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[Review] Candy Doll(キャンディドール)Lipstick in Pink Grapefruit [メイクアップレビュー]


Oussu candy-domo!

Hai, kyo wa I would like to talk about this one lipstick which is one of my fave because the shade is totemo daisuki de!

I think everyone knows how much cute Candy Doll's packaging can be, tho simple. Some said they seems to appear like a cheap product..ano...who dare to say that in front of my face? Then enjoy tomorrow to the fullest because the next day is gonna be your last *innocently blinks eyes* (too in love with Candy Doll LOL)

If you look at it properly, Candy Doll did have a really simple design on the product body...however it suit with its concept. If you want something kawaii it doesn't need to be extreme. Too much isn't kawaii anymore deshou? Therefore I'm enjoying the Candy Doll simple yet cute packaging design. The fairytale-like oval shape design with roses & crown is one of their trademark. It looks like an exclusive magical mirror in the princess bedroom to me.

One improvement I really think Candy Doll should have done is their scent. Most Candy Doll's lippies does not have any scents at all and it is kinda less exciting using them. I prefer a lip products that have a sweet or nice light scents, it is very dedicated to us girls. Girls love something smells nice that is why we girls always smells nice..hoohoohoo

Its creamy texture make it glides smoothly on application. But urm..the staying power is like ma-ma (so-so) I probably gives 5/10. The shade's fading out pretty fast. Honestly I love the color but I don't really like how it's fading out really fast, you need to always re-touching it once every 1-2 hours. Well we always talk, eat and drink everyday after all, so just remember to always do some re-touching to keep the color fresh all day long.

I have mine in Pink Grapefruit. I'm very bad at expressing color but to me the shade is just like light purplish peach pink in color (without flash)

This is how it looks like on me (with flash)

Candy Doll lipstick is now only available in Ramune Pink, Pink Graperuit and plus the new limited RED edition, rose red (which also comes together with the new color of duo blush in rose pink/peach pink & lipgloss in ruby red). The sad truth is I've overlooked this limited edition and now they're very hard to be found. Luckily after an hours of searching over net I found a S'pore shopping site that is still selling both of the lipgloss and lipstick (the blush is sold out anyway TT) It is TheCosmeBox. Another good thing I found is The Cosme Box also selling the Candy Doll lipstick in Juicy Orange & Juicy Pink which is very rare to get!! Wewwhoo!

Oh btw I really really missed the old Candy Doll lipstick because they have a gorgeous shades which is now is already discontinued (again TT). I like the shades but I did't even had a chance to try them out before because at that time I was still a 17 y/o gal who is still completely staying in Terengganu *sad*, where can you find a Candy Doll products in Terengganu aite? Plus back then it was kinda hard to get a Japanese products in Malaysia, unlike these days. Most of them were sold on overseas shopping sites and buying them can be much more pricey than their retail price (Plus being a 17 y/o student at that time I surely did't have much money compared to now) The shades which being discontinued are Vanilla Beige, Apricot Beige & Poodle Pink.

Name: Candy Doll Lipstick (Pink Grapefruit)
Made in: Japan
Price: RM58
Availability: Sasa Nationwide
Net weight: -

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


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    1. The packaging is more matured ("otona") now..=)
      I think the previous one is more cuter..thanks anyway for the comment & visit!! <3 <3 <3


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