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Johor & Singapore: Last Exploration On Interesting Places & Wonderful Memories


Hey pon de rings!!

Call me nyanyok (senile) or whatever, coz this post is meant to be posted kinda 2 months ago but I totally forgot about that hahaha, yeah T____T (I also have no idea why I'm laughing here anyway)
I have just graduated from my studies (Diploma) two months back and I really wanted to post this as before I return to KL I had fun strolling around Johor with friends and surprisingly there're some hidden & interesting places which I thought was nice and worth to be shared so others will be able to explore these places too.

Ok stop me from rambling on words now coz I want to let these photos assist me with the job too hehe!

 You must be wondering about this blue lake huh? It was indeed breathtakingly beautiful, yeah they do in reality.

But, believe it not that this blue lake is actually a former mining site...a quarry.
The location is in Seri Alam, Plentong, Johor (facing Universiti Kuala Lumpur Mitec). The scariest fact is you'll never ever floating again if you did fall into the lake. The water is extremely noxious too. They have a deadly toxin that can bring you to death if you ever dare to touch it. But yeah glad that so far no one is that stupid to even go nearer, we just enjoy the beautiful scene from far away kids haha.

 The exact location of the lake was hidden beyond this bukit bukau (hill), not really a hill but a big-gigantic hill-like rock. It was some kind of load of hardened soil that formed into a huge rock, probably as the result from the past excavation.

Climb this and you'll get to the lake side, quite on top of the highland from the lake level.

 I wanna laugh every time I look at this photo again, if you're good enough try to find the stupidest thing I did while climbing up this hill.

Of course even a kids would notice that, who would go climbing with a pair of slippers huh?? hahahaha
Actually at the time I went there, we did't know there will be a hill to climb, I thought we just need to go and tadaa the lake will be just there without all the hassle climbing up the hill. But we were wrong, and it took my friend & me a minor accident (we fell berguling2 and injured a little) because of the damn pair of slippers. Oh gosh kids please don't repeat this idiot-ness, ever...wear a proper sneakers if you think you would want to go to this place LOL.

 While climbing I noticed a few familiar, yeah quite familiar faces up standing rite next at the lake side. They were my classmates (well now an ex as I finished my studies already) I did not even know they will be there since we've done our last paper just about yesterday at that time so I thought everyone flew to home already (rupanya they also go jalan2 wei haha). And don't get me wrong there, I did not leaned against my guy friend there...actually I stood 1cm behind him and in front of the camera it appeared like I was leaning against him. I don't want a bad mouth talking bout this so I tell this in the first place as a precaution alright.

(But still, the view of the blue lake of Seri Alam here is soooo unbelievably beautiful)

And wait, are they wearing slippers also? wahahaha!

 Another photo, I stood 1 meter away from the lakeside here, I'm worried there will be a sudden landslide...ergghhh that was scary (actually this place is quite prohibited because it is dangerous, you're responsible on your own safety & action here)

This place is not even gazetted as a tourism spot because of the certain problem, but of course you can still come if you want but please just be extra careful.

 With my close friend, housemate & roommate (in short she's my mate lah)

 Next day we went to the R&F Tanjung Puteri, it was actually a peaceful place by the seaside with a lot of beautiful landscape and exterior design.

Oh, that abang who gave us a ride is so kind so I took a photo with him.
When you enter this place, you need to leave your own car at the parking area and just go to the driver with a mini car (that cars looks like the one at the golf place) who are specially tasked to carry people from the parking place to the Tanjung Puteri (near seaside) because it would be a little bit to far to walk by feet.
Before you can touch & see the golden brown sand, you need to walk down through the wooden stairs and there will be the seashore down there.

And booh, here is the photo of us, not the three idiots, but 4! HAHA

And everyone was like having a shooting for a "new album's cover" hahaha! 

Thanks to this friend of mine because he brought us here as my last wish before going back home.

The pantai (beach) used to be more lovely but during our visit it seems like they're having the place renovated and customized for a better look. People said usually there will be a mattress on that wicker-like bed (around 4-5 alongside the beach). Probably they took them off to clean them that was why we did't see any mattress on the bed on our visit.

While sitting you can see the Singapore facing this place, too close like only 600 meter apart (see that further tall buildings behind me? they're on the Singapore land!).
I think I can even swim across the sea to the Singapore hahaha (like damn too close really)
But no, don't do that, or else Singapore's police will shoot you later for the encroaching charge hahah!

We went nearer the cafe (the cafe is so expensive, even the slice of cake can cost you like RM20++, I wonder if they use some gold as a recipe haha) Actually, the place is quite near to Singapore so this place market is more to attract the Singaporean, I cannot seems to find any logical reasons of why everything sold here was expensive, do you? 

Glad that there were a lot of sofas here because we did't experience the bed at the beach due to some cleaning (I guess). This place is serene & lovely, it can be the best place for a couple to take walk & being romantic here.

Troll face! Instead of appearing troll I think we look cute instead..hahaha
What? you feel nauseous?? owh go and vomit green already, LOL jk.

This pirate ship-like playground looks really cool!! I love pirate & their ship!
But too bad, this was for a kids age 5 and under.
The safety guards here are responsible too, I saw like 2-3 guarding this place and they would scold just anyone who disturb the kids and adult who play on the playground, and yeah we got scolded because one of my friend went nuts and climbed up on the ship. Paiseh (embarrassed)

The map for the R&F Tanjung Puteri at the parking place.

