Thursday, 18 June 2015

Minna san genkii??

Think I haven't updated my blog for decades, I miss this little space of mine! *sobs hard*

I actually have bought this like few months back from Blossakura 小樱店铺, this online FB shop sell a goods from Japan, they constantly fly to Japan and buy stuff there and then sell them cheaper on their FB. Japanese stuff they sell includes cosmetics, skin care products, candies & confectioneries!

This only costed me around RM30 something. I'm not gonna lie but if you buy a Canmake eyeshadow from the local Sasa it will cost you more around RM40-RM60 (barely remember but it is just around the price). Just that the difference is the packaging is slightly dissimilar, I asked Canmake Malaysia before regarding why some of the Canmake products bought from Japan have a rather different packaging (especially the words written in English) from the one which is sold in Malaysia and they said that they did produced them in a different packaging in Japan but the products are all literally the same one under the Canmake brand itself.

What is Japanese makeups without their kawaiism as a trademark! The reason of why I'm so into Japanese related stuff because they're so adorable! Canmake brand portrays a kawaii image of what most girls in Japan are into! Their products can give you a cute "onnanoko" look (means girl/girly) like an anime & manga creation! When applied, the eyeshadows looks barely there but it's totally grant you a polished look with a natural sheen! (anime and manga mitai!)

The packaging looks almost like a rose gold in color to me. I love the angular glass-like thingy around its square edge as well, this give it much a princessy look.

Btw, spot the "Styling" word? This is the one that I bought from Blossakura which is bought from Japan instead of Sasa Malaysia.

This is the one that is sold in Malaysia. See the "Stylist" word? Anyhow this is the only difference I managed to spot. The rest is just the same be it the shades, packaging and etc.

I actually can't read Japanese, but that doesn't matter to me. This one is in the No. 03 Happy Coral. There's also a guide on how to use it on your eyes on the back.

Comes in 5 shades and the colors are all pretty to me...they look just natural and not too much. I think they're good to go with your everyday look. The only cons is the color doesn't last too long, like only less than 5 hours and they will start to blend in with the skin tone especially if you have a greasy eyelids. The shades are not so pigmented as well, like how Canmake described their products..."barely there" but honestly I just love them the way they are since I'm really into the anime-ish/manga-ish look, which is light, natural and dolly mitai! Go generous to make the shades more noticeable and use eye primer to make it last longer.

If you might want something more pigmented this one is probably not for you. I don't use this when I feels like creating more bold look, it won't works because the shades are too subtle and all they have is more shimmers than a pigment. I just love to use this for my light makeup look on daily that I'm working I'm using this almost everyday and I just damn love it!

Comes with a mini mirror which is quite handy together with a cute short applicator inside (one side is a sponge type for your eyelids and another side is a brush type to be used on your tear bag)

This is how all the shades looks like

A - Soft beige (to be used as a base or to create a puffy eye look on your tear bag)
B - Coral peach (optional to the sakura pink shade for a princessy look)
C - Sakura pink (optional to the coral peach shade for a natural high school girl look)
D - Chocolate milk brown (to line out the eyes along the lash line for a kawaii gyaru look)
E - Colorless glitters (to be used at the inner corner of your eyes for a brighter eyes or to be used as a highlighter)

You can also find Canmake Perfect Styling Eyes in more shades, and I just found out that 03 Happy Coral shade is no longer available and discontinued, now the shades left are 02 Baby Beige, 05 Pinky Chocolat, 07 Gateau Framboise, 08 Mermaid Blue, 09 Sunny Brown, 10 Sweet Flamingo, and 11 Rose beige. Here for your reference. They're sold at the Canmake section in all Sasa outlets in Malaysia, check out Sasa store locator and visit your nearest one to check out more Canmake products there!

Btw, Blossakura 小樱店铺 always open a preorder to people before flying to Japan so they can help you getting the Japanese stuff you want which is not available here, so make sure to take a peek at their facebook page later, Jaa matta ne!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Monday, 15 June 2015

Yah honey iced puddings!

Kinda long enough I haven't face up my PC and touch the keyboard. I've been away for some vacation to tell the truth. Meanwhile waiting for the result of my application into a degree program, I have nothing left to do in my planner so I just going on a vacation to spend my free time. Sorry hehe, I too noticed that I rarely blog now. I think I need to blog more often after this *hopeful*

As the title is saying, recently I've tried a new skin care products. Haven't you heard about Babeskin Beauty Oat drink before? I wrote about the drink so you can find the post on [HERE]. These skin care products I'm using now is from the same line (quite newly launched one). I thought it would be good to let you guys know about them here. Ah, if you haven't heard about it then let me say it here. Raisyyah Rania Yeap (formerly known as Felixia Yeap), a famous ex-playboy model which is now a muslimah model had also consumed Beauty Oat drink from Babeskin!

