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[Review] Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush


Oussu caffé macchiato!

It has been a custom for any makeup hoarder to collect some nice makeup brushes as well, and I am not excluded. Being living up to this point I've never really had ever seen such a breathtakingly beautiful makeup brushes even from the good brand like Sephora, Zoeva, M.A.C, Sigma & etc. Of course they're all are so damn good if they were judged by the quality but they're all just look quite similar...I mean like how you expect a makeup brush would looks like, so they are. They looks professional, but definitely not as beautiful as that (imho).

I've ever once saw a pretty makeup brushes that can hardly let me breath. Bubbi brushes, it was produced by one of the famous beauty youtuber called Bubz.. However to buy those I need a paypal and it was so much trouble to get a paypal account back I just simply don't like to go online shopping internationally, most of the time it would cause so much trouble.

However now we have something I personally found quite similar with Bubz's makeup brush, but of course in its own design, style & quality which is produced by our very own Malaysian, one of the top beauty bloggers in Malaysia, Sabrina Tajudin. I actually one of her reader (and admirer hehe), and she's one of the beauty-blogger friend of mine. It was so much honor to have given an opportunity to try her first launched makeup brush! Now let me temp you girls with the photos below.

 I did't really expect it to come with a very lovely & neatly wrapped packaging like this.
Even for the first sight, this is so much adorable & girly-like!

 It's a simple yet warm messages.
That sakura next to my nickname..haha too cute, I feels so special at the moment I took a glance at the card!

 Not to mention the back of that card have an exceptionally beautiful design!
The kawaiiness of this baby is indescribable with a word!

Don't you think the box packaging is indescribably kawaii too? The lace that embrace the face of the box featuring the kawaii font of "Makeup Brush" is so so so...please stop or else I would hardly breath haha. This is too much cuteness!!

A clean white bulky handle decked with a brush & brand name in golden color is something perceived very exquisite & professional to me. The golden ferrule that hold the bristles together add some more compliment to it. Aww my gosh the loveliness is killing me!!

The brush have a soft dome sculpted shape and it's so ultra soft, fluffy and dense!
 I must compliment the quality, not only that it's kawaii but also high in quality!

This brush is an amazing multitasking brush and it work best with face powder, powder foundation, loose powder, mineral powder, translucent powder, pressed powder, liquid foundation, bronzer & even with blush! The density & the softness of the brush make a fine coverage for the whole face with an airbrush finish!

In the nutshell, Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush works wonder on both powders & liquid formula products. It was made from a synthetic bristles (non-animal hair) which is a very muslim-friendly product. I love applying my Candy Doll Mineral Loose Powder using this brush. The quality is great and the design is too cute, what else can a girl ask for a makeup brush like this?? I can really say that I treasure this brush so much! 

I was told that the price is still at the introduction price (RM39.00), soon it will started to retail at RM45.00. Despite of its real good quality & nice design, it's still affordable...mana nak jumpa elsewhere huh??

Name: Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush
Design in: Malaysia
Price: RM39.90 (RM45.00)
Net weight: -

And oh! Besides make a good makeup applicator, I certainly sure that it will make an adorable sight on your makeup vanity table as well!

For more info and shopping kindly visit Breena Beauty's website: 

Tempted enough?
See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. i'm deeply in love with this brush like semua benda nak pakai with this one je, no other brushes anymore XD

    1. I know rite..I pun sama..damn the quality is divine & the design is too cute! Sab's brush for the life hahaha!

  2. Replies
    1. Do get them! They worth it!! ^_^ <3 <3 <3


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