Friday, 21 August 2015

Kawaii Japanese Novelty Stuff From Komonoya Japan Midvalley


Nyaann! ω(=^・^=)ω

I'm living in 2 places, KL & Terengganu but mostly I will be in Terengganu all of the time. So whenever I touch down KL I love wandering around especially at the shopping spots & districts without an important is so much fun that way coz sometimes I might naturally just stumble on something I did't expect to LOL

If you're a KL residents I guess you must have already know about Komonoya Japan coz this shop is placed everywhere in the shopping malls around KL like in IOI Mall, Klang Parade, Mid Valley Megamall, Quill City Mall and etc. It is a shop which similar to Daiso Japan, and of course it is Japan originated as well. The shop sells a lot of interesting & unique Japanese stuff...not to mention that all of the items is totemo kawaii too!! I cannot really go inside both Daiso & Komonoya because I'm pretty sure that I will shop a lot! why not because the items sold is super duper kawaii from the kitchen tools, novelty stuff, oishi snacks & sooo many with the good good price! (All items are sold at only as low as RM5)

What I love most about Japanese stuff is they're affordable, while still offers the same quality of items you probably might buy with more penny at somewhere else (plus with the very unique & kawaii appearance, not something you might easily get at other places)

Below is 2 items I bought from Komonoya Midvalley. One is an ichigo daifuku keychain and another one is the super duper kawaii falsies case. I always have my eyes on that kawaii Koji Dolly Wink falsies case but haven't really got chance to buy it yet. Now that I've bumped into this I can confidently say that the falsies case is not a bit bad than that Koji Dolly Wink one! Just that it is not as tiny as the pocket sized Koji Dolly Wink falsies case.

The ichigo daifuku keychain looks authentic, it is choooo kawaii too!

The inside is wayyy better than what you might imagine, that eyelids-like shape inside make it easier to place the falsies without being too jumbled around with the other lashes. Just that the case is a little bit large as a lashes case. Depends on people actually but I prefer the tinier one. However this is still cute and deserves my attention!

Such a round falsies case with a lacey-like details, sugoku kawaii!...haih where else can you get something as cute as these two babies? LOL

In case if you wonder, this is the cute Koji Dolly Wink Lashes Case that I really adore and been wanting!

BTW, in terms of diversity I think Daiso have so many more items to offer compared to Komonoya..both shop do sells a cute stuff but you can find more on Daiso Japan. If it is about the prices, both do sells all items at RM5 but Daiso charge for GST...while Komonoya is GST free.

So do check the shop out whenever you're free, you'll be excited for sure! Btw, never been to other Komonoya Japan outlets in KL yet besides just at the Midvalley.

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. Hi, thank you for supporting us KOMONOYA and reviewing our item.

    please like our facebook page for more information.

    1. You're welcome. Surprisingly Komonoya has a lot of interesting and cute stuff too!


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