Frankly speaking, I'm not really fancy for the bulky face soap or something of the like since I'm always used to a face wash that comes in a tube. However a trial for 2 weeks on bar face soap was not that bad (And it can be used on your body as well). Babeskin's face & body bar came with a round bulky form in a small square box packaging. This face & body bar is said to be enriched with a vitamin A, C & E. Honestly it looks just like a familiar bar soap. Though I love the box design so much, I think it was cute...*nyaa*

My verdict on Babeskin Face & Body Bar: Nice refreshing smell. One thing that really impress me was it cleanses throughout your pores very well (tho I felt taut a lil bit, but don't mind me because I have a real dry skin, other people probably would't feel the same as long as they're not a dry skin typed). This is suitable for all skin types. It claimed that it can fix the blemishes and lighten the dark spots on skin (But I don't think it has whitened my skin like it's name, "Whitening Soap", after all I have only used them about 2-3 weeks now...probably it just fix the dark spots since this face and body bar did lightened up my dark spots a bit), so I probably give it 6/10 if I can rate it.

Name: Babeskin Face & Body Bar
Made in: -
Price: RM29.00(WM) RM39.00(EM)
Net weight: 50g
*Product was given for the review purpose


  • Reduce blemishes and dark spots
  • Have a nice scent
  • Make a super fine bubbles
  • Cleanses throughout pores very nice


  • Need a small container to place it and it might be a little bit unpleasant to bring everywhere (imho, that's why I don't really prefer face bar to begin with)

Any girls should always put this on mind that no good skin will resulted by only using a face wash alone. Meaning you'll need a follow up skin care products to complete the skin care regime. After using the bar face soap, I put on the double serum from Babeskin. The serum came in two (that's why it said double). One to lighten up the dark pigmentation caused by a zits & to prevent acne (No.1 Repairing Booster) and another one acts as a moisturizer to balance out skin elasticity and to prevent a premature wrinkles (No.2 Ultimate Mega Lift). I used the No. 1 first followed by the No.2.

As you can see the serum came with a small glass bottle with a dropper (I love a serum in a small glass bottle like this, it looks very professional and the dropper make it very convenient to use the content hygienically. After washing in the morning and evening, apply 1-2 drops onto palms and pat over the face. You need to use the No.1 first and after that immediately apply the No.2 serum.

My verdict on Babeskin Double Serum Premium: Overall I think both of the serums is not bad at all. Just that I don't know why but the Repairing Booster serum is a little bit pricky on skin whenever I sweat. I have a hyper sensitive skin so I've been thinking that is it my skin that is really sensitive or the Repairing Booster serum is really is feel like that on my skin. I don't know if it's really made like that on purpose in order to kill/prevent acne. It doesn't pricky like really, it just feels like as if you are soaking your face in a fizz water. So I used only a drop of it because I don't quite like the feel. On the other page I really love the Ultimate Mega Lift serum because yeah I have a dry & sensitive skin, I'm concerned of getting a premature wrinkles as I have a really dry skin. The consistency of the Ultimate Mega Lift serum is quite similar with the Hada Labo Moisturizing Face Lotion that I've been using all the time. It's sticky and leave the skin elastic & well moisturized. In short I love the No. 2 serum better but I still use the No.1 in a really small portion to reduce my dark pigmentation. After all both works just fine and I think the only thing I dislike is the pricky feel on skin from the No.1 serum. Well I'm not sure if I'm the only one who felt this, but I give 5/10 for the Repairing Booster serum & 7.5/10 for the Ultimate Mega Lift serum.

Name: Babeskin Double Serum Premium
Made in: -
Price: RM119.00(WM) RM129.00(EM)
Net weight: 15ml X 2 Serums
*Product was given for the review purpose


  • Professional packaging (glass bottle with a teat dropper)
  • Hygienic & easy to use (because of the dropper)
  • Keep skin well hydrated (Ultimate Mega Lift)
  • Fade dark pigmentation (Repairing Booster)


  • Pricey T____T
  • A little bit of pricky feel on skin (Repairing Booster)
  • The smell is kinda...urm hard to describe but definitely not my type (Repairing Booster)

Before all of you got chicken-ed by my look, let me clear up some facts that a few weeks ago I had a really terrible allergy (I believe I had eaten something I should't unconsciously), and woe my face for getting all of these ugly pigmentation from zits & rashes. I thought I finally can have a clear skin, but what the hell suddenly these rashes just popped up from nowhere and ruined my long achieved good skin.


So here's the BEFORE picture of the bare skin of mine with a lot of zits & rashes' dark pigmentations and the AFTER picture of the bare skin after 2 weeks of trial. Basically you can tell the differences rite? My dark spots have lightened up a bit. I'm glad at least it was faster than having to wait it fade naturally.

Should you want to seek more info or to make a purchase kindly visit them here:

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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