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[Review] Clinique Cheek Pop in 02 Peach Pop [メイクアップレビュー]


Yo curry rice-domo! hee

I've been so lazy to blog lately, gomenasai for my indecent laziness..heehee..well I guess I was suddenly too carried away in the worldly affairs, since I'm now free from looking at the books because I was just graduated from my Diploma, so I just wanted to have fun killing some time sightseeing and shopping!

I recently bought this Cheek Pop (a blusher to be exact..miu~) from Clinique..and I was so stunned by the beautiful color and the packaging...and and..everything lah about it LOL, so I'm gonna talk about it here.

Clinique Cheek Pop in 02 Peach Pop

I'm always adoring the classy packaging like this. Looks like it was made from a glass but actually no, the packaging was made from a plastic, a clear compact plastic packaging like this enabling us to see the beautiful Chrysanthemum flower engraved blusher inside *aww I'm in love*, looks so classy and adorable rite..and whenever it fall it will never break that easily. This Cheek Pop is so small too, you can even put it in your purse. Kawaii desu ne~

Rear view

Front view

So I picked the no. 02 color called Peach Pop, because the color is indeed in peachy kind of shade that I love to the moon and back! If you keen in finding a blusher with an amazing pigmentation, I don't think this Clinique Cheek Pop suit the recommendation. However, this blusher is good if you're just finding something to perks up the natural look. It has the color of coral peach, quite subtle when you apply it on the skin, with a warm undertone and luminous sheen. I think the shade looks more darker when it was applied on the skin than how it looks like on the pan.


Loving the texture so much because it was neither creamy nor too powdery, but the texture is just so fine and looks perfect once applied on the skin. The moment I swirl my brush on the blusher it just catch the right amount on the brush without making a powdery mess like most of the powder blusher did..*Just so you know I don't like a mess like that* sasuga ne (good job)!

Another thing that I love from this Clinique Cheek Pop is it is neutral in smell. Not only it is 100% fragrance free but also allergy tested. I'm always allergic towards something too fragrancy, it'll make me go sneezing...not that I hate something smells good but to be used on my face perhaps it'll stimulate my nasal in the way I did't like, and then make me go "hachoo!"...I love the fragrancy stuffs but it will just end up stay on my vanity for muse rather than use. I even sneezed every time I have my bath/shower using my bath products that contains too much fragrance. So another star goes to this product of not being too fragrancy!

Swatch on skin

The color is just my kinda temperament! awshh!

Currently they are available in 9 shades in total on Clinique Malaysia's website with 4 new shades.
Make sure to check out their website to find out all of their beautiful shades!

Name: Clinique Cheek Pop
Made in: Italy
Price: RM83.00 (Inclusive 6% GST)
Availability: | Clinique store (Store Locator)
Net weight: 3.5g


  • Elegant and classy packaging
  • Travel-friendly size
  • Fine texture 
  • Beautiful soft color


  • No mirror
  • Pricey (well it's from Clinique after all, can't complain much LOL)
  • No mini brush

I won't be lying but trust me, most of the cute girls have this..LOL!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. nice color! afraid that its not suit my skin..huhu...gonna try it at the counter... (^_^)

    1. They have 8 shades in total so I'm pretty sure tat there'll be one that suit you ^^, hwv trying it out at the counter is good too to find your best shade ^_^

  2. Mak oi cantik.. tapi mahal. hahahahaha

    1. Kan Kak Nanie kan, kite pun beli sebab rasa lawa mula2, dahlah shades dia semua cantik, tapi memang mahal lah, lepas beli habis duit poket hahaha..


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