature on my arm to show you guys how much precise the tip is!
Adverse line? heh no more!

Name: Koji Dolly Wink Limited Edition Black Mascara No.01 Long
Made in: Japan
Price: RM78.90 (price when I bought it last year, now it should be more than RM78.90 especially after GST)
Availability: Sasa nationwide
Net weight: -


  • Kawaii packaging
  • Very deep black in color (liquid liner)
  • Make a precise line (liquid liner)
  • Lightweight (liquid liner)
  • Fiber mascara (mascara)
  • Gives a dolly kind of curl lashes (mascara)
  • Create a longer lash effect (mascara)


  • Pricey
  • Not so waterproof (both liquid liner & mascara)
  • Doesn't work really good on people with greasy eyelids, it look the best on the matte eyelids (liquid liner)

Overall, I still do love both Dolly Wink mascara & liquid eyeliner and of course would repurchase them again. Not to mention that Tsu-chan also use her own makeup line to create her dolly gyaru look on daily basis, that's what made me found that using her makeup brand can actually create the same makeup look like hers.

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Friday, 22 May 2015

Oussu sweet ringo waffles!!

Yeayyyyyyyyyy!! Let me tell you first why I screamed, because my birthday is approching!! (on 28th) Weayyyy!! I only have celebrated my birthday once in my life, it was when I was at 5 and after that never this time I wish to have a mini party for my birthday in KL with some friends. Btw, I'm still in my hometown, Terengganu..truth be told, a problematic internet line is not something foreign here (that's why I rarely go online whenever I come back here) and of course I was so bored here..the town is a bit far away from my home..and I can't even drive (no license yet LOL) and every time I wanna get something I must ask my mom to bring me to town (coz she can drive of course)..I think I really need a license now..LOL..however I'm heading to KL next week and will be staying with my dad for a while, that at least put me at some ease! usual I was a little bit off from the main topic again..haha gomen gomen (sorry sorry)!
Anybody knows Rakuten? If you did't know I might think you're living in the cave all of this time haha!

Honestly, I actually never bought anything from Rakuten before but after intentionally got myself lost on Rakuten website this time, I encountered a few things that I really need & have caught my I'm gonna list down some great items that I found on Rakuten here and the reason of why I would love to have them!

1. Mikasa Ackerman Wig

This is how Mikasa looks like in Shingeki no Kyojin

First and foremost, coz I planted a wish to cosplay (hopefully in the end of this year), all I need is a black wig at shoulder level since I've chosen Mikasa Ackerman to be my first cosplay character. Actually there are lotsa characters that I would love to cosplay (but of course a "decent" one coz I don't wish to show too much skin)'s kinda hard to find the character that I love which did't reveal so much since it's anime. Hey what do you think an anime character is??? The characters are all pretty and most of them are hot OF COURSE so it can be an eye candy to all of the audiences (if anime characters is not kawaii/hot who would want to watch anime I guess, especially for guy). So yah..I think Mikasa doesn't show too much skin as she wore a soldier uniform in Singeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titans), and I do love her character a lot! I've tried searching her wig on before but unfortunately the website doesn't seem to sell it, what a luck to encounter one on Rakuten! I definitely will cosplay her in future thus her black wig is important!

2. YOCO Lace Cardigan

Back during my last semester, I saw one of my ex-classmate wore a very lovely and pretty lace cardigan to class, and no matter how much I ask her where did she bought that she kept saying she don't remember..haih..what a pain..(the one that she worn is really pretty babe, and hardly can be found anywehere..tried searching it everwhere but it was a total fail)..but I found something quite similar, kira boleh lah..on Rakuten, the lace cardigan is not that bad, it consists of the elements that I longed for like the one that my ex-classmate have worn. Lacey cardigan like this is just my style, since I'm a Japanese Gyaru fashion fan LOL!

3. Coastal Scent 88 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

Oh ya, I'm always a makeup hoarder since I'm also a beauty blogger & a makeup addict, but truth be told...I don't own so much makeup palette especially for eyeshadows (unless for earthy colors only). I only have a bunch of falsies & lipstick so far. If I'm about to cosplay, I certainly will need an eyeshadow palette for the anime eye makeup right..thus I'm gladly looking forward to own an eyeshadow palette, I saw Coastal Scent 88 Colors Eyeshadow Palette lotsa time already in Youtube, but never really thought to buy it before coz I don't really wear heavy makeup on daily basis so I don't think I need them...nevertheless, this time I would really love to buy one coz it would be easy to create an anime eye makeup for cosplay with so many colors in one palette!

