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[Review] Koji Dolly Wink Limited Edition Black Mascara No.01 Long [コージー本舗 ドーリーウインク]


Hi ice-cream waffle-domo!

Sitting at home doing nothing is really a bother rite..mendokusai ne (annoying), it got the boresome feeling crept into my spine...ah sorekara (therefore) ..I just keep watching anime at home to kill my boredom away..I wanted to go out seeing some friends and hangout together, but then my parents keep controlling me because they know I'll burn down the whole pocket of mine every time I go out LOLS. Jaa (so), I think sitting at home is better for the like of me...ehhe..

Ahh..talking about anime, I recently have watched Akatsuki no Yona (Yona Of The Dawn) Season 1 (looking forward for the Season 2!!) and goshhh the anime was totally captured me! (yeah..this anime wins the whole heart of me, I even re-watched them for about 5 times!) This anime just deeply touched my heart. Besides, I always loves something ancient like legendary oriental myths as well (like dragons & stuff)...if you enjoy watching something like ancient oriental kingdom (historical fantasy romance) too then you should really give this anime a go, they have a good values too! (ah they have manga too, be sure to check them out on MangaFox!) Now am feeling like cosplaying Yona in future already..hehe

Okay okay..I'll start coming up to the topic now..I'm in love with this Dolly Wink Limited Edition Black Mascara! Truth is it's actually being a limited edition because it comes with an eyeliner together. So let's discuss about them here shall we?

Dolly Wink Limited Edition Black Mascara No.01 Long

Dolly Wink Black Mascara No.01 Long & Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black

The Dolly Wink Black Mascara (fiber) comes with a new formulation, it's indeed the blackest mascara that Dolly Wink ever have, compared to the old version. I chose No.1 Long because my preference on Grayu look is more to a clean and long dolly look eyelash. They comes in two, No.1 Long & No.2 you can choose to which one that suit to your liking.

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner also comes in two choice, Deep Black & Brown. And for me black is always a way to go for the dollier look, while the brown keep you natural in look. Of course I love brown eyeliner too, but compared to black my yes always go to the black one. 

This Limited Edition pairs consist of Koji Dolly Wink Black Mascara in No.1 Long & Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black.

Dolly Wink Black Mascara No.01 Long

Talking about this Dolly Wink Black Mascara's packaging, of course it comes with a Dolly Wink trademark, the flowers print that symbolizes this brand to every eyes that took a glimpse on them. Their packaging always comes with something that almost all girls adore. Though simple yet the cuteness is killing.

I just love that mirror-like wand cap with a plain flowers print, it's reflective and attractive!

So this is actually how the mascara brush looks like, the spiral design is the thing that helps in creating a long lash while assuring that each application reach every single of the lashes smoothly.

This is how my short-lashes eye looks like after I applied 1 coat of the mascara.
Afterwards I curled my lashes using Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler
Tsu-chan seems to always wear this look, just that after she wear the mascara & heat curl the lashes she will wear the demi lashes. I did't wear demi lashes in this photo btw. With demi lashes the dolly look eyes would be even more perfect without looking too heavy (natural).

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black

I hardly remember on how much eyeliners of Dolly Wink I've already used so far because I kept restocking a new one once it was already ran out, such a loyal fan of Dolly Wink I am...LOL!

This eyeliner is one of the bestseller ever, with a fine tip that always make precise line on eyes. A winged line could never look better without this!

As you may already know, less is more and simple is cute. The packaging also comes with Dolly Wink brand trademark, that simple yet adorable flowers, with a pastel pink based background. I actually loves how it was combined together, a pastel pink color that wraps all over the packaging with a plain purple flowers that compliment the kawaii gyaru image! Ah and Dolly Wink products will never look authentic enough without that "Dolly Wink" on them!

Swatch on skin

Fine tip that promises on a precise deep black line.

I wrote my own signature on my arm to show you guys how much precise the tip is!
Adverse line? heh no more!

Name: Koji Dolly Wink Limited Edition Black Mascara No.01 Long
Made in: Japan
Price: RM78.90 (price when I bought it last year, now it should be more than RM78.90 especially after GST)
Availability: Sasa nationwide
Net weight: -


  • Kawaii packaging
  • Very deep black in color (liquid liner)
  • Make a precise line (liquid liner)
  • Lightweight (liquid liner)
  • Fiber mascara (mascara)
  • Gives a dolly kind of curl lashes (mascara)
  • Create a longer lash effect (mascara)


  • Pricey
  • Not so waterproof (both liquid liner & mascara)
  • Doesn't work really good on people with greasy eyelids, it look the best on the matte eyelids (liquid liner)

Overall, I still do love both Dolly Wink mascara & liquid eyeliner and of course would repurchase them again. Not to mention that Tsu-chan also use her own makeup line to create her dolly gyaru look on daily basis, that's what made me found that using her makeup brand can actually create the same makeup look like hers.

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. Your eyes is round and big~~!! Love itt! Agree with the cons, Dolly Wink eyeliner is not waterproof but I wonder why the hype K-palette liner that is said to be waterproof doesn't stay on lid either?? either way, i preferred Dolly Wink more.

    Andd..since you mention like myths anime..have you watched Arslan Senki? Well, it isn't complete yet and still ongoing but it can be considered as that type of anime with hot guyss..hahaha

    and yeay for sitting at home,I somehow have develop myself into a full like otaku everytime semester break..haha

    1. Aww your compliment set me on a happy mode for a second..LOL thanks! xD
      But frankly speaking I do always use an eyetape/glue. My eyelid was not that symmetry to begin with haha.

      I hope Dolly Wink will improve their formula in future, since I really love their products so much! I don't really like K-palette liner to be honest, it just don't click with me so I would say I prefer Dolly Wink more too!

      Wahh found you my anime-lover mate! That was a good suggestion, I haven't watch Arslan Senki yet but if it have to do with something like a myths I would really love to give it a go later! I'm not that fully Otaku btw haha..I'm just really love anime because they're so much fun to watch, not to mention they have a vast genres too! ^_^

  2. Replies
    1. Kan comel kan! Dolly Wink punya packaging semua lawa2 & kiut2! ^_^

  3. Your signature is so creative and cantik!


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