Monday, 13 July 2015

11 Things You Did't Know About Me *Nyaa*

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Jan Jan Jan!! Hello my mushi mushi pom pom!

Today's for santai-santai post! I think it's good to take part in this kind of tagging game once in a while, thanks to dear blogger friend, Mieza from for the tag! Do read her "11 things you did't know about me" post [HERE] too to know her better, she's such a soft spoken, elegant & well educated lady ya know xD

Aside getting know your blogger friends better it also can help releasing some stress. Okay let's go and read my answers on the questions Mieza gave to me! And please excuse my annoying extra *nyaa* on the title of this post (actually it's a cat's miow in Japanese) I can't drop this annoying bubbly behavior of mine sometimes LOL!

1. Choose a sport you never tried but you really wanna do it

  • I really really want to do a scuba diving at least once in my life to explore the seafloor with my own pair of eyes.

2. If you're accepted into Hogwarts, which house would you be in?

  • I was once being a die-hard fan of Harry Potter (I still do tho...coz I think he's damn cool!) so of course I wish I could be in Gryffindor...maybe I can switch my body with Hermione (plus she's pretty and a friend of Harry) and no matter how Hermione backs me off I won't return her body back to her LOL.

3. You're going to live in a jungle for one week. List 3 things you'll bring and why?

  • Mirror, compass and knife. I cannot live even a second without looking at the mirror (always wonder what's on my face), I have a bad sense of direction so compass can be my savior and knife is for self protection, to hunt, and to cut everything that's in my way plus it's small & handy!

4. What type of vacation you'd love?

  • I love adventure and sometimes I hope to have an unprepared & unplanned trip, something like you backpacked and set off to somewhere you never been.

5. You're given an all expense paid trip. Where to?

  • All over the world! But something this nice is too good to be true haha tho I wish it really could be true!

6. Name one skincare/supplement product you cannot live without

  • Moisturizer, moisturizer and moisturizer!

7. A piece of advice you'll give to anyone

  • Dream big and chase after it!

8. What do you expect from a good friend?

  • Loyalty & Trust.

9. Your favourite recipe/food?

  • Anything classified as desserts!

10. Recommend me a book

  • Beautiful Creature by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

11. Define your character to someone who would like to know you.

  • I am like an orange, I can be sweet in the hint of sour and I can be too sour if you don't know how to enjoy an orange. 

I hope you guys enjoy this relaxed post for some refreshment! Jaa matta ne! (see you again)

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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