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[Review] Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream Delight In 02. Dark Beige


Konnichiwa bubbly bubbly honey candy!

I cannot live without a BB cream, can you?

As for this post, the product that I'm going to review is from a Korean beauty brand, Tony Moly. I've tried this Tony Moly Perfect Cotton BB Cream and you can see my before & after photo below.


From the photos above you can clearly see that my before skin looks a tad bit pasty, as I have a fair yellowish skin. This BB cream is in the shade of 02 Dark Beige. It's only comes in two shades, another one is 01 Natural Beige (asian beauty brands normally does not comes with too many shades unlike the Western/European brands because the shades they offered normally suit with most asian skin tones). Btw, I actually learned that this shade is...chotto (kinda) tanner than my real skin color. I've made up a good idea to make the best use of this BB cream for my makeup on the next time, perhaps I can use this for my face contour? The texture is not much different than a foundation after all!

What is good about this BB cream is it have a SPF 36 with PA ++, besides working as a BB cream alone it also yields sun protecting agent. It's also riches in anti-aging and whitening components.

See how dark the shade looks like on me?

It has the nice light scent like a baby stuff. The coverage is light to medium, so I can say that it covers pretty well just like a foundation. I have a dry skin so I cannot use something matte on my face and this BB cream is in a semi-matte to matte category so I have to put on an enough amount of moisturizer to prep my skin first before dabbing the BB cream on and it surprisingly works just well. If you might wonder about the "cotton" word on most Korean BB creams, it is actually referring to the lightweight, soft, semi-matte to matte and cotton-like texture of cream, that is why this BB cream is recommended to those with a normal to oily combination skin types. Korean brands embraced this effect of such BB cream to the overall appearance & texture. In case if you do have a dry skin like me too, just remember to prep your skin with a sufficient amount of moisturizer first and the cotton BB cream will works just fine on your skin. Besides, I love the emollient consistency of this BB cream that glides smoothly on the skin as well.

Once you dab it on, make sure to even the BB cream out because somehow I found that this BB cream have a highly pigmented base so it can leave the effect of slapped on if you did not blend it out evenly. How about the staying power? I applied this BB cream on before hanging out in a hot sunny weather and it faded away after 5 hours but not completely (I used the BB cream alone without the powder) Hence, I think it probably will last longer than that if you set them off with a powder plus if you go out in a cold weather (approximately 8 hours like most BB cream did).

I only need to blot once for the whole day whenever I'm wearing this BB cream on (and there's not much oil coming out too) since I have a dry skin, if I did't wear any makeup on I don't need to blot at all I tell you. For this kind of BB cream I'll say I do like it for the consistency and it is wallet-friendly (affordable) too!


  • Adorable tube packaging
  • Suitable for most Asian with a warm skin tones
  • Smells nice and not too fragrancy
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Suitable for those with a normal to oily combination skin types
  • Anti-aging and works as a sunblock as well (formulated with SPF)
  • Last for 5-8 hours
  • Nice consistency


  • Not the perfect one for the dry skin type
  • High pigmented base that can cause a slapped on effect if it's not evened out well.
  • 02. Dark Beige shade is kinda dark for people with a fair/pale yellowish skin.

Name: Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream Delight (In 02. Dark Beige)
Made in: Korea
Price: Around RM20-RM30
Availability: All Tony Moly Stores In Malaysia (Click Here For Store Locator)
Net weight: 30g

I wonder if you can find another product which is not too bad but also damn affordable like this one!
So give it a try girls!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. it makes your skin look tanned. maybe next time can try mixing it with other bb cream with lighter shade? hehe

    1. yeah..thought to do the same too, tho I love being tanned so much! Haha I think people with a tanned skin is the sexiest! <3


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