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[Review] Tony Moly Premium Intense Care Snail Hand Cream


Selamat Hari Raya my kawaii troops!

Opps! Sorry kinda being overly-excited, heyyy why not?? Eid is still in the house so let's enjoy Eid to the last!
Joget lah sikit hohh-keh! LOL

Back on track, I normally used to heard about snail mask a lot especially from K-beauty brands, but it was not too surprising to learn that this slimy-natured ingredient also used widely in other products apart facial mask too like body stuff & etc. Some might think urgh snail...yucks! But I don't care, as long as it can turn an old saggy skin into something what we call "ageless" then even if it's something gross I'll make the best use of it. LOL (but not something too gross lah, I mean snail is totally OK)

If you did't know, snail is one of the best ingredients to fight aging!

All in Korean...I cannot understand a bit LOL

This one came in the sample sized tube. The full-sized one looks just like this but in a bigger version of course. I think this was so tiny so it fit my cute sized handbag just fine, well I like this sample sized tube better based on this reason. Nothing to elaborate much on the packaging since it was just plain and simple to me but who cares, what I want is the content. Nonetheless the packaging is still somewhat adorable to me.

It has the smell of citrus (I guess one of the ingredient must be one of those in the citrus classified fruits like lemon and stuff) and the texture is slightly slimy on skin, it was made from the snail filtrate so what do you expect? (but this what made it preserve the moisture retention in skin better). The color of this hand cream is whitish translucent. Make sure you apply it into the skin in a circular motion until the sliminess is gone and it will feel just good. It absorbs rapidly by 20-30 seconds of circular motion application up to the amount that you squeeze out.

Apply a pea-sized of the hand cream and blend it out into the skin by a circular motion.

It will looks a little bit dewy with the present of sunlight and it make you skin will feel well moisturized too. 

It helps retaining my skin moisture about 3-4 hours long and I only need to reapply once or twice along the day. I wash my hands a lot so sometimes I reapply a lot. For now I've been really liking this stuff.


  • Tiny packaging & travel-friendly
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Refreshing citrusy smell
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Keep hands well-moisturized


  • The hand cream have a hint of slimy feel on skin

Name: Tony Moly Premium Intense Care Snail Hand Cream
Made in: Korea
Price: RM38.90
Availability: All Tony Moly Stores In Malaysia (Click Here For Store Locator)
Net weight: 60ml 

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. once again sis, u blogged about it for so fast!! I still haven't blog about Tony Moly products :(

    1. Try them out and just write whatever your impression on it. For me Tony Moly products has been one of my fave =)


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