Next we went to the Country Garden.
I saw a pretty L.O.V.E landmark so here is the photo of us!
Oh that two buddies photobombed us, I'm laughing every time I look at this picture.
I wonder when will I experience a happy hangout like this again. 

Three girls at the beach on the summer nude, wooh why sounds so hot already?


Cross your long legs, wear a sunglasses, lay back and watch people here.
Sometimes I find that doing this kinda feel relaxing.

Some cute encik penyu (Mr. turtle), I snapped this because I think they were so cute!

This place is not too far away from R&F Tanjung Puteri, but bigger, wider and more lively of course. I wanted to take a lot more photos but my camera was running out of battery at that time so I just captured some. Go there to enjoy the serenity yourself and you'll thank me later!

My first duck sizzling mee. I don't remember the place but it was in the building where UTC was there, in the centre of Johor city. I don't quite like the taste of the duck's meat here. It was not tender, hard and have a pungent smell (not really my type) I once tried a grilled duck before...I think I prefer that more than this, grilled duck was more satisfying and less smelly.

They were just a typical slices of cake you would easily found at Secret Recipe (they were Black Forest Cheese & White Chocolate Indulgence, I always went for a cake eating alone because most of my friends I have hate cake) so this time I went with Aida, and eating cake with friends is a lot more enjoyable than having it alone. So I put this photo here as it was one of my good memory.

I always went to the nail spa when I have a free time because I love taking care of my nails. I always went to The Nail Parlour in KL for my nails, and this is my first time I did my nails here at  La Mior Nail Spa, JBCC. Gosh I love the interior design of this place, now thinking like having a same design for my bedroom in future haha!

The pretty nail artist is doing my nails, I only asked her to have a simple manicure.
And...pardon for my not-having-an-enough-sleep zombified face here.

Yeay my simple manicure is done! All was only RM45.

Not my first time had a chinese cuisines as I'm a half chinese. But the food at this place was damn nice! The restaurant is located at Taman Rinting, Masai, Johor...very near with Pasir Gudang.

I haven't taste a hokkien mee in ages so I thought it would be nice to rasa this again here, and walah the hokkien mee they cooked was sooo delicious, the taste was perfect & harmony.

I love this the most! the original recipe was a sweet & sour braised pork, however because this is a chinese muslim restaurant they substituted the pork with beef instead. And the taste was still awesome!

The price was not really cheap because the restaurant itself was quite exclusive compared to the other restaurants near this place.
Thus we only ordered what we think we really gonna eat at that time, plus this is Aida's first time trying on a chinese cuisine. She's a half chinese like me too but her mom usually loves to cook something western & a malay dishes so we went here to fulfill her wish of wanting to try a chinese cuisine in a halal way.

Before we further our wings into Singapore for jalan-jalan & makan-makan series, we droped by at the Seoul Garden first to fill our hungry tummy! 
Aida looks very happy (ah she's always happy when her eyes sees food! haha)

And me, sorry if I did't look that happy (I was OK), I was born with a cold face haha
Even if I try to smile prettily it will seems so odd. Forgive my god-given cold face LOL

My camera was run out of battery again during our visit in Singapore that time, most photos are with my friend Aida. So this is the only photo I was able to capture.
(Quite appalling that I look fat in this photo, but believe me, this is only the matter of angle...I'm 40kg in reality ok haha)

We went jalan-jalan (walk around) at Bugis street. Since it was on the weekend this small city seems to be so crowded (and lively) with people around going on a shopping. A lot Malaysian were here too since our countries is just a border.

The Mochi Sweet I bought in Singapore which cost me SGD 2.5 each (around RM6.50 each) 
It melts away in the mouth leaving a sweet harmony feeling! I bought the Sakura flavor because I love Sakura so much (I bet you know rite) and the filling was ice-cream, the texture is subtle and it smells nice!

After I returned to Malaysia I was told that there were a lot of Mochi Sweet outlets in KL too (and of course sold a lot more cheaper than Singapore) odd...then how come I never saw one before??? Maybe I need a glasses now.

So that's all for jalan-jalan and makan-makan before I return to KL.
Now I'm home, in Terengganu already.
Happy fasting guys!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. salam hi akhirnya smpai sni :) oh tasik tu bucket list gak tp slalu nmpk dlm gmbo lain2 biru giler cam baby blue tu yg ni deep blue plak ye hahaha tp mmg nmpk dangerous gler dear :)

    1. Wasalam, welcome Sizzling Suzai! hehe
      Actly warna dia agak biru pekat, and depends on people yg amik gambar tu, kdg2 dorang post pkai filter, that was why nampak baby blue, tapi warna biru dia ni pun actly berubah2 slightly ikut masa, cth pagi, tengahari & petang & banyak lah faktor lain lagi. Hope one day you'll get there. Memang cantik tapi nak naik tu mmg agak bahaya sikit lar ^_^

  2. OMG!! They still have mocchi sweets in Singapore? The one in Malaysia closed down dy ;_:
    Really love their mocchis.

    1. Yes they still have in Singapore Arisa! I love mocchi sweets too!
      What closed down already in Malaysia? I think I just dropped by at one of their branch in Midvalley before like two months sayang already closed down now? T.T


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