4. Akatsuki no Yona 1-26 Vol DVD

Oh I almost forgot to tell you this, if you're an anime lovers too...have you watch Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of The Dawn) yet?? Watch thennn!! This anime is seriously utsukushii (beautiful) in all aspects, be it the characters themselves, the plot, and everything! If you really love something like ancient oriental kingdom and historical fantasy romance, you should really give it a go! I actually have watched the episodes that were saved in my hard disk (and frankly I've re-watched them about 5 times already now haha!) Seriously, I'm just totally taken by the beautiful anime like this, so I would really love to buy the Akatsuki no Yona DVD as a collection and mann! I stumbled upon Akatsuki no Yona DVD on Rakuten sold at only RM28.76 for a complete 1-26 vol..yosh terus masuk list! Ahh..I really want to collect the manga (graphic novel) of Akatsuki no Yona in all volume as well, but unfortunately there's no in Eng translation one (all in Japanese)..kinda sad I could't read kanji & hardly memorize all of the hiragana & katakana...and I don't understand Japanese that much. Sadly I need to forget collecting them and just read them online on MangaFox. Akatsuki no Yona which just finished the airing on March 2015 is a 1st season, of course the second season is not yet to be released in the near future, but you can still read the manga to know the strings of the story, it's still ongoing which means that they definitely will have the second season aired soon!! wahhhh I can't wait!! *starry eyes*

5. One Piece PVC Poster

While searching something regarding anime, I saw the PVC poster of One Piece also! I'm such a hardcore fan of One Piece since I'm at 17 but alas, I only have 1 One Piece poster so this time I'm definitely gonna buy one to show how much I love & support this anime, by putting up the poster on the wall of my bed room! Wee!

Actually there are still a lot of items I would like to get from Rakuten, but I think this is enough for, I did't know Rakuten have so much to offer that come to my liking since I rarely get my self lost on Rakuten before..hurm..I guess what would be the next thing that might really caught my soul on Rakuten later? Maybe some new Xbox games? who knows..haha

You can check out the products at Rakuten Malaysia This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons X Rakuten Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCoupons.
Rakuten voucher sponsored by Rakuten Malaysia.

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Monday, 11 May 2015

Konbanwa my pistachio nougats! ehhee

Since my younger days (well I'm still young now ahahaha, I mean during my teenage LOL) I've always got my hair colored, and of course as I grow up older my hair became quite was dry and frizzy at the ends, since my hair is very thin. Though the damages I took is not that serious and people around still told me that my hair texture is still fine, but I do got bothered by the problem. Well who would't?? hair is women's crowning glory deshou (right)?

Lucky me, I got the opportunity to do a hair & scalp treatment at Number 76 Hair Salon Publika recently, such a courtesy of them!

The one that did my hair was the Senior Stylist of Publika, Mr. Fung, he took a glimpse at my hair and quickly suggested me to do a Kérastase Fusio-Dose Star Ritual Treatment, he approved that my hair is indeed in a dry condition and told me that he will change it by adding a little bit of moisture and volume. Actually there's another hair stylist that did my hair with Mr. Fung (I wasn't feeling very well that day and I totally forgot to ask her name, but anyway I do love her good work, thanks to her also)

 The products they used on my hair

My hair stylist started the treatment with the hair wash using Kérastase Resistance Bain De Force Reinforcing and Resurfacing shampoo (fuh that's mouthful LOL) that treats the weakened and damaged hair. My hair texture is fine but was pretty dry and on the verge of damage, so they used the shampoo.

Just after the towel dry, they used the Kérastase Fusio-Dose (added with Booster-the green lil thingy) on my hair. The Kérastase Booster comes in a different colors (about 4-5 types I believe) and each color suits what the hair needs. They used the green one on me which is a Booster Céramide that strengthen and reinforces the hair fiber and smoothes them. The booster is added together with a Fusion-Dose and then sprayed all over my damp hair, before they apply the Kérastase Densifique Masque Densité.

The Masque Densité not only improving the hair but also the scalp, encouraging them to produce more baby hair afterwards for a well volumized hair (Just so you know my hair is sexayy..well I mean is thin haha..coz naked hair means bold LOL)

After the hair mask was rinsed, the hair stylist put a few drops of the Kérastase Initialiste Concentré Fondamental on my scalp which is a ritual for an advanced scalp & hair and massaged it (I won't be lying, this feels so damn good ya know haha). This product enhances the scalp performance for a healthy hair. Kérastase Stimuliste and Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique was used together as a finish (Leave-in)

Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique 

This Leave-In was very pleasing, it has the scent of fresh citrus, lemony I guess. Such a relaxing finish!


And tadaa! my well finished hair! Looks much more shinier & well volumized than before.
Well I did't took the BEFORE photo but believe me, it was not as good as the AFTER photo.

I must compliment Mr. Fung for the beautiful soft curls he did, coz I'm always hate my flat hair and always adore (and hate hahaha) any girls who have this kind of curls! Though this is a temporary curls, but I'm a happy girl! Thank you so much my hair stylists, Mr. Fung, and Ms. XY (yeah I forgot to ask out her name lol but nevermind, if I come again to Publika Number 76 Salon I might see her again later) 

Mr. Fung gave me some tips in hair curling, he said not too put the hair on heat more than 3s, it will damaging your hair. So he did each curl for just about 3s using the curling tong, I loves his professionalism! 

