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5 July 2015 Beauty Faves!


Peekaboo minna-chan!

I never really write a beauty faves post before. Maybe once but sort of long ago haha.
Now that I'm totally hooked up on something that really amazed me so I thought why not share it with you guys about what I love for this July 2015 deshou (rite). So allow me...

1. Tony Moly Snow Fantasy Golden Love Facebook - RM175.90

I received this from The Butterfly Project Malaysia Blogging 101 Workshop that I joined like almost 2 months ago. At first I was quite surprised when I got this collection because it was soooo beautiful and I know exactly how much the price is LOL (it's pricey!) It looks like a book but for a face. That was why the name is "Facebook". It has 2 version for this collection which is the vol.1 is Brilliant Eve and this one that I have with me is vol.2 Golden Love. Let's open this "book" and take a look inside.

The items included in this special book-looking box :
  1. BCDation All Master SPF30 PA++ (20g)
  2. Quick Base (7g)
  3. Perfect Eyes-Gel Fit mini in Deep Cookie & Ginger Gold (1.6g x 2)
  4. All Flash Lip Pigment in Good Kiss (8g)
If you buy these separately it would cost you more. What I love from this collection is ALL of them including the packaging! The Quick Base is a real deal! I've tried quite some makeup bases from diff brands but most of them offers this similar soft silky finish to prepare a smooth surface for makeup application but this one is just different, it was surprisingly moisturizing! Think I've mentioned that I have a dry skin a lot before, and every time before using a makeup base I will at least apply a little bit of moisturizer to give a quick moisture boost to my skin. However using this Tony Moly Quick Base I don't even need to apply the moisturizer beforehand because the base alone is enough for my skin necessity! 

BCDation All Master texture is air light in feel but covers bright and perfectly. A drop of it is enough for the entire face. Combining these two Quick Base & BCDation All Master creates an impressive Korean-like dewy & flawless skin, the staying power is also great (5-8 hours long). I may not heart Perfect Eyes-Gel Fit that much since I'm a loser at using a gel-liner. Yet, thanks to its creamy texture...when I smudged them on my eyelids as an eyeshadow they looks like they've taken over the whole look just with it! (they are waterproof as well) one is in deep brown in color while another one is ginger orangey in color. Not to mention that the All Flash Lip Pigment in Good Kiss (the color is red) is such a sweetheart! I love the way they give the lips a light tinted look with its shiny clear color while at the same time providing them with a good moisturization with its watery glossy texture!

2. Annie's Way Arbutin+ Hyaluronic Acid Gel Mask - RM111.32

I bought this a week before Eid on Hermo because my skin has became annoyingly dry lately. I heard about this brand a lot but never really took time to find one and have my hands on them. Annie's Way is one of the best skin care brand that's a rave and recommended by beauty enthusiasts a lot! I'm so glad to finally let these hands touch them! It comes in 7 diff types with diff properties for a diff skin need.

Gel was meant when they say gel mask. Go away all you masks, this is what I really need for now LOL! no more dry and flaky skin day! Love the way they felt so cool on skin, it's such a refreshment & relaxing once in a while! This colorless transparent gel turns the dry skin to the bouncy dewy skin in minutes! Since it contains arbutin it can fix the dark spots by lighten them up. I chose this one based on the ingredients it have. I have some dark spots to fix on my face now and HA (Hyaluronic acid) is a moisturizing properties which is essential for my dry skin. HA is one of the most safest ingredients to injects some moisture too even on the most sensitive skin! I used this twice a week and my skin has became better. The gel smells slightly like an Aloe vera gel since it contains like 80% of Aloe vera gel. Unfortunately it was included with no spatula so you must buy one if you think you will need this gel mask. Dipping with your bare fingers might be too non-hygienic!

