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Althea Korea Haul!


Annyeong haseyo chingu ya!

Lol, I'm going to review something related with K-beauty so this time let me being a little towards Korean haha!

Actually I've been introduced to Althea Korea ( since July ago, I was one of the Beta-testers to test out the website when they launched it for the first time...however because I was caught up in some problem with delivery from Skynet (one of the Malaysian courier) I received the products veeery very late (this was supposed to be posted on July ago). Got sick of Skynet, I really do not wish to use any of the services from this courier again in future if possible!

Well back on track, let me show you something to give you a little "pulse" LOL

I think the pale pink box with the "Althea" written on it is really "yeppuda"! The products was wrapped nicely with bubble wraps (I already removed them btw lol) and they were placed sturdily in the center of the box with the crumpled pink papers around them to avoid them from clashing with each other while on the journey.

I got myself 2 products from Althea, which is Piolang 24K Gold Warpping Mask, this is the editor's pick on Althea and Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel, which is my very first Laneige product...woohoo! I've been wanting to try out Laneige for sooo long! The prices that Althea Korea offered is unbeatable too! They sell the authentic products from Korean brands directly from Korea and the prices is way affordable too COMPARED TO ANY OTHER ONLINE SHOPPING SITES IN MALAYSIA! 

Let's start talking about the special Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask first which is also an Althea beauty editor Tammy's pick! Thanks to Tammy for introducing this to me, I haven't heard of this brand before to be honest...but with her being so hyped over it has given me such curiosity to try this out and goshh...I regret for only buying 1, I should have bought 2 jars of this LOL!

1. Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask (RM267.60 RM69.00 on Althea)

Gold has been proven to bring a goodness to women's skin since ancient time, it is said that gold is capable in giving a youthful skin and preserve it from the aging. That is why since from the ancient Egypt era, the Queen/Cleopatra and the noblewomen has worn gold as their ornament and jewelry.

 It doesn't comes with spatula so I used my own mini spatula to scoop the content out from the jar, it is advisable to use spatula than just dipping your finger straight into it as the method is not hygienic.

You can use a masker brush to apply it as well.

*UPDATE: It comes with a clear spatula, but it was slipped in between the outer and inner box LOL so I overlooked it. 

This gold mask contains a REAL 99% of GOLD, to acquire the purity of 99.99% gold, it was melted with 1,300°C heat to extract the gold molecules. It brightens, evens & firms the skin. Gosh I truly felt so "expensive" and fancy just by having this pure gold wrapping mask!!

Gold ion is very similar as a light voltage in the body which activate skin function. When it touches skin, it infuses into skin layer to make skin healthy and vivid. Besides purify the skin it also can energize, revitalize and remove the bad cell, leaving the skin well hydrated, and brightened up! Aside the 99% of gold as the main ingredient, the mask also have the Korean snail extract, seaweed extract, white willow leaf extract and jojoba seed oil! I feels like using this mask every single day and night now, the goodness they gave leads to such addiction! The mask is very runny and watery. If you put too much it will dripping off and it takes so much time to wait them dry.


Once it's dry it turns to rubbery and stretchable sheet. You can easily peel it off from bottom to top. Actually what I was so curious about this mask is normally after we have a masking session using a mask that turns to rubbery texture after, our skin tends to look more mattified so I've been picturing how my skin would turns out after using the mask and I wondered whether my skin is really gonna turns that glowy like how the ads photo have shown on Althea. And surprisingly it does! Like this is the first mask ever that has given me such effect (I have no idea something this cool even exist in this world haha), my jaw dropped in awe!!

It is really stretchable after it dry. 

2. Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel (RM105.00 RM77.00 on Althea)

It comes with that button on the right and the silicone massager,  press the button and the gel will automatically squeezed out from the hole and massage the area where you want to melt down the blackheads and clogged pores.

When the gel comes out, it looks like a gel at first and within a seconds it turns to watery texture. You will start to feel a slightly hot sensation on your skin as you massage it on. Thus do not let the gel be too long on your skin because it is worried that it will irritate your skin especially if your skin is a sensitive type. Melting Gel containing Keratinase enzyme which effectively melts down skin cells and blackheads.

So far the best gel I have used to fight my blackheads and clogged pores effectively is B.liv Off With Those Heads Sebum is indeed one of my HGs! (and way more pricey urgh!) But it's been a few months I haven't restocked it because I was trying to live without it coz I use it everyday and it run out fast...but it seems like my pores can't really survive without it *sobs sobs*..gonna need to buy it real soon later. Laneige one works just fine but honestly not as effective as B.liv did on me.

I mean B.liv Off With Those Heads Sebum Gel works by melting the whole gunks inside your pores and when you press the pores using a presser it will effortlessly extracted out till nothing is left anymore, painlessly and because the gunks have softened so whenever you cleanse your face it will eventually cleansed off till nothing is left and the skin becomes much smoother without a bumpy clogged pores and blackheads...while Laneige works by only melting the blackheads on the skin surface, I mean just for the heads that appear on the skin and there are still a gunks residue left deep inside your pores. I discovered that after I touch my T-zone area using my fingers after using the melting gel, I can still feel a tiny bumps, just that I did't see a heads on the skin surface because it was melted down and washed away, but most of the dirts and gunks is still left deep inside the pores and when I try to extract them out using a presser it is hard to be extracted and have left my skin with redness because I pressed too much. I think this might be good for people who only have a little problem with their pores. But I do still comfortable using it...I mean at least it did reduce the blackheads a little bit, plus this is my first Laneige product so I'm more than happy to have tried it out.


The left photo was my nose before using the melting gel, look nasty rite? I is gross to look at those clogged pores/blackheads and etc..LOL. I did't really have so much blackheads but I do have a lot of clogged pores around T-zone area because I wear makeup all the time and having a clogged pores is just natural to makeup users. Even if they cleansed their face very well, a little traces of makeup can still be left inside the pores and clogging them...that is why it is vital to use a products that can combat them. Right photo was my nose after using the melting gel...not bad lah actually...I think it can be my second best besides B.liv.

There are many other K-beauty products can be found on Althea, do check them out and get ready to be impressed with their prices & hot deals!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. The gold mask is definitely super amazing. Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel is already on my list to buy but these days so broke. Hahahhaha!

    1. Trueee!! the gold mask is super duper amazing rite!! Honestly the best sebum gel I've tried is B.liv off with those heads, but I still love this one from works just fine although not as effective as B.liv one =)


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