 A good treatment at Publika Number 76 Salon made my day!

My head felt lighter, and my hair felt softer than ever!
A good day like this was never meant without some Juice Works, LOL!

The hair stylists also gave me few of the samples to try out, a complete 3 in 1 care from Kérastase Densifique and Resistance range. I think Kérastase is a good product and at first I thought of buying the stuffs they've used on my hair, but somehow after a week of the treatment I felt that my hair was a bit..ermm stiff?? Probably Kérastase is too much for my asian hair? After all I've always stick to the asian brand and most of the Western/European's products wasn't that good on me too. 

But yeah, the products have a really nice and refreshing scents! I think this is really depends on your own preference, thought and experience with the products. Kérastase products are quite pricey and high in quality too, so I don't simply think that they will damage your hair...probably just not the "really" right one for my hair. However the treatment was really satisfying, at least it have made my hair more manageable and looks even shinier than ever.

Name: Kérastase Fusio-Dose Star Ritual (Fusio-Dose Booster Add-on)
Price: RM232
Service availability: Number 76 Hair Salon

Their salon is very cozy too and you will be served with a cup of green tea & biscuit once you walk in the salon. Their hospitality is something deserves a compliment really

They have many branches, at Bangsar 1, Bangsar 2Midvalley, PublikaStarhill Gallery...and even in Tokyo too! Someday I would like to pay a visit at their salon in Tokyo! ^____^

Number 76 Hair Salon Publika (Publika Shopping Gallery)

+603 6201 2776 / 3776

10.00 – 19.00 (Closed on Monday)

Number76 Publika, A1-G2-2, 
Solaris Dutamas, 
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
 50480 Kuala Lumpur

For more info about their hair services and to get to know their professional hair stylists, kindly 
visit Number 76:

Btw, click here to read about my ash green hair with pink highlights also by Number 76 @ Publika if you like!

Jaa, see you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Yo curry rice-domo! hee

I've been so lazy to blog lately, gomenasai for my indecent laziness..heehee..well I guess I was suddenly too carried away in the worldly affairs, since I'm now free from looking at the books because I was just graduated from my Diploma, so I just wanted to have fun killing some time sightseeing and shopping!

I recently bought this Cheek Pop (a blusher to be exact..miu~) from Clinique..and I was so stunned by the beautiful color and the packaging...and and..everything lah about it LOL, so I'm gonna talk about it here.

Clinique Cheek Pop in 02 Peach Pop

I'm always adoring the classy packaging like this. Looks like it was made from a glass but actually no, the packaging was made from a plastic, a clear compact plastic packaging like this enabling us to see the beautiful Chrysanthemum flower engraved blusher inside *aww I'm in love*, looks so classy and adorable rite..and whenever it fall it will never break that easily. This Cheek Pop is so small too, you can even put it in your purse. Kawaii desu ne~

Rear view

Front view

So I picked the no. 02 color called Peach Pop, because the color is indeed in peachy kind of shade that I love to the moon and back! If you keen in finding a blusher with an amazing pigmentation, I don't think this Clinique Cheek Pop suit the recommendation. However, this blusher is good if you're just finding something to perks up the natural look. It has the color of coral peach, quite subtle when you apply it on the skin, with a warm undertone and luminous sheen. I think the shade looks more darker when it was applied on the skin than how it looks like on the pan.


Loving the texture so much because it was neither creamy nor too powdery, but the texture is just so fine and looks perfect once applied on the skin. The moment I swirl my brush on the blusher it just catch the right amount on the brush without making a powdery mess like most of the powder blusher did..*Just so you know I don't like a mess like that* sasuga ne (good job)!

Another thing that I love from this Clinique Cheek Pop is it is neutral in smell. Not only it is 100% fragrance free but also allergy tested. I'm always allergic towards something too fragrancy, it'll make me go sneezing...not that I hate something smells good but to be used on my face perhaps it'll stimulate my nasal in the way I did't like, and then make me go "hachoo!"...I love the fragrancy stuffs but it will just end up stay on my vanity for muse rather than use. I even sneezed every time I have my bath/shower using my bath products that contains too much fragrance. So another star goes to this product of not being too fragrancy!

Swatch on skin

The color is just my kinda temperament! awshh!

Currently they are available in 9 shades in total on Clinique Malaysia's website with 4 new shades.
Make sure to check out their website to find out all of their beautiful shades!

Name: Clinique Cheek Pop
Made in: Italy
Price: RM83.00 (Inclusive 6% GST)
Availability: | Clinique store (Store Locator)
Net weight: 3.5g


  • Elegant and classy packaging
  • Travel-friendly size
  • Fine texture 
  • Beautiful soft color


  • No mirror
  • Pricey (well it's from Clinique after all, can't complain much LOL)
  • No mini brush

I won't be lying but trust me, most of the cute girls have this..LOL!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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