3. Candy Doll Lip Gloss in Cotton Candy - RM48.00

Candy Doll is one of the most popular cosmetic brand in Japan and across the world! Of course it is because it was produced by the most famous Japanese pop-culture idol, Tsubasa Masuwaka-chan!
In my honest opinion the packaging is undeniably kawaii too, on par with Koji Dolly Wink (also produced by Tsu-chan!) which is a famous Japanese brand that specialized in dolly looking falsies!

Besides all these compliments on how kawaii the pacakging is, the quality is great too! I think that if you really adore J-pop makeup style especially Gyaru you can try these brands that I've mentioned...both Candy Doll & Koji Dolly Wink! The shades produced were all suitable for a kawaii Gyaru makeup look. What made the best of this brand is because Tsu-chan is not only producing but also using her own makeup brand to create her everyday kawaii dolly Gyaru look (so you can achieve the same look using products from both of this brands!) The color of Cotton Candy is very pale in pink, one of the best color ever to give that cute full-shaped Gyaru lips! It's not sticky thing about this lip gloss that I hope to be improved is the scent. This lip gloss have no scent at all so I think it can be more intriguing if it was added with a little bit of sweet juicy scent! This new version comes in 4 shades in total...Macaroon Pink, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Milk & Candy Pop...I really miss the old version of Candy Doll Lip Glosses because it offered more shades, idk what's going on with Candy Doll production but probably Candy Doll has discontinued the production on those other shades for some reason.

This is how the Cotton Candy shade looks like on me.

In case if you want to know about Koji Dolly Wink brand too, I have reviewed some of the products from the brand before...check them out if you like.

4. Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush - RM45.00

Breena Beauty is a new makeup brush brand that was produced by one of the most famous beauty blogger in Malaysia, Sabrina Tajudin (I adore her as well!) I think that the price is affordable compared to the quality that it have and the performance that it gave. This brush is superior in managing almost all kinds of makeup, you name it...liquid foundation, powder foundation, blushes, bronzer and almost everything! The look of this brush is plainly beautiful and exquisite too! With this brush I think that I barely need any brushes for makeup now because it's just good in everything! I have wrote a detailed review on this brush, check this brush out [HERE] if you would like to know more about it!

5. Etude House Princess Etoinette II Perfumed Hair Mist - RM70

I hardly remember the exact price of this one as I bought this quite long ago but it was just around I'm not sure if it's still available coz this is a really limited edition of Winter 2013 (plus I bought it from Gmarket) Etude House is always my most fave K-beauty brand and actually I've bought almost the whole collection of the 1st Princess Etoinette series before (a limited edition of Winter 2012) which cost me around RM500-600 coz I bought it directly from Korea, click [HERE] if you would like to see the collection that I posted on 2013 ago...if I buy it from EH store in Malaysia at that time I believe it could cost me almost RM1000 for the whole collection! Now both collections were all sold out about years ago since it was a really really limited edition and no more new production is made.

For the 2nd release of Princess Etoinette, I only managed to buy this perfumed hair mist because I did't have an enough money at that time *cries*. Though that I bought it almost 7 months back I did't really use it and almost forgot its presence in my wardrobe. I bought cosmetic & beauty stuff a lot so sometimes I forgot about the things that I have bought, even some of them still remained in their box...brand new and untouched. I just stumbled upon this a week ago and just started using it. This keep my hair smell fresh all day long coz I wear hijab and sometimes I can be quite insecure about how my hair would smells like tho I'm not a sweaty person (I wash my hair 3 times a week too okayy) This perfumed hair mist have a fresh scent of peonies, I'm not really a fan of flowery notes although I love flowers very much. At first I thought the smell is kinda too strong but after spraying it on my damp hair and let it dry naturally before wearing a hijab, it smells very ethereal and nice. If you are a free-haired girl, I would say every hair flip will make people floating in the air!

If you may want a more detailed review on some products here which I haven't reviewed before just comment me down below, I'll try my best to do a proper review on them if I am free
Hope you guys enjoy